Team Skylark
Team Skylark is an all female team that represents the cute but fierce side of the IG-1. Since
its founding in 2029, the three pilots have traditionally been female. In the IG-1, no other
team surpasses the amount of media exposure that Team Skylark receives. Team Skylark
doesn't just appear in sports-related magazines, but the team is also featured in fashion
magazines from time to time. Because of that, they don't just have male fans but also many
female fans who follow them.

The first of the three pilots is the heavily idolized "Princess" of the IGPX, Fantine Valjean.
The other two pilots are Elissa Doolittle and Jessica Darlin. To the media, the three of them
are like three blossoming goddesses of beauty that give people races to be enjoyed, but in
terms of how they play while on the track, their hand-to-hand fighting and overall battle
technique is not lacking. Their main sponsor is the cosmetics company Radiosity Sealant.
The three pilots are also signed as the main media promoters for the company.

Fitting with the all-female style of the team, the team's three mechs are light tones of pink,
blue and yellow. The basic theme behind the design of the mechs was to mimic a stream of
water flowing, and in races their tactics are relatively conventional, becoming masters in
utilizing the slipstream of their own mechs. Their indispensable teamwork is not their only
highlight, but when it comes to finding a burst of speed right before the finish line, Team
Skylark has machines that are not to be taken lightly.
Age: 19
From: Holland
Height: 6 ft 2 in (187 cm)
Weight: 141 lb (64 kg)
Fantine Valjean (Forward)
Voiced by Karen Strassman (ENG) and Yui Horie (JPN)

Fantine Valjean plays forward on Team Skylark. She has a
sense of speed in races, but is always unpredictable. Takeshi
and Fantine were in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, and it
caused some upset among the IGPX audience. Fantine is
known as "Princess" among her team.
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Age: 17
From: France
Height: 5 ft 7 in (169 cm)
Weight: 108 lb (49 kg)
Jessica Darlin (Midfield)
Voiced by Kate Higgins (ENG) and Kiyomi Asai (JPN)

Jessica Darlin plays midfield on Team Skylark. She is close to
Fantine and respects her wishes. She is also one of the better
midfielder, also taking guidance from Elissa. While Fantine
tends to keep the race going up in the front, Jessica makes the
win with assistance from Elissa by stopping opponents who are
farther back.
Elissa Doolittle (Defense)
Voiced by Michelle Ruff (ENG) and Miho Hino (JPN)

Elissa Doolittle play defense on Team Skylark. Elissa is the
oldest team member and makes a lot of the major decisions
during a race. She also has taken a liking to watching races as
much as she does keeping order in them. She cares very much
about her team winning and always gives it her all.
Age: 23
From: New Zealand
Height: 6 ft 1 in (185 cm)
Weight: 132 lb (60 kg)
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