Questions and Answers (Q&A)
Question #1 - From @xtremesupotzu
@Thardus Do you like the Toonami or the Uncut soundtrack more?

I presume the question is referring to the 'music' soundtrack and not the 'audio' soundtrack, as in the voice acting. So I will be answering
based off of the music.

Overall, I would say that I like the Toonami version more. B
ut, it varies by episode. For example, episode 11, my favorite episode of the series,
features a much better soundtrack in the Toonami version than the original Japanese soundtrack. However, in the very next episode, episode
12, I would say that the original 'Uncut' soundtrack more captured the danger that Amy was going through in the race where she was
attacked by Velshtein's Indraga Mano. Perhaps the orchestrated music here was too over-the-top, but I still preferred it to the Toonami
version, where a more catchy Amon Tobin song was used. With this Amon Tobin song, I couldn't really feel the tension in this scene as much
as I could in the original, 'Uncut' version. I am reminded of the video game Need for Speed: Most Wanted (a car racing game by EA). In the
original 2005 game there was more tense music for police chases than the 2012 reboot for newer consoles. The intensity of the police chases
remained the same, pitting players against very aggressive opponents. But the 2012 version of the game featured more catchy songs in its
soundtrack. While the songs themselves aren't boring or of bad quality, I want to get into an intense scene as much as possible. This is also the
way I felt about episode 12-that Amon Tobin song is a great song, but wasn't appropriate for the scene.

But, that example aside, in season 2 particularly, the Toonami version featured much better music choices. The 'Uncut' version didn't use very
many of the Ninja Tune tracks, and I think three episodes used the theme song during some of the races. That felt very out of place and
tended to take away from the action, in my opinion. The choices in the 'Uncut' versions of the show were made by the Japanese side, and
they tended to also reuse some of the non Ninja Tune tracks quite a bit. Of course, both versions have certain songs that they reused, but it
felt a bit too repetitive in the 'Uncut' versions as the series went on. While I ranted for a bit about episode 12, the Toonami version should be
credited for providing an overall rich selection of songs for its cut. The music choices made in the Toonami version of the show seem to fit the
series better overall.