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You are at the homepage for the greatest games ever made.
The Classic NES Series introduces 12 games, originally
released on Nintendo Entertainment System, to the Game
Boy Advance. The great thing is that there is a possibility of
even more games in the future! All of these games are in
their original form, and were not altered in any way, giving
you the same experience as if you were playing them on the
NES, without all of the NES problems. The best part is that
they are only $20 each (USA). This page is still good for the
countries (UK, Australia) that don't have the series yet. You
can find out about Series 1 by scrolling down below. Series 2
is above Series 1.
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Classic NES Series is published by Nintendo, and most
are developed by Nintendo. Certain games are
copyrighted to Hudson Soft, and Namco.
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Series 2: 4 games released on October 25, 2004
Series 1: 8 games released on June 7th, 2004
Classic NES Series 2
Zelda II:
Adventure of
A year after The Legend of Zelda flooded gamers with one of the most amazing games ever,
The Legend of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link comes by for the Nintendo Entertainment
System. This time, there is on overhead view on the overworld, but the puzzles and combat
were all in the platform-style view. This opened up a range of new attacks, weapons and a
whole new world to explore. The game is basically a mix of adventure, platform and RPG, and
was praised almost as much as the original one. This may be a different approach, but it's
still fun and addicting. This completes the Zelda series on the NES, and certainly fulfills any
video gamer's dream of owning of the best games!
Nintendo Reviews Rating:
Age 7+
Metroid is one of my favorite NES games, and if you've never played the original, you're in
for a treat. The game tells the story of a galatic bounty hunter out to destroy the Mother
Brain and defend the galaxy. She'll explore several worlds, enemies and even find some
famous bosses of the series. The password system was a unique substitute for saving games,
although newer generations don't favor it. This game also had one of the most amazing
twists ever in a video game-Samus Aran is a girl. Even I thought Samus was a guy, as most
will while playing. This game is highly recommended, unless you have Metroid: Zero Mission
or Metroid Prime and Metroid Fusion, in which it can be unlocked.
Nintendo Reviews Rating:
Age 7+
Another extremely famous game from back in the day. The GBA versions are also very good
games, but it's always great to have the original. In this game, you are in one castle and
you'll encounter many enemies, but of a haunted-house style. In fact, this could be the first
good gothic game, and definitely set Konami in the right path for creating games. The
difficulty is hard, but that presents a relentless challenge. The cool thing is that, you can now
save your game, so there's no more playing all day. Even today, this game holds up as a great
platforming and action game. It's not the best, but certainly still very good, and worth
Nintendo Reviews Rating:
Age 7+
Dr. Mario
Dr. Mario was a great puzzle spin-off of Tetris, and one of the best NES puzzle games. Dr.
Mario involved getting rid of viruses with pills of the same color. It was very addicting, and
featured multiple difficulties, speeds and levels. Basically everything you'd find in a standard
puzzle game is here. This also features a two-player mode, which is also very fun. This is the
Series 2 game to be multiplayer, and the multiplayer features also work with the wireless
adapters, in addition to the game link cable. Dr. Mario is the essence of a great puzzle game,
and is condiered by some to be second-best to Tetris. This is still a very fun game, if you like
puzzle games.
Nintendo Reviews Rating:
Age 6+
Classic NES Series 1
Mario Bros.
This is the game that started it all! Super Mario Bros. is hands down one of the best games
ever created! This game introduced what many now think of as Nintendo's trademark
character. Mario jumped over Goombas and Koopas to find his way to the end of many levels
and lots of cool worlds. Nobody ever forgets their first time down a warp pipe, or the first
world they cleared. Of course, he does all this to get to Bowser, the ultimate video game
boss! You can even play as Mario's brother, Luigi, when you play alternating 2-player mode,
which is compatible with the wireless adapter. There's just too many reasons why you have to
own this game! Don't go another day without it!
Nintendo Reviews Rating:
Age 6+
The Legend
of Zelda
The Legend of Zelda kicks off the distinguished series with plenty of dungeons and fighting.
The unique three-quarter view gives players an aerial perspective on Link. Link uses A for
his sword, and B for a secondary weapon. The secondary weapon is set using the start screen.
