Team Sledge Mama
Team Sledge Mama are long-time veterans of the IG-1 series, established when the IGPX was
established. They are also the most well-known team in the IGPX. Their rough fighting style
is said to be the strongest and meanest in the league, is also said to stick to the traditions set
around the time of the birth of the IGPX and is also said to be like flammable embers. Team
Sledge Mama is the only who has been able to rival Team Velshtein, the team said to be the
most evolutionary team of the IGPX.

Their mechs' colors are blue and white. Their main sponsor is "Qoosh", an American iron
and steel manufacturer, who also are also known for designing and planning currently used
IGPX courses. The mechs have varied and multiple "Inner Edges" but the gross weight of
the 3 mechs combined is only just over the average for the league. Furthermore, there is
information that the universal joints connecting the somewhat top-heavy upper half to the
lower half of each mech use new unspecified materials, but those materials have not yet been
officially announced.

River Marque, a former team member of Team Satomi, was taken in by the team during the
middle of the 2048 IGPX season. Yamma remained the team leader despite having four
members total. Unfortunately, Yamma was booted as team leader after not proceeding to the
finals in 2049, their second season with River. Nevertheless, Team Sledge Mama still
remained in the IG-1 after that season.
Age: 28
From: USA
Height: 6 ft 8 in (203 cm)
Weight: 152 lb (69 kg)
River Marque (Forward)
Voiced by Steve Staley (ENG) and Kazuya Nakai (JPN)

River Marque was formerly of Team La Rossa and from 2046
moved to Team Satomi. In the middle of 2048, River moved to
Team Sledge Mama and now plays as forward. When River was
in the IG-3, he was said to be the one who would catch
Cunningham. However, with Takeshi as Team Satomi's ace
pilot, River hadn't seen much time on the course or in the
media. Sledge Mama has given him a chance to race more.
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Age: 16
From: Canada
Height: 5 ft 11 in (181 cm)
Weight: 143 lb (65 kg)
Timma (Midfield)
Voiced by Dave Wittenberg (ENG) and Tatsuhisa Suzuki (JPN)

Timma plays midfielder for Team Sledge Mama. Timma takes
after his leader Yamma, and can have no objections. That may
be why he was booted when River Marque was asked to race
for the races to come. Timma still knows how to keep
competitors at bay, and is an excellent midfielder.
Dimma (Defense)
Voiced by Andre Ware (ENG) and Tomoyuki Shimura (JPN)

Dimma plays defense on Team Sledge Mama. He is one of the
biggest and leanest guys in the league. He puts on a tough look
for races, and still knows how to be appropriate for occasions.
He is very true to his own character, but still knows his team's
ability. He also knows how to cooperate with the team well.
Age: 29
From: USA
Height: 6 ft 9 in (205 cm)
Weight: 265 lb (120 kg)
Team Member Introductions
Age: 31
From: USA
Height: 6 ft 4 in (192 cm)
Weight: 157 lb (71 kg)
Yamma (Midfield)
Voiced by Mark Hamill (ENG) and Keiji Fujiwara (JPN)

Yamma plays forward position on Team Sledge Mama. He is
one if the toughest guys in the league, along with the rest of his
team. He intimidates competitors and is very fierce during
races. He also stays in shape and may be a bit older than the
rest of the IG-1 members, but nobody messes with him.
Forward Mech
Midfield Mech
Defense Mech