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E3 2006 has revealed many new things about the Wii. Even
without the price and release date completely finalized, we can
still fantasize about all you can do with the Wii. Scroll down
below for tons of pictures with captions that explain each
picture. Understanding each one isn't too hard, but here's a brief
outline of what is found below:
-The Controller with the newly revealed speaker in the middle.
-The sensor bar that is included with the Wii.
-Demonstrations of the Wii, and the WiiMote in action.
-Size comparisons of parts of the Wii.
This is a picture of the
console with Wii branded
on it. The controllers are
also Wii branded. Although
you can turn the system
on and off with the
WiiMote, you can also do
it manually on the console.
A Reset button is also
A comparison of the
WiiMote with somebody's
hand. It is just the right
size to be flexible for
everyone. And everyone
knows that when it's TV
time, you want to be the
one holding the remote.
Now when it's game time,
you'll want to be the one
holding the WiiMote.
A size comparison of the
WiiMote and the console.
And remember that the Wii
can stand up with the
stand, which is probably
included. You can also lay
it down on the ground for
a horizontal feel, instead of
a vertical feel.
A big selling point of the
Wii is the ability to play
both Wii discs and
Nintendo Gamecube discs.
The CD slot is considered
to be a self-loading media
bay. That is because the
discs are sucked into the
machine, and it doesn't
matter where you put the
disc. It will automatically
align to the center, so you
do have to worry about
putting in a smaller GCN
disc too high or too low
off center.
Not only can the WiiMote
move in any direction, it
can be tilted in any
direction. The controller
has a built-in rumble and a
built-in speaker. This
creates for a gaming
dynamic like no other.
Above is five different views of the WiiMote and a suggested way to hold it.
With the wireless capabilities, and the
ability to connect to other controllers like
the Nanchaku, the WiiMote works!
Here's a real treat: A
controller built for playing
older Virtual Console games.
I could be wrong, but I
believe it connects to the
WiiMote, instead of being
completely wireless. I'm not
sure the purpose of the
connection except for
possibly making it easier to
function with the Wii. It is
modeled after the SNES
controller, in my opinion.
Obviously, the dual control
sticks are added for GCN
games, and possibly for N64
games. The second control
stick could be what replaces
the C buttons. There are also
four buttons on top. It is
likely L and R and Z1 and Z2.
No matter what older game
you are playing, you'll get a
lot more out of them with the
conventional controller. And
who knows? Maybe some
will use the WiiMote...
Many people have
complained about
Nintendo's controllers
being too short in cord
length. That won't be a
problem because of
everything being
wireless-both the
controllers and the console
for going online. But what
about things that have to
have cords. Nintendo has
listened to everyone, and
as seen here, the cord for
the required sensor bar is
very long. You won't have
to worry about limitations.
Put in anywhere in front
of the TV. If you can,
even the top of the TV
works, as seen in these
All pictures are copyrighted 2006 Nintendo. All content is copyrighted by Joshua Morgan and NReviews.