Posted: May 30th, 2005
By: Webmaster-Josh
Nintendo Reviews Rating:
Age 7+
Scooby-Doo: Mystery Mayhem continues the line of
games based on everyone's favorite mystery-solving
dog, Scooby-Doo. The game now takes a traditional
adventure approach. Is the game worth exploring?

If the thought of hearing Scooby and Shaggy say the same lines over and over is appealing, then you might actually like
the sound in this game. Well, we also get plenty of the other characters. Fred, Velma and Daphne have many lines that tie
into the game's plot mostly. Since you never as play as them, they don't get annoying. There are also many other voice
samples from minor characters. Some the voice acting feels a bit forced. It's not so much the actual actor being bad; it's
the script. That one western guy on the third level is so annoying. The voice acting does fit the characters appropriately,
There are usually a few tunes per level that you visit. The music is pretty lame, repeating basically the same notes over
and over with only minor variations. There is some effort, but the good work gets lost in a lot of repetition. The sound
effects have the same feel to them. The same simple effects that you hear in the first level is basically what you hear in all
the other levels. The Tome of Doom gets very annoying. There's so many spots where they could have put many different
effects in. They use what works, but that doesn't cut it in the end. There's some attention to detail, although it's nowhere
near what other games have achieved. Overall, the sound isn't something you'll want to hear for long.

The camera is something that usually doesn't interfere with gameplay in newer games these days. Usually the control
problems in games, if any, lie in the way things are done. Well this game unfortunately suffers from both cases. The
camera shows a limited view of the action, and panning it with the C Stick seems pointless, because when you start moving
it reverts back to the original position. This problem is very similar to Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. In this case, it's worse
because you'll be going backwards a lot more in this game. It's also impossible to see above you. That's usually not an
issue, but it can lead to confusion in some parts.
The game has one action button, and that's A. The other button you'll use is the X button for the Tome of Doom. This will
allow you to suck ghosts close to you, but the way it works is awkward. You simply press one button repeatedly. It requires
energy to use, and the energy goes down way too fast. This is basically a weak attempt at a combat system. The worst that
the enemy can do is run into you. If you don't lock onto the enemy immediately, then you will have to close the book and
try again, because when you open it you remain stationary. What a stupid way to attack! There's also points where the
characters stop because they get hit, and then it's hard to escape. If you have no energy left you'll run like crazy. Why
don't they just die? It's rather stupid. You the go back to the last save point.
In the first level the save points are everywhere, but as you progress there are less and less. They are poorly placed. You
sometimes have to play the same thing over and over to progress or even save and quit. Metroid Prime didn't have a hard
time with this, because in that game the pacing was good. Overall, the game has many flaws in the control that it actually
brings the game down more than it could have.

The game is probably the best looking of the Scooby-Doo games that
I've played, and it definitely has a lot of cool lighting effects. The
game has a lack of depth in the graphics, though. Yes there is
detail, but it all seems thrown together sloppily. Yes, I am going to
call this game's graphics sloppily. It's just not enough to have detail
and effects. Some of the character models are a bit blotchy, and it
seems that the best pars are when CG cutscenes are playing.
The game's backgrounds are also very bland, and there's nothing
here's that realistic, fantastic or even interesting anywhere. It's not
that it's terrible, but there could have been so much more to these

The first level takes about 30 minutes to beat, and there are five levels in the game. Okay, well the other levels get
progressively longer to the point where a level takes an average of an hour to beat. So five hours of gameplay, wow!
There's some collectibles that add maybe a couple more hours and might keep some people interested for a few more
go-arounds. But when I say some people, that really only means like 10% of who play this. This game is so boring, I don't
even care to see what the extra mini-games are like. From what they are titled it seems that it is renditions of what some
levels have, which are obstacle courses.
These are annoying and seem more like filler than anything. The game feel like one big marketing heap, and that's
usually what licensed games are like. However, in the midst of publishers marketing their real franchises through video
games are some really fine games. This is not one of them, and the replay really reflects that. Only Scooby-Doo fans would
really want to play this again. Playing this again is like watching Scooby-Doo the movie more than once. It's not worth it
the first time, and even worse the second time.

The puzzles this game throws at you are so easy that you will have completed some of them not even realizing that it was
supposed to make you think. This game's audience is unrealized; I can't even see anyone older than eight finding this
game engaging. It involves very simple tasks and placed in small levels that only lead you one direction. You'll almost
never get lost because the game has a very limited amount of ways to go. It's basically a couple minutes in one room and
then move onto the next one.
A couple of cutscenes are thrown in here and there, but the game's plot is so weak and uninteresting that you'll almost
feel inclined to skip them. There's also random background laughing that gets so tedious. I did not laugh once, and in this
case I can't see anyone of any age finding the jokes humorous. If a game has to laugh for you to laugh, then it's not
funny. Banjo-Kazooie had a subtle way of making you laugh, but this game is just sad.
It's also sad to see anyone wanting to finish this game. I have never been so bored in my life. This game only kept me
going because I had a little hope that it would get better. There are some creative parts to the game, but it is all
short-lived. This game hits no marks anywhere. The game gets old, and very fast. The good thing is that it's over before
you even think it is. It just keep going on and on until you are so frustrated. Overall, the design has major holes and is
quite uninspiring.





Final Words

This is easily the worst Gamecube game that I have ever played. This game scored much lower than I expected. I mean
there really isn't anything redeeming about this game, except that when you beat it, you will realize you never have to play
it again. And I will admit that this game has some moments, which means it's not in the poor or terrible zone. This game
is definitely mediocre at best.