Team Edge Raid
Team Edge Raid was founded in 2026 and is widely known for having a cybernetic dog on
their team, opposite Team Satomi having a cybernetic cat. In 2039, a heavy machinery
company with ties to many people who work officially in the IGPX and with heavy fan
support, became Team Edge Raid's main sponsor. The company's name is O.F.P., and due
to their involvement, the performance of Team Edge Raid's mechs greatly jumped. In 2041,
they first entered the IG-1. The design of the mechs became a model for many other teams to
base their own designs off of.

The team's leaders are both Bjorn and the team's animal navigator, Sola. Their mutual
teamwork has been said to be distinguished, even after they got to the IG-1. The combined
techniques that they release during races is constantly being praised highly.

Their mechs, drenched in so dark an orange as to almost be red, contain drill-like and
cutter-like weapons, along with their team's Inner Edge. The mechs most prominent feature
are the three sparkling silver lines that adorn various portions of each mech. Not only are
they utilized as cutter-like weapons in close range battles, but they also contain Edge Raid's
proprietary wire weapons. This provides Team Edge Raid with the advantage of maximum
application of each portion of their mech for battles. There are no shortage of fans who
await Edge Raid's new upgrades every year, that are considered "cutting-edge" in the IGPX.
Age: 15
From: Italy
Height: 5 ft 1 in (155 cm)
Weight: 93 lb (42 kg)
Bjorn Johassen (Forward)
Voiced by Crispin Freeman (ENG) and Nobuo Tobita (JPN)

Bjorn Johassen is the forward and leader of Team Edge Raid.
Bjorn takes pride in his team and how far his team has gotten
to now. He also doesn't mind having a dog as a mascot. Bjorn
isn't necessarily overconfident, but he tends to think he knows
what he's doing. His teamwork skills have carried the team
through many challenges in the IG-1.
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Age: 15
From: Sweden
Height: 5 ft 6 in (168 cm)
Weight: 128 lb (58 kg)
Bella Demarco (Midfield)
Voiced by Stephanie Sheh (ENG) and Miyako Ito (JPN)

Bella Demarco is the midfielder of Team Edge Raid. Bella
comes up with excellent formations, and executes them with
her team. Playing midfield keeps her focused on what needs to
be done to the other team in order to win, but not necessarily
what they need to do for themselves to win.
Frank Bullitt (Defense)
Voiced by Dave Wittenberg (ENG) and Susumu Chiba (JPN)

Frank Bullitt is the defender of Team Edge Raid. Little is
known about Frank Bullit, except that he likes to keep his
opponents guessing. He's not always on his guard, which can
lead him to be a weak defender at times. Still, his cooperation
with his team has allowed them to advance to the IG-1.
Age: 19
From: England
Height: 5 ft 9 in (175 cm)
Weight: 143 lb (65 kg)
Team Member Introductions
Sola (Age 3) runs in races with Team Edge Raid, similar to Luca from Team Satomi. Sola used to be the only
cybernetic pet racing in the IG-1 League. That has since changed. Sola has a lot of bark, but can still admit
defeat. Sola also has a sentimental spot, but in the end is still a dog at heart.