Our Rating System Information
The ESRB rates all video games for USA and issues an
appropriate ratings. Since we feel that some ratings are
too harsh, or not harsh enough, we give our own age
appropriate rating. Our ratings should only be guidelines
to ESRB ratings. Read more to understand.
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Reviews. ESRB logos and ratings are
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ratings, but the ESRB ratings are official.
What is the ESRB?

The ESRB is an independent non-profit organization that rates all video games to give an age range and corresponding
descriptors. The ESRB stand for Entertainment Software Ratings Board, and they do just that. Video game ratings are
issued about 1-2 months before its release. Video game boxes are required to show the rating symbol on the front and
content descriptors explaining content that may be inappropriate found in that game on the back.
How does the ESRB rate games?

Companies, like Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, must complete the final copy of their new game first. Then they tape a
portion of the game containing the most explicit content. They must also complete a detailed analysis explaining any other
offensive content that may not have been seen in the video and what the game is about. The ESRB reviews all of this with
a few experienced people who then rate the game based on what they see.
The ESRB rates games based on what age group it would be most appropriate for. They also consider what offensive
content is in the game to assist in the consumers' decisions on what games are appropriate. The ESRB system can be
considered somewhat bland at times when you compare E rated games like Mario Party 4 and then violent games like The
Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. That's why content descriptors are so important to be considered by both the ESRB
when rating and the consumers when buying.
What are the possible ratings for games?

The possible ratings are listed below with a brief description of each.
E 10+ for Everyone 10+-Ages 10 and up
These games may be slightly more violent or have
more suggestive content or language than a
Everyone rated game. This new rating divides a
line between Everyone and Teen.
E for Everyone-Ages 6 and up
These games are considered to be pretty much safe
for any age, and may contain some violence and
mild crude humor. Brief language or mild lyrics
can also be present.
M for Mature-Ages 17 and up
These games are intended for Mature audiences
because they may contain pervasive violence and
blood/gore. Language may also be pervasive along
with a chance of sexuality/nudity.
T for Teen-Ages 13 and up
These games may contain more sexual themes,
language and violence than an E 10+ rated game.
There can also be crude humor and/or drug/alcohol
How does Nintendo Reviews rate games?

We rate games based on what age level we think the game is appropriate for. We do not provide descriptors, but we do
provide a more specific age level than ESRB's system. Our system should only be used as a guideline along with ESRB's
ratings. We do have some restrictions, though, so read below to see what possible age group we may issue to video games
based on what rating the ESRB gave it.
Ages 6+
Ages 7+
Ages 8+
Ages 9+
Ages 10+
Ages 10+
Ages 11+
Ages 12+
Ages 13+
Ages 14+
Ages 9+
Ages 10+
Ages 11+
Ages 16+
Ages 17+
Ages 18+
M rated games do not include the 15+ age group. Why? Because we believe that there will never be an M rated game that
will be appropriate for any under the age of 16. And yes, there are some T games that we believe are only appropriate for
ages 14+. There are a lot of T rated games, though, that people under the age of 13 can handle, so that's why the T rated
age groups are as low as 11+. It really just depends on the game. Use our system in connection with ESRB's to accurately
make purchasing decisions based on content more wisely. (Games rated "Age NR" haven't been rated by us yet.)
Closing Comments

The reason we added this was to relieve any confusion you have about our rating system and ESRB's. If you have any
questions, please e-mail us at
privacy@nreviews.com. We want parents to know what their children are playing so they
aren't exposed to anything too offensive. So check the front and back of every game box; especially for M rated games.
Many stores don't allow the sales of M rated games to anyone under 17. Use your own judgment to decide what's okay.