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This address is for everything. I no longer utilize any of the other e-mail addresses that were previously
on here, so please direct all correspondences to this one.
My goal with the Nintendo portion of was to provide exclusive content, and I didn't mean simply
reviews. I have realized the goal of this portion by providing content so unique that you truly can't find it
anywhere but this website. 2006 proved to be the most successful year, as I shifted my focus, during Nintendo's
transition from GCN to Wii, to the anime series IGPX. I now run the most extensive IGPX site on the net. I also
began podcasting, which proved to be a major step in the future of media here at the site. Podcasts derived from
the now defunct "Audio Reviews" section. While the focus began with Nintendo, it ended with things that were
more personal. And yet, people responded to that. I pray that people will be able to continue to find use from the
Nintendo section, but also the thriving IGPX section. Hopefully, that is a testament to what can happen when
one takes a mere idea and gives it a shot. I have now shifted my focus to my personal blog and some further
IGPX updates. Of course, and I truly mean this-I never could have done what I did with this portion in the four
years (2003-2007) without the unprecedented support I've been receiving. Thanks for visiting NReviews and
thanks to you all for making this site utterly amazing!
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Wait! Were you looking for my personal
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Nintendo portion of my site.
I blog, now.
So, go ahead and explore my Nintendo section below, preserved in all its glory!
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Welcome to the old Nintendo section of NReviews! Feel free to look at the work I've done!
My farewell speech to
the Nintendo section
-December 20th, 2007: Minor
Updates along with
Pikmin 2
2P-Battle FAQ Update.