Pikmin 2 was developed by Nintendo
Co. LTD and published by Nintendo.
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Nintendo Co. LTD
Nintendo of America
Nintendo Reviews Rating:
Age 8+
Pikmin 2 is finally coming to Nintendo Gamecube almost three years after the first. The release date is August 30th. We
are very excited about this new game, and the new features below should excite you too.
The innovation and cuteness of Pikmin are finally back.
Brand new colors of Pikmin-purple and white.
New multiplayer mode for another player to join in.
All new areas with newer graphics and enemies.
New Piklopedia records all of the enemies you'll find, so you don't have to wait until the end credits to see them all like in
the original Pikmin.
New shipmate Louie joins Captain Olimar's search for anything laying around.

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