Nintendo Reviews Rating:
Age 6+
Posted: February 1st, 2004
This is the true Mario Advance game we have been waiting for. This game's been out for 2 years now, and I consider it to
be the best game ever made on any console! See what the hype is about by reading the full review here!

The music samples have been faithfully restored in Stereo sound for headphones. The music has also had slight updates
that really upgrade the quality and amusement you get out of them when you listen to it. The music never gets repetitive
because minimal instruments are used and the samples are catchy and always accompany what's going on in the level.
Although I think the music is a little louder than the sound effects, you'll easily get over it.
The sound effects are perfect. They qualify for the old-style of early video games, but still sound great for today's
audience. Of course, you'll get the best experience with headphones. On Cheese Bridge Area, the chainsaws move across
the screen from left to right, and you hear them just like that; even without headphones. The sound effects on Mario
Bros. arcade are also crisp.
What makes the sound score so high is that there's updated music, with a couple new samples. There's also Stereo sound
quality with headphones. There's even great new voice dialogue! This isn't an ordinary game that you listen to on GBA.
Anyone with headphones need to use it to listen to Super Mario World. It's so improved over the old SNES version that I
had to give it a higher score.

I thought that the control system for this would be missed up since there are two less buttons on the GBA versus the
SNES controller. I was wrong! The control is also great! A is jump, and holding B lets you run, which seems logical. Select
allows you to use an item stored up, which has always been a favorite feature. Pressing R uses spin jumps. This is actually
better because you can now jump and spin jump easily with one hand, whereas it was harder on the SNES controller..
Completing levels involves tight and sharp control skills, but you should adapt to these quickly without any problems.
The save features not only slightly lower the difficulty for beginners, it allows you to save anywhere so you don't have to
beat certain levels just to save your progress. This is a great feature not in the SNES version. Swimming and flying are
also easy, once you learn the proper techniques to execute them.
Control for Mario Bros. arcade is easy, too. Sometimes the platforms trick you, but most of the time the game will follow
your commands and seem right. Since these are both platform games, it's only natural that the controls are exactly the
same. I love how they've stayed true to the older systems, and still work excellent on the GBA. Multiplayer gaming is also
responsive, and the developers made the multiplayer battles endless fun for up to four players!

The graphics are amazing! I'm not comparing to current GBA games like Golden Sun.
I'm comparing to thirteen years ago when this was made. The great graphics stayed just
like the SNES version. Yes, there could have been updates, but why change an already
stunning game. The graphics definitely suit Mario, and even for GBA, it doesn't look
half-bad. The Mario Bros. arcade looks a little more 3D because it was updated
exclusively for the Game Boy Advance Mario Advance games. There's hardly any times
that the graphics fool you, and you can hardly complain about them because they just
look so good.

The replay value is almost endless! First, there's 74 levels. That's right, 74 levels! These are mostly big, and always
challenging and unique. As you progress through the game, you come across more levels. There's also some levels that
have two different ways of completing it. The regular way will open the normal path, but some levels have secrets in them.
Find a key, and put in a key hole to be placed on a secret path. Some levels require you to beat it the secret way (Star
Road). Secondly, there's 5 Dragon coins (Yoshi coins) in each level. Not only do you have to find them all, but you have to
finish the level to keep them. This extra challenge adds hours of searching and excitement. Once you collect every single
one from all the levels, they'll turn into Princess Peach coins as an added bonus for your hard work. This wasn't in the
SNES version.
Third is the most important aspect-Luigi. Luigi is now a playable character. He's not just a character face lift; he controls
different from Mario. He travels slower, but flutters when he jumps. Controlling him is like playing a totally new game.
Try beating every level with Luigi for more fun challenges. There's also plenty of other things like getting Red, Blue and
Yellow Yoshis. You can also try getting a High Score in the Mario Bros. arcade, which is addicting and fun. Even after you
beat the game and seem to do everything, it's always just fun to play the levels again because they always seem
challenging and with lots of variety.
The multiplayer modes add even more to the 50+ hours of replay. If you're the only one with a game pak, everyone can
still battle each other. If everyone has a Mario Advance title of any kind in their GBA, you can battle each other with no
load times, but you can also cooperate and play the levels found on the one-player mode. You will never get bored of this
game because Shigeru Miyamoto packed this with just so much to do!

This is the first GBA game to receive a perfect score for Design! Why? There's absolutely no flaws I could find in the
design. This platform game is the best of its series, and even after thirteen years of playing this game, it still stays fresh.
Nintendo made sure fans weren't disappointed when they brought back this game to a newer system. As if the game
wasn't enough, they added plenty of elements, like Luigi, Princess Peach coins, and now there's an actual opening to the
game which is cool. This sort of introduces the reason why Mario and Luigi are even in Dinosaur Land.
The world is filled with dangerous objects and cool enemies. Everything is Mario-styled and falls right into the place where
Mario should be in history. The levels are so creative and interesting. The worlds are cool, and unique. There's Donut
Plains, Vanilla Dome, Butter Bridges, Soda Lake, Cookie Mountain, Chocolate Island and more food-related levels. This is
also Mario's first adventure with Yoshi, and playing with Yoshi alters the music and helps you progress faster and easier
throughout levels.
The multiplayer modes never upset, and are simply amazing. It's hard to comprehend how great this game's design is,
because it truly is perfect! Everything is great about this game, and you just have to play this game to understand the
feeling you get from experiencing one of the finest video games ever made!





Final Words

This is a must-have game. Whenever you get a chance, get to a store and buy this game. Super Mario World pleases any
gamer, new and old, bold and timid. This game invites everyone to take a shot at these challenging levels and enjoy the
endless fun of eating fruit with Yoshis, throwing your friends into enemies in battle and stomping all over bad guys. Swim,
fly and duck for obstacles, collectibles and for countless thrills. If you don't have a GBA, this is the reason to buy one. If
you don't have this game, the money rotting in your pants pockets is a good reason to get this. If you don't have money,
then you should work to get some all in turn so you can just play this game for 15 minutes.