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Age 6+
Posted: July 14th, 2004
By: Webmaster-Josh
Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour has been out for over a year now! Now that we have experienced the connectivity features, we
can accurately score this game-very few reviews for this game mention complete connectivity features. Read this!

The style of music heard in this game is reminiscent of Mario Golf for Nintendo 64, yet all of the musical pieces are new or
updated. There are few updated samples, only like the music for a birdie putt, and Peach's Castle Grounds. The new music
is fabulous. Not only does each course have its own song, so does that course's tournament! Most of the songs are worth
humming, but compared to the old Mario Golf songs, there are some here that could have been better. Although the ring
shot music is good, it is a little repetitive. There's also a ten-second Bowser song that is so annoying! It repeats the entire
time during speed golf. Oh, and the speed golf song is also a little more annoying than before as well. It's overall fine, but
you'll just have to get past the repetition.
The sound effects are very good, simply because Dolby Pro Logic 2 was put into this game. That was a smart move.
Everything heard in this game sounds realistic. Since half of all the holes have water, you'll hear some beautiful water
effects. You'll also hear some other peaceful sounds you'd expect from a conventional golf course. The old option of
turning the music off can help when you really want to hear the sound effects. There are some Mario sounds, such as coins
when playing coin attack, or chain chomps at the mushroom kingdom levels. I could explain all of them, but you should
just hear it for yourself.
Lastly, there's the voices. The voice samples are much improved over Mario Golf for N64. The voices actually sound like
the characters we know and love. Some like Yoshi, DK, and Diddy aren't so great because they are borrowed from other
games. I guess those guys don't say much, though. Otherwise, every voice sample is perfect. Daisy has personality, and
Mario brings out his crazy side (The taunts are what I'm referring to). But it's not just that. Each character says
something after they hole out. This depends on what they scored, of course. Overall, the sound aspect is great.

I thought Camelot knew how to tweak everything just right to create a perfect golf game. Well, the 'perfect' control from
N64 Mario Golf is gone. You used to have a free control system, but now you are restricted to where your ball will land.
You can't just move the camera anywhere without moving your ball. Although you can still see everything with some
adjusting of clubs, it seems that you shouldn't have to work that hard just to get a certain view. It gets even worse when
you are stuck behind trees. Even when you putt, you have the same restrictions. It is very frustrating.
What's worse is that the C stick is used to zoom in and, for some reason, it has a weird way of zooming. When you're
chipping, it forces you to go through some weird cycle before you zoom in. It's hard to explain-when you start zooming in,
it's suppose to just move straight. Well, for some reason it moves up, back, and around. This is kind of like an
unnecessary cycle motion that is completely stupid. If you want to look at the back of the green, you can't zoom past the
pin, like there is some invisible wall. This means you sometimes can't see how the putt looks from where you are. This
happens when you have a long putt, or an uphill putt. Now I know I'm not making much sense, but trust me, it's all bad.
Well, not all bad. There are some good things. The loading is fast. It's easy to jump into a game, and you can also save and
quit anytime. If the game 'accidentally' turns off, you can still resume from that spot without having to save and quit
again; sort of like Super Mario World for GBA. Before when you reloaded a file, it would erase it, but now, you're good to
go. The menus are easy to navigate, and are hardly ever frustrating. But these gains barely make up for what's lost during
play time. This will drive most away from playing this game.

The graphics are very good, but you'll want progressive scan.
Everything appears good, but if you look at it close up, it's not as
pretty. Even the backgrounds look fake if you zoom in close enough.
However, most won't even notice. The trees sway, the grass slightly
moves, and even the water looks gorgeous. There's even some
sunsets, and night settings. Everyone and everything is very-high
polygon. Sometimes if you replay a shot, you may see the ball fly
close to the camera; you should be able to read the name of the
player who hit it, on the golf ball, clearly! You'll even see sand or
grass fly up and places that have those (rough, bunker). You'll be
satisfied with the graphics here. I just wish the controls were as good!

There's more to do in Mario Golf than ever before. There are six courses, and six tournaments. The good thing is, though,
that later, you'll unlock star tournaments. These tournaments are actually more of a challenge. The putting greens are
harder, requiring precise aim, and you tee off from the back tees of each hole. The other tournaments are easy.
Tournaments are not key to unlocking characters, though. Most of the characters are already in the game. However, their
drives are very low. If you want to improve the characters, you have to face them in a match by yourself. Then you'll
unlock their star version, which is their actual drives. This, too, is easy.
There are plenty of modes. There's the usual stroke play, but there's also speed golf. This was invented by Mario Golf, and
a very fun way to play 18 holes. Another 'invention' of Mario Golf is ring shot. This challenges players to hit their ball
through all the rings on that hole, and still make par. Some of them easy, while others are tough. There's the new coin
attack, which challenges you to get as much coins as you can, and still make par. You can play fast cash, which is favored
by most. There's also new doubles matches, where it's a two-on-two match, skins or slots game.
Although a lot is for one-player, like most golf games, there's plenty for multiple players. The doubles mode is fun, but so
are regular match or skins games. For a twist, try club slots, or coin attack. The really cool feature is multiplayer ring
shot. I was surprised to hear this, but the idea works well. Either cooperate to complete brand new challenges, or play
against each other. If you can find other players, you'll have a blast with the multiplayer games.
Lastly, the game adapts features from the Game Boy Mario Golf games. There are side games, which challenges you to hit
balls in certain places 7 times out of 10. This isn't as good as the GBA version, but still better than nothing. There's even
an all par 3 course now, with a DK jungle theme. The real feature of this game is the GBA connectivity. This allows for
extra clubs selections, 8 more taunts that you customize, and character transfer. It's also easier than before. You no
longer need to keep your GBA Mario Golf game pak in the system; it keeps your character permanently. You only
transfer characters when you want the extra experience. Compared to other golf games, there could have been a lot more
courses, but I'm still satisfied with what's here. You'll definitely still be playing this for a while.

Obviously, there are differences between the new and old. Except for control, everything is improved. One disappointment
are the Mario-themed courses. That may sound weird, and it's disappointing, because I thought they'd be more fun than
they really are. The other four courses are good enough to make up for the other two. Besides, I still respect that other
people enjoy their frantic effect, even if I prefer conventional.
Camelot still knows how to make a golf game fun. The conventional courses are good enough that they could even be real.
I'm not too sure about Shifting Sands, though. Blooper Bay is also pushing the line between reality and fantasy.
Nevertheless, these are fun courses. The two Mushroom kingdom levels are interesting, but not exactly the type of golf
I'm interested in. I really bought this game for the GBA connectivity, the Mario characters, and the exclusivity of the
game. I just liked Mario Golf for N64 a lot. I was expecting some more effort put into places where it was needed most
(control). Where they put that effort in, we can still see the result. When it comes down to it, Mario Golf is still one of the
most enjoyable golf experiences out there. It may not rival Tiger Woods PGA Tour games in everything, but the fun
aspects in this game are more developed.





Final Words

This is a good game, and still worth the price of $20. This Player's Choice title is a solid golf game, and definitely great
enough for real expert players to enjoy. The physics are accurate, and there's enough to keep you busy for a while. Try
besting everything; no, I don't mean just beating, I mean besting. Try the tournaments again, and get birdies on every
hole. Then try getting birdies on every hole on star tournaments. Then try clearing every side game, every ring shot
challenge; etc. To get the full experience, you should buy Mario Golf: Advance Tour, but you don't need it to enjoy what's
already here!