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Age 6+
Posted: September 1st, 2005
By: Webmaster-Josh
Pac-Man World 2 is the second in the series, and the first on Gamecube. It takes Pac-Man to the 3D world in an adventure
game, with arcade extras. Is the game worth playing? Read the full review!

The music in this game is well thought up. The tunes are mostly excellent. The only problem is that the tunes are arranged
with a myriad of other instruments. The main tune is lost in a mess of other loud things that we hear. The music is very
loud, maybe not so much in volume, but in the way it just bursts out. One plays the game and starts to hear a nice tune,
but then out of nowhere, some other loud instrument comes in and messes the song up. Somebody needs to tell the
composer that less is more when it come to the number of ambient instruments. The music also doesn't fit the situation all
the time. Sometimes it's too energetic, while other times it can be rather quiet. The mix fits sometimes, but not always.
The sound effects are in the same level as the music. There's not many sound effects, and most of them are pretty lame.
Hearing the rev roll a million times is the most annoying thing ever. It's also pretty bad at dispersing the sound, meaning
surround sound isn't so great. There isn't any surround sound encoding, and I don't think that would help with the bad
sound, either. Overall, there's not enough good sounds to outweigh the bad, and the music won't go over well for many
listeners. The loud volume will become very irritating, as well. I don't know if I could stand another pac-dot sound again.

This game gives Pac-Man a little more to do than simply run and eat Pac-dots. Pac-Man can rev roll into enemies, and help
give him a boost off of cliffs. You can stop the roll by pressing A. He can also do a flip kick in the air, although there's not
many enemies in the air to kick. You can also Butt-Bounce by pressing A and then A again. That's about it. The worst
thing about this is that the camera is terrible. It moves very slowly, and once you start moving, the camera moves back
behind Pac-Man. There's also the most erratic camera movement in the submarine level. When you get hit, the camera
shakes violently and it is so weird. The camera in that level is also placed in a position that is fooling. Controlling the
submarine is also hard. Luckily it's one level, but these flaws can become very frustrating. The main camera flaws are
inescapably present.
You won't be swimming much, but those controls aren't too good. It's like Super Mario Sunshine, but you can't seem to
turn sharply. Another minor annoyance is grabbing onto ledges. Pac-Man has trouble grabbing onto ledges, and getting
back onto the platform can be hard, sometimes, and I don't know why. The game also only offers one time to save, and
that's after you beat a level. If you accidentally press no, then you have top play a level again just to save the game. That
is a huge flaw.
Sometimes game designers miss the easiest things. The stuff outlined above are good examples. A slightly faster camera,
better mechanics and a more lenient menu system would have rendered a better score for control. These aren't hard to do,
either. There's no excuse for the flaws in this.

The graphics are somewhat basic, and even seem generic. They
are simple, but too simple. I didn't really feel a sense of realism,
until I progressed further into the game. The game has a good
framerate, but that's the only really good thing going for the
I am especially pleased with the screenshot I chose on the right.
It perfectly highlights the game, and that's sort of a bad thing.
As generic and basic as it is, there's nothing horribly wrong with
the graphics, either. Some lighting effects and better shadow and
detail would have helped, but it's a nice way to bring Pac-Man
into 3D.

I beat this game in four hours. That's it. The only multiplayer is through the arcade games that you can unlock by
collecting coins. The developers thought it would make the game longer by making tons of collectibles. By collectibles, I
mean tons of fruit that don't unlock anything. Many of them can be found on the first run of a level, anyway. In fact most
of the game can be done without getting a Game Over. This is a very easy game, which makes the replay even lower.
The arcade games will last a couple more hours, but it's stuff we've all played before. There's nothing to really keep
players playing after it's said and done. In fact this game feels all too much like something I've played before. The game
doesn't take the concepts any further than the main game, which really hurts the score.

Most everything in this game has been done before. And in an attempt to really incorporate the original Pac-Man into the
game, there are mazes that you can play during the level. These mazes are similar to the original Pac-Man, but with four
really dumb AI (ghosts). The mazes are rather pointless, other than another attempt to make the game more like
The levels are also kind of on rails, although that is sort of not true. Basically, it's not a normal adventure game where
you explore worlds. Instead, you explore worlds one level at a time. It seems out of place for a game like this. Just imagine
if Metroid Prime was on divided missions. That game would still be great, but it wouldn't have the same feel as conjoined
worlds do. The objective to get to the end of the level is rather boring. This is terrible as an adventure game, and if you're
going to call it Pac-Man World, it should definitely have worlds. It may be okay for Super Mario World, but that's over a
decade ago. It may be okay for FPS games, but divisions in those games are good to help the pacing. The experience of
worlds that are connected is different than just levels. That's enough to lower the score, in my opinion.
The simplicity of the game also makes it too easy, and not up to a fun level. Plus, playing as Pac-Man in these levels has
never been my idea of fun. I think this game had something going, but fell short due to the easy difficulty and not so great
game design. The collectibles are nice, but not enough to make it more fun.





Final Words

The Player's Choice version of this game is worth buying for Pac-Man Vs., and that's what I did. If you buy the Player's
Choice version for Pac-Man Vs., and feel inclined to play this, be warned that it is not all fun and games. It is a decent
game to play, and only a little below my standards for an average game. Below average isn't so bad at first, until you really
get into this game and realize the lost potential. It's very short, and not much fun. Still, you may like the arcade games,
and you can unlock most of them by playing through the main game once, which like I said, is short.