Privacy Policy/Copyright Information
This website states our Privacy Policy and Copyright
Information here at NReviews. For clarity, we may
update this and modify sections to this webpage at any
time. The last update to this website was made on:
June 27th, 2007
Privacy Policy
Section 1: General
Visitors' security when surfing any of my webpages is important, and your understanding of what I do on this site is also
important. My goal with the website portion of the domain was to provide quality reviews on the latest
Nintendo games. I also run a number of subsites which may not be necessarily associated with Nintendo. Visitors can
freely explore my site without giving any information away. There are certain things that are recorded, however. This
includes the main portion, which is my blog.

Section 2: Statistics
I evaluate how many visitors I receive by recording whenever somebody accesses any of my pages. I record basic
information, like your browser information, monitor information, operating system, and Java settings. In addition, I keep
a record of how each visitor got to my site, by either a search engine, link or simply typing it in their browser. These
statistics are simply used so I know how to develop my website links and content into your interests, and is never seen by
anyone else. It goes without saying that no information is sold to any third-parties or to anyone.

Section 3: Cookies
A cookie is a Internet term for a file that nearly all websites place on visitors' computers. This file allows me to record
basic information about our visitors, as described in Section 2. I cannot guarantee that all of our websites will be displayed
properly on your browser if you have set your browser to not accept cookies, but most should be fine. Most browsers are
defaulted to accept cookies anyway, so for most visitors, viewing the pages shouldn't be a problem related to cookies.

Section 4: E-mail messages
All e-mail messages sent to me isn't seen by anyone else. If I post any messages on our site (in a podcast or otherwise), I
keep everything about the message anonymous, like who sent it, and their e-mail address. All messages sent are subject
to being posted or taken off the site (or edited out of podcasts) at my discretion. In general, if we post one of your
messages, it cannot be taken off because all messages sent become property of NReviews.

Section 5: E-mail messages on other sites
I cordially ask that you do not directly take text off of my site and post it in other places of the Internet. Some of my
visitors may have contributed to that text, and may not want it to be posted on other sites. Not only that, but it could also
be considered plagiarism. This matter also deals with copyright, and the possibility of fraudulence. If you as a visitor sent
something to us like a question, it is okay if it's posted onto another site because other sites may have already had that
question. I don't mind if you are a website designer, and you find a question that you want addressed on your site as well;
just make sure that the reply to that message is in your sites' or your sites' visitors' words; not mine. I don't want to
restrict people from expressing their opinions about these topics either, because it is all helping fans to actively
communicate, be it Nintendo, IGPX, Pokemon, or whatever. Just always keep legal matters in mind when doing so.

Section 6: Contests/Promotions/Auctions/Sales (Events)
I collect information for the areas that are necessary. The necessary information is usually only the entrant's e-mail
address. When required for shipping something, then I will ask the person/s for a mailing address via e-mail. I treat this
information as highly sensitive and is ONLY used for that event. The information may be kept, but kept secure, and only
for record purposes. The only thing that you will receive is what you have opted to receive via the event. I do not use
mailing addresses for any other form of communication or sharing. Should the event cross over to a third party (eBay,
PayPal, etc.) I will still only collect necessary information to complete the transaction. That third party may require
additional information (for a sale, or auction, PayPal requires some sensitive information, for example) so be sure to check
out the policies of those third parties before participating in events on my site.
Copyright Information
Section 1: General
Generally speaking, nothing can be taken off of here and reproduced, retransmitted in any way. All expressed content and
original designs, logos, and site layout are all property and copyrighted by Josh Morgan. No matter what country, and in
what language, this is still my property, and it is against the law to put anywhere else claiming that it is somebody else's
property. Clearly citing sources and using text from me is always okay, though.

Section 2: Links to outside sites
I link to appropriate sites when it is of the interest of my visitors, my blog and in my advertising sections. I do not link to
inappropriate sites purposefully. If for some reason you find a link to a site that is deemed offensive in content, please
e-mail me so I can change links accordingly. I am also not responsible for any content on any other site. Basically, if the
URL doesn't contain in any way, then it is not me, and I am not responsible for that content. Please note
that my website surveys are partially handled by a second-party website, which is The surveys are still
maintained by me; they just are handled by as the SSL server.

Section 3: Liability
I am not responsible for any injuries or ailments caused from viewing these pages. Obviously, I don't expect people to get
physically hurt by viewing any website on the Internet. I don't have any flashing patterns or such that should cause any
seizures. I'm not liable for those types of injuries anyway, because that is a problem to be resolved with the person who
suffered the seizure. You should consult a doctor first if you have had a seizure in the past before using a computer or
other electronic devices like video game consoles.

Section 4: Content
Screenshots are linked to to protect their rights. is not operated by me, so please read their
privacy policy for their regulations. You can always return here by clicking back on your browser.
All content (text and otherwise) is considered my property and is copyrighted, so it cannot be seen on any other site
without proper documentation referencing to the domain or Josh Morgan. Obviously, screenshots are
properties of Nintendo or whomever owns the copyright for that work.
Please note: This page was made for the purpose of visitors to my website or Nintendo portion of
the NReviews site. As of June 26, 2007, NReviews hosts a blog on the homepage now, and the
Nintendo/website portion is moved as secondary to the blog. Regardless, the information here in
most aspects still applies to the blog.