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-Pokemon Central is a subsite of NReviews. I have decided to stop updates on this subsite as
of 2007 for many reasons. There are many other Pokemon websites that constantly and
consistently update-I could absolutely not keep up with those sites. Also, my future interest
with Pokemon has absolved, and I'd like to focus on the many other subsites available here at
NReviews, as they are more promising prospects. So, it is not practical for me to continue this
subsite. I know that although I have not been keeping updates lately that many new people
arrive here every day because of search engines. I truly appreciate you visiting my site, and I
would encourage you to check out some of the many other sites available here! Pokemon has
done me well in the past 8 years, and as much as I don't want to give it up, it must be done.
The links to the left are other website I would encourage you to keep up with if you are
interested in the future of Pokemon. I hope you will find usefulness out of those sites, and that
you find some interest in my other sites listed below. Thanks!

-Josh Morgan
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