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Age 10+
Posted: February 10th, 2004
By: Webmaster-Josh
After eight years without Metroid, the 2D series finally gets another sequel! Unlike Metroid Prime, Metroid Fusion
continues the series chronologically coming next. The kept 2D look will surely draw fans back into the series. But there
are some flaws with this GBA platformer. Read the review!

This is one of the best sounding GBA games out there. This has a genuine Stereo sound for headphones, and the game
even turns down the volume a little bit and spreads it out across two speakers to make it sound excellent. Although there
aren't many examples of effects that cross from your left to right ear, this definitely sounds better than previous Metroid
The music can get a little tedious, but nothing over the top. It's mainly for times when the main music isn't good enough
and the game cuts to some eerie sample that repeats several times. It's stayed true to past games-maybe too true because
some samples have been heard before. There really aren't that many samples that you'll like listening to. This is because
like I said above, a lot of it is spooky music that just repeats over and over. It definitely sets the mood, but maybe not the
direction the developers should have taken.
The sound effects are basic, but there are some distinguished samples. The new beams you acquire all sound different.
Some of the new missile weaponry you get also sound different. There are also plenty of creature sounds, but like I said,
nothing much out of the ordinary. The main feature is the headphones because it makes boss battles more fearsome and
SA-X encounters very intense. The heart-thumping and then the slow footsteps approaching you as you attempt to hide
hoping it doesn't see you. This is very cool; almost frightening! Overall, this is a great sounding game.

This isn't just jump on enemies type platformer. This game is centered around dexterous controlling and daring moves.
That's what I love about it. The feature to shoot diagonally (with L) is much better than before when there was a sort of a
'blind' spot when you shot. You could shoot here and here and...ohh! You can't shoot here! Oh well, I guess I'm dead. This
L feature really helps.
The rest of the controls are good. Fortunately, you don't have to hold anything to run. B is shoot, holding R is secondary.
Since this is 2D, there will be plenty of hidden blocks and such, and finding them is fun. There's plenty of enemies to find
and dodge, and the boss battles are actually quite challenging the first time around. You don't need to worry about camera
control; it flows with Samus and never tricks you, unless the designers wanted to try and hide something secret.
I don't completely agree with the map design. It won't let you check other Sectors-only the one you're in. This needed
feature at the end of the game when you're searching for power-ups is not present. Still, the map is a little better, as it
shows which areas are free of any upgrades by placing a dot and the map indicates where upgrades are hiding by showing a
circle. The control is hardly flawless, and works like a charm.

The graphics are not only improved over last Metroid games, but they look great on GBA. The
graphics system allows for cool enemy effects like their deaths when they change into X
parasites. This game has few cutscenes, but they aren't that big of a deal either. The cutscene
graphics actually seem somewhat worse. The good thing is that there are some 3D-like graphics,
and the artwork is fantastic as usual.
The graphics system works well, with barely any framerate problems. It lacks something, though.
I can't exactly figure out what. It doesn't feel as nostalgic as other sequels have like Banjo-Tooie.
Since I haven't played too much of Super Metroid and Metroid II, I can't really complain. These
still look great.

This game is very short, although you'll feel like its much longer. Why? This game draws you in. You'll see that your first
complete time should only be about 4 hours. Although you will have realistically played maybe an hour longer, because of
game overs. However, it still seems short. Everything seems to come very fast and before you know it, it's over, just like a
good movie.
There are plenty of collectibles however. Most people won't go for them, but finding them can be very challenging. I'm still
looking for some that I just can't find. Some are easy, others are well hidden and/or require very fast moving to get.
There's little incentive to get them, though, because it just improves your last shot of Samus, or as fans call it, the ending.
Metroid Prime's approach was more convincing. Its endings actually increased how much more you see at the end.
Complete 100% and you'll get an ultra-secret ending; something not in Metroid Fusion. But I'm getting off track.
I'd rather play the game again because it's a lot of fun then to waste my time trying to find everything, and although
there's connectivity, it really doesn't improve Metroid Fusion at all, except giving an incentive to beat the game faster for
NES Metroid on Metroid Prime. Connectivity to Metroid: Zero Mission also benefits that game, and not this. In the end, I
really felt there could have been more to this game, so the replay scores lower than the rest of the game does.

Like Metroid Prime, the design is simply incredible. This game is so much fun, despite its short length. The thrill of seeing
what's in the next room and beating a boss to see what power-up you'll get (sometimes finding that there is no power-up) is
just excellent. The design stays true to previous games, and although Samus looks different, the action and puzzles stay
the same.
This game also has one of the best endings I have ever seen. Although a lot won't like it, I appreciate the moral value to
it. The story line is fast, and may seem boring, but the last half-hour of the game is truly epic in my mind, and like I said,
I haven't ended a game more satisfied then when I finished this! For those who don't like the 3D adaptation to the Metroid
series that Metroid Prime took, will thoroughly enjoy this. And those who have played Metroid Prime will find this as a
sort of Metroid Prime Jr. Be sure to buy if not at the least borrow this from a friend and beat it because everyone can
enjoy this GBA platformer.





Final Words

As short of a game as this is, it can be enjoyed if you understand the moral at the end of the game. If you don't care about
that, then this is still one of the most intense games for GBA, and the challenges are great for any player. The game
actually tests you to become good at handling your character, instead of a normal platform game with all the same moves
and similar strategies. I highly recommend this game!