Team White Snow
Team White Snow was established in 2037. For a long time, they raced in the IG-3 for many
years, but in 2045, they changed their main sponsor. When they reached the IG-2 in 2047, they
had many victories showing overwhelming strength. They reached IG-1 status with
unprecedented speed.

Team's White Snow's leader is the one and only Zanak Strauss. Zanak is well known for his
superior intellect and analytical skills and he is able to take down his foes with minimal
amounts of attacking. Judy, the team's midfielder, is a technically-minded pilot who faithfully
follows instructions from Zanak. On the other hand, Max, the defender of the team, is the
youngest pilot in the IGPX, who until last year was simply a member of the team with no role
as a pilot. She is shy and hasn't appeared much in publications and news outlets, but she may
prove to be a fresh new icon of the IG-1.

Their mechs are white. The design is considered a standard O.F.P. style. The main shaft of the
mechs are identical in mechanical ability to Team Satomi's mechs. The name of their main
sponsor is "Grand Gravity", a company who has become famous in recent years for their
cutting-edge technological developments. The timing of their becoming huge is also catching
the attention of people following the IGPX. With their expected appeal of strength to the
younger generation of fans with their other new sponsor from this season, "KREATORS", an
electronics company with many TV spots, Team White Snow should be able to satisfy many
fans with their debut.
Age: 13
From: Norway
Height: 4 ft 11 in (149 cm)
Weight: 86 lb (39 kg)
Zanak Strauss (Forward)
Voiced by Doug Erholtz (ENG) and Kenta Miyake (JPN)

Zanak Strauss is the forward for Team White Snow. Leading
the team means making sure everything is prepared before the
race starts. If they win by cheating, they still need to be
prepared to implement unfair tactics. As leader, Zanak is very
concerned about the well-being of the other two members.
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Age: 17
From: Austria
Height: 5 ft 8 in (172 cm)
Weight: 143 lb (65 kg)
Max Elrich (Midfield)
Voiced by Mela Lee (ENG) and Chika Fujimura (JPN)

Max Elrich is the midfielder for Team White Snow. Max is half
Norwegian (father's side) and half Indian (mother's side). She
is very reserved, and only asks little of her team members.
What she lacks in social communication skills, she makes up
for with her skills with computers. She follows the directives of
her teammates and would do anything to help her team win,
even if it means cheating.
Judy Ballasteros (Defense)
Voiced by Megan Hollingshead (ENG) and Kotono Mitsuishi (JPN)

Judy Ballasteros plays defense for Team White Snow. Judy is
very casual in her ways, and also follows closely after Zanak.
She is still very true to herself and her own feelings, and will
use that to manipulate others. She also plays a very good
defense, and will also perform to the best of her ability.
Age: 18
From: USA
Height: 5 ft 7 in (171 cm)
Weight: 128 lb (58 kg)
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