Team Velshtein
Established in 2036, Team Velshtein quickly got to the IG-1. Although they fell down to the
IG-2 once, when Sir Hamgra took over the team in 2044, they won the IG-2 and were able to
proceed to the IG-1 from the following year, 2045. In 2046 and 2047, they became the IG-1
champions for back-to-back years, which is quite an accomplishment for the league. Team
Velshtein's mechs use the concept of balancing speed, offense and defense equally as prime
for the design, but not only are the mechs balanced, it is said that the pilots are like the
Golden ratio for the IGPX.

The team's leader is smarter and more honored than Rocket G, Alex "Cunningham" Hume.
It seems that Cunningham has been in press coverage an innumerable amount of times, but
we mustn't forget the formidableness of his teammates, Jan and Dew.

Their mechs' colors are white and gold. Their main sponsor is the Japanese computer maker
"ISHIGAKI", who developed the standard OS that is used in all of the IGPX. Among the
current IG-1 teams, Team Velshtein's mechs' structure are configured to be the thinnest.
Their "golden" balance between speed, offense and defense is combined with the light weight
of their mechs. Finally, the aerodynamics of their mechs are surmised to have been procured
through the most technologically advanced programming available. Team Velshtein truly
checks off the list of must-haves for any legendary IGPX team.
Alex "Cunningham" Hume (Forward)
Voiced by Steven Jay Blum (ENG) and Shinichiro Miki (JPN)

Alex "Cunningham" Hume plays forward for Team Velshtein.
He is an idol to many avid fans of the IGPX, and has been
league champion for the past few years. He is known as "The
Ghost" among many fans of IGPX. He has a mysterious style
that helps him to intimidate opponents.
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Age: 22
From: Germany
Height: 6 ft 2 in (189 cm)
Weight: 165 lb (75 kg)
Dew (Defense)
Voiced by Lex Lang (ENG) and Yuto Kazama (JPN)

Dew is the defender of Team Velshtein. Dew is more observant
of the team's plays, and thus provides the team for some
excellent coverage. Dew is also concerned with other minor
affairs, tying into his observant nature. Like the other
members of Velshtein, Dew has a laid-back style.
Age: 21
From: Spain
Height: 6 ft (183 cm)
Weight: 170 lb (77 kg)
Team Member Introductions
Age: 19
From: France
Height: 6 ft (183 cm)
Weight: 165 lb (75 kg)
Jan Michael (Midfield)
Voiced by Dave Wittenberg (ENG) and Kiyotaka Furushima (JPN)

Jan Michael is the midfielder for Team Velshtein. He and Dew
are a little separate from the ways of Cunningham, but they all
work well together. Although he understands the risks of teams
like Team Satomi, he still believes they are the best and have
an overwhelming power in races.