Team Satomi
Team Satomi was established in 2034. In a considerably short amount of time, just 5 years
later, they advanced to the IG-2. For a long while, the team was considered the "Baggage of
the IGPX". The reason for that name was due to their strange formations during races,
along with idiosyncratic styles amongst the team members. But in 2047, Team Satomi saw
greener pastures, making it to the IG-2 Finals for the first time in the team's history and also
won. However, with their main sponsor of Satomi Heavy Industries pulling out at the end of
2047, Team Satomi became the talk of IGPX fandom. Fans also wondered if the team could
become victorious in the IG-1 like they were in the IG-2.

Their mech colors are yellow and blue. As far as IGPX mechs go, Team Satomi's design is
the most standard, and focuses on the performance abilities of the movements of the mechs,
with a general balance of offense and defense. However, possibly due to their strengths in
hand-to-hand combat, the team doesn't have an Inner Edge attack registered with the IGPX.
Nonetheless, in the fierce IG-1 League, where intense battles are being sought out, it can't be
denied that Team Satomi has overall lower offensive skills than the other teams.
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Takeshi Jin (Forward)
Voiced by Haley Joel Osment (ENG) and Kozo Mito (JPN)

Takeshi is Team Satomi's ace pilot. He is usually a bit
absent-minded, but he is the most able to focus out of the
team's three members, likely due to his training in Kendo.
However, he has a tendency to not be able to accept other
people's opinions. Takeshi always seems to have excellent luck,
but entering into the IG-1 in 2048, nobody really knew his true
strengths. Takeshi is still a teenager at heart, but will continue
to grow with his teammates and as a person as the team
progresses through the IG-1 League.
Age: 16
From: Japan
Height: 5 ft 8 in (172 cm)
Weight: 123 lb (56 kg)
Liz Ricarro (Defense)
Voiced by Michelle Rodriguez (ENG) and Akeno Watanabe (JPN)

Liz has a peculiar talent for racing with IGPX mechs. Often
quoting Mencius and Confucius, she is very self-disciplined.
But, she has a short temper and often butts heads with
Takeshi. Nonetheless, she tries to understand different
personalities than her own. She was born an orphan in Puerto
Rico, without a family or much of an education. Her skills in
the IGPX have led her team to many victories and she is now
closely watched by IGPX-related media.
Age: 16
From: Puerto Rico
Height: 5 ft 7 in (169 cm)
Weight: 110 lb (50 kg)
Team Member Introductions-Pilots
Age: 14
From: Ireland
Height: 5 ft (152 cm)
Weight: 95 lb (43 kg)
Amy Stapleton (Midfield)
Voiced by Hynden Walch (ENG) and Ryoko Ono (JPN)

Amy Stapleton is the strategic brain of the team. At the age of
13, she is not only called a genius, but is also very good at
interacting with animals. With the synchronization of her and
Luca when inside her mech, Amy is the driving force of the
team's brainpower. Team Satomi has proven to be a home
away from home for her, and she feels that the team has helped
her break from her own inhibitions.
Team Member Introductions-Others
Michiru Satomi (Team Owner; Age 30)
*Satomi Satomi in the Japanese version
Voiced by Kari Wahlgren (ENG) and Emi Shinohara (JPN)

When Team Satomi was formed, she was part of Satomi Heavy Industries. Not only the
granddaughter of Mitsuhiro Satomi, the chairman of the company, she became the owner of
the team at the age of 18 when the team was in the IG-2, and she was often talked about in the
media as a figurehead coach of the team. She has more love for the team than others do, but
being stout-hearted, she has a burdened disposition for the team, but is often mistaken at first
for being a strong-willed woman. Entering the IG-1, all eyes were on Michiru to see whether
she could break through the negative coverage about her and continue to lead the team. She
continues striving to keep the team alive and works hard to ensure it is thriving.
Andrei Rublev (Team Coach; Age 45)
Voiced by Lance Henriksen (ENG) and Masahiko Tanaka (JPN)

Andrei joined Team Satomi in 2047 to be able to take get the
team on a winning track, since the team was being called at the
time the "Baggage of IG-2". However, because he is dead-set
on turning the team around, his opinions can sometimes come
off as haughty and isn't always favored highly. Still, as an
analytical expert, his goal is to change the team for the better.
Mark Ramsey (Team Mechanic; Age 26)
*Masa Ishikawa in the Japanese version
Voiced by Kirk Thornton (ENG) and Jin Horikawa (JPN)

Despite that he doesn't say much, he has incredible insights
into mechanics, and there are a fair number of teams who have
sought him out. More than his high salary, he has an attitude
of keeping a work environment a central part of himself and
it's not uncommon for him to stay the night where the mechs
are kept.
Jesse Martin (Medical Staff Member; Age 14)
*Himawari Aoi in the Japanese version
Voiced by Julie Maddalena (ENG) and Yumi Sudo (JPN)

Jesse is the signed on the team as a medical assistant, but ends
up playing the role as "mood-maker", inspiring the pilots
when they are down. Liz has been quoted as saying this about
Jesse: "When my mood feels on the rocks, Jesse's smile
becomes the best medicine."
Luca (Cybernetic Cat)
Voiced by Kari Wahlgren (ENG) and Vanilla Yamazaki (JPN)

Luca (Age 3, in cat years) is Amy's cat. Amy found Luca
abandoned at a young age, and the two have grown up
together. Nowadays, he has been implanted with a cybernetic
brain, which allows him to speak to Amy when hooked up
inside the IGPX mechs. Luca is Amy's best friend and the two
prove to be a winning combination both on the course and in
their everyday interactions off the course.
Yuri Jin (Takeshi's Younger Sister; Age 14)
Voiced by Stephanie Sheh (ENG) and Ami Koshimizu (JPN)

While not an official member of Team Satomi, she is highly
beloved in the world as the younger brother of an IG-1 pilot.
She still goes in his room without knocking, of course. To
Takeshi, this is a usual shenanigan of hers. She may be
Takeshi's #1 fan in her own mind, but she dreams of being able
to get Cunningham's signature one day, and is truly a follower
of every new fad that comes along.