This was a great way to switch between items. Link travels through Hyrule, which is
surprisingly big, looking for pieces of the Triforce. There are plenty of enemies and puzzles
in the land, and it's timeless to try and complete the dungeons and beat their bosses. The
Legend of Zelda is probably one of the best games ever made, and you'll see why. You can
even save up to three files! Don't miss out on all the classic excitement of this game!
Nintendo Reviews Rating:
Age 7+
This smash arcade hit started Mario off with a simple mission-save Pauline. Now, Pauline is
out of the picture and Mario has had to get Peach out of danger instead. This great rivalry
between Mario and Donkey Kong even led to a new GBA game recently. Anyway, before this
hit the NES, Donkey Kong was an amazing game for the few who could find this arcade
machine. Jumping over barrels and climbing up ladders was never this much fun. You can
also alternate playing with a friend, and that can be played using wireless adapters. There are
only three levels, but even after beaten once can be played again at a harder difficulty, so
you'll have lots of fun playing this again!
Nintendo Reviews Rating:
Age 6+
This is one of those games that everyone forgets, and most don't know about. The name says
it all; two characters, Popo and Nana, climb up icy mountains to get some sort of bird who
has their stuff. Well, I've never played this one, but I know that this is one of the first
multiplayer games ever. This creates cool multiplayer action, and cooperation. This is the
only Series 1 game that you can play multiplayer mode simultaneously. You can link up with
a cable or with wireless adapters and another Game Boy Advance. The other person does not
have to have a game pak, but it helps if they do. Either way, this is a piece of classic NES
history, and worth buying.
Nintendo Reviews Rating:
Age 6+
This is one of my personal favorites. Yeah, there aren't many levels for racing, but this was
one of the first racing games made! Although the races itself weren't always fun, they were
all challenging at the least, and definitely worth playing. Each race had plenty of obstacles
and you could never know what was next (unless you knew the level). The best feature is its
design mode. You can save your own custom track. The game lets you choose 19 pieces,
letter coded, and then place them wherever you want to create an awesome track for others
to play. Save it to the game pak for later use. This has always been a great game to play, and
now that it's on GBA, you should definitely give it a try!
Nintendo Reviews Rating:
Age 6+
Another classic, and famous arcade game hits the NES, and the GBA in the Classic NES
Series. There's not one person who doesn't remember spending hundreds of quarters a
month on this game. Now, you can pay one price and keep the game for yourself! It took
over ten years before it was released on the NES, therefore not a big seller. That might
change now that you can play it anywhere you go. Another great feature is the 2-player
mode, which can be played with wireless adapters. Just like any arcade game, this is worth
owning so you can beat you own high score. Pac-Man isn't always recognized as a NES classic,
but is still recognized enough to be in this series!
Nintendo Reviews Rating:
Age 6+
The Bomberman series was Hudson Soft's greatest one, like Pac-Man was for Namco. This is
another game that was more widely known after more games in the series came out. Of
course, most great series has its roots, and its planted here in the Nintendo Entertainment
System. This is a great choice for a Classic NES Series because again, I don't think this sold
well, but with all the explosions and puzzles, what's not to love. This was released late in the
NES era. This combines old-time action with some arcade twists like a high score and a
timer. If there's one thing to say about this, it's that you haven't experienced Bomberman
until you've played the first one.
Nintendo Reviews Rating:
Age 6+
This game is really just known as just "Xevious", but yet another classic game that didn't
quite meet many people's action needs. For that time, though, this was a pretty decent game.
The main factor in the purchase was whether you wanted to play an action game with an
overhead view. For those that could handle it, they found a very enjoyable game. Don't
forget about the 2-player mode, that is compaible with wireless adapters. Blasting down earth
with bombs and blasters wasn't always easy with this aerial view, but when you think about
it, it's still original and interesting this way. For those who know they'll live through the
view, you'll love this!
Nintendo Reviews Rating:
Age 6+
The good thing is that the series really doesn't end because there are more on the way. What's also great is that half of
the 12 games from the series are compatible with the wireless adapters, which are peripherals included with Pokemon
FireRed and LeafGreen versions. These can be bought seperately for $20. It's steep, but if two players have one, you will
really start to enjoy the multiplayer modes included with these games. Note that only one player needs a game pak, too!