Past News and Updates
March 2006

March 30th: The rumor on the last two episodes being cut has been resolved. Only in Japan will the last two episodes be cut, and released directly to DVD. Apparently, the
network did not want to secure the timeslots for the final two episodes. I wouldn't even worry about that happening in the USA, so everything is as it was. IGPX will have
26 episodes, and the third DVD will have five episodes to wrap up Season 1. All positive news today! The IGPX video game was released today for PS2, but in Japan. A
USA release date has not been announced. Although we do not cover Sony on our parent site, because this is a subsite, any coverage is allowed. So there will be coverage if
this is released in USA. Stay tuned in April for the IGPX video game page!

March 29th: The final episode of the first DVD was posted with a review, score and complete episode guide. That's Episode 4. And a short review for Vol. 1 DVD
was also
posted at that site. Check both of them out! Does this mean the end of updates until the end of April? Well, we'll still post news and any new wallpaper right
here, so stay tuned! Also, please come back on Saturday to take our first survey. Who knows, there may even be a few new wallpaper on Saturday...

March 28th: Check out the episode guide and review for
Episode 3. Episode 4 guide should come by the end of the month, maybe even tomorrow! Oh, and if you want to
see the cover of the Volume 3 DVD, you can
see it here. That was also posted today.

March 27th: T-Shirt pictures were posted today at the
Vol. 1 DVD Info site. The review and episode guide for Episode 2 was also posted here. Check it out!

March 26th: Exclusive photos of the actual Special Edition Vol. 1 DVD are posted. T-Shirt photos coming soon (maybe tomorrow). Check out the
Vol. 1 DVD Info site.
No new wallpaper yet, by the way. In other unfortunate news, the second season has been confirmed to be two episodes short than expected. This means the second
season will only have 11 episodes instead of 13. We are still waiting for the official word on whether Vol. 3 will contain five episodes or four. Stay tuned, and let's hope it is
five (Five would wrap up the first season on this DVD).

March 23rd: In just about 10 days, we have received over 1000 visitors! Thanks for the unexpected support, and keep sticking with us this month. Next week, I will be
posting the reviews and episodes guides to episodes 2-4. Also check back tomorrow for possibly three new wallpaper! For those looking to buy Vol.1 on DVD, consider
the limited edition that comes with a T-shirt and special casing. That was just released today. Find out more at the
DVD Info site.

March 15th: I added the release date for Vol. 3 DVD. Go to the DVD page to find out. Just a hint-my estimated release date was fairly accurate.

March 12th: The IGPX website is born! The past week has been dedicated to furiously getting this page online ASAP. I was able to get tons of stats for all the teams except
Team Black Egg. Unfortunately, since Japan is on a new season, the official website got rid of the extensive info for the team. The only good thing out of that is that you
get advanced info on Team White Snow. Check out everything and let us know what you think. We'll be updating later this month with any breaking news, and a survey so
you can tell us what you think about this site. We are currently the only major IGPX English site, and we want to make this the biggest database on the Internet for IGPX
fans! Taking the survey will let us know how we can make this not only the biggest, but also the best IGPX website. We encourage you to take it when we announce that it
is online. Thanks for your support, and stay with us-the best is yet to come!
April 2006

April 28th: Very soon today (6 PM EST), whoever has signed up for the IGPX Weekly Newsletter but has not confirmed their subscription will have their reservation
cleared form the list. There are still some spots left if you want to sign up-the first issue goes out on Sunday. Remember-signing up only guarantees a spot for the
newsletter. You must confirm your subscription through the automated e-mail message that is sent out when you sign up. If you put down the wrong e-mail address,
simply check your e-mail If you didn't get a confirmation message, simply try again. Even after the first issue goes out, you can still sign up if there is space. Thanks!

April 26th: Great news for those who may have missed an episode of IGPX. Starting July 17th a new website called
Toonami Jetstream will launch with free streaming
video of IGPX! This is exciting news, and we'll report any new info that comes. Also,
The Vol. 2 DVD review was posted today. And if you haven't taken the surveys yet,
please do so. Even one person could sway the results, which we will use to make this site the best.
Survey 1 goes down on May 1st, so please take it!

April 24th: The Episode 8 (I Like You, I Like You, I Love You!) guide was posted today. The Vol. 2 DVD review will be posted later this week. There are still a few
spots left for the IGPX Weekly Newsletter. However, half of the people who have currently signed up have not replied to the confirmation e-mail which is required to start
receiving the newsletter. Please check your e-mail as soon as you sign up and reply to the automated confirmation message so you don't miss an issue. We also have to
clear the list as to allow more people to sign up. So if you have signed up for the newsletter but have not replied to the confirmation e-mail, please take the time to do so.

April 19th:
The Episode 7 (Spring Has Come) guide was posted today, one day earlier than expected. There's a chance that Episode 8's guide could be posted tomorrow,
but probably not Friday.

April 18th:
The Episode 6 (Cat vs Dog) guide was posted today. I would expect Episode 7 (Spring Has Come) to be posted on Thursday, and Episode 8 (I Like You, I
Like You, I Love You!) to be posted on Saturday. And just a heads up that I will be in Japan from June 23rd to July 6th, meaning I will miss two episode of IGPX. This site
will receive no updates during that time, as well. If you want updates, you will have to
subscribe to the IGPX Weekly Newsletter. So sign