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Age 6+
Posted: August 21st, 2005
Seven classic Sonic games come together in one package, in this compilation game titled Sonic Mega Collection. Do these
'classics' hold up well in today's market?

All the games sound very basic, as it was back then in Sega Genesis' day. The sound effects overall suffice. I almost wish
there was stereo sound; there doesn't appear to be stereo sound in any games, which back then still should have been
accessible. The games still have very original sounds, and do well for the small window or opportunity for something more.
The music is actually very well done, for the most part. All the main sonic games have great music. I especially love Sonic
the Hedgehog 2's music. Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, however, has one really annoying tune that repeats.
One thing I always didn't like about Genesis is that the sound quality overall just never compared to SNES, and I'm not
sure why. It didn't stop the Sonic games from having great tunes. However, not much has been done to revitalize the
sound for this game, making it a weak effort. The theme song for this game and the menu music aren't so bad, but have
the same simplicity as it would have had back in the 90's. It's not sophisticated enough for this day and age. Overall, the
sound quality is definitely not up to par, but it's no so bad considering how much could have been left out.

Once again, Sega Genesis was simple. Three buttons and a control pad. Wowee! The good thing is that the games are also
this simple. Most of the game are simply one button and the control pad. The game also does a good job at informing
players of what to do for each game. And if you ever want to switch games, you simply press Z to quit. The loading is pretty
slow in the menus, considering how small these games are compared to what today's game's sizes are. The good thing is
that each game loads immediately, and there are no problems in the game. Most of the games are also glitch free.
Back to the menus, everything is pretty much ok. The only complaint I have is the manuals. Viewing manuals is really
weird. It's hard to explain how it's weird; they just don't feel like I can read through them with ease. The good thing is
that hardly anyone will delve too much into the manuals. The same kinda goes with the illustrations, although it doesn't
seem so bad. Overall, the controls are decent; nothing spectacular, but it works in the end.

The graphics are pretty good, for the time. Slight
enhancements have been made to make the
experience slightly better. What really impresses me
is Sonic 3D Blast's opening. Even though it was made
in 1996 (same year as Nintendo 64), it still runs
impressively considering the capabilities of the system
and the game.
The sonic games also have never looked excellent, but
they also sport some genuine originality, and it's cool
how it runs well even though many of the games are
fast-paced. So yes, the graphics are great, even if they
seem yesteryear.

Seven games would seem like a lot of replay, but when reviewing compilations, we score the average replay of all seven
games plus anything extra the compilation has to offer. So, let's got through it. Sonic the Hedgehog has good replay, but
no saves. You could play the game once, and then try for the chaos emeralds. I'd say about 8 hours, considering all the
trial and error. Then there's Sonic the Hedgehog 2, with added multiplayer mode and some options. Add to that all the
chaos emeralds and you've got a 10 hour game.
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 offers some more stuff, including the competition mode, which you could play by yourself.
Multiplayer was just as fun and engaging here as it was in Sonic 2. Nothing much new for replay, makes this a 10 hour
game, even though some of the levels are long. Sonic and Knuckles feels more like an add-on to Sonic 3 and Sonic 2 than
an actual game, thus limiting the replay value to only 8 hours.
When I say add-on, it's because Sonic and Knuckles allowed you to put on Sonic 3 for Knuckles in that game, and better
save options. Sonic 2 and Knuckles basically puts Knuckles in the game, adding more depth. Unfortunately, these two
versions have to be unlocked. That will be talked about in design. Sonic Spinball is a short game featuring Sonic and
pinball. It's not very engaging, and will last for maybe 4 hours. Dr. Robotnik's Mean bean Machine has the same flaw, but
the password option makes it more playable. Still very short, at 4 hours in the most.
Sonic 3D Blast is basically like playing Sonic in an isometric view. Not an immense depth, but still an 8 hour game. Flicky,
the chaos emerald game and a full feature game called Ristar are also included, which average to about 4 hours. This all
averages to about 5 hours per game. Not too impressive, but if you find them all engaging, then you will find plenty to do.
The illustrations are a neat bonus, but don't add to replay since they are available from the start.

The way you unlock stuff in this game. It's simply by playing games 20 times, or having certain Sega game on your
Memory Card. It's a ripoff; why couldn't everything be there at the beginning. The game also feels outdated, as the
developers made very little effort to engage the gamer beyond the actual games, in terms of unlocking stuff. I'd rather
unlock the artwork, and not have to unlock the games. No enhancements have been made, either, where as Nintendo did a
great job enhancing the Super Mario Advance games.
That said, the games themselves are fairly well designed. The idea of raveling really fast does get old, but as you progress
through games, you'll find that puzzles start to arise. The game also has variety, by adding Sonic Spinball and Dr.
Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine which are pinball and puzzle games, respectively. I also like the inclusion of the old game
Flicky, and the non-Sonic game called Ristar. Again, having to unlock them to play was a stupid idea. Overall, this game
provides a lot of fun. It may be catered towards fans who want it all in one package, but the core gameplay is as original as
it was back in the 90s.





Final Words

The game does a decent job of bringing back some really fun Sonic games, but it definitely could have been better. This is
still a good game to own, and at Player's Choice pricing, it's a bargain. You're getting seven classic games and a few other
games, that you may never have had access to. The artwork and comics are also pretty cool to see, even if it hardly helps
the game. This game could have been great, had it improved on the concept a little more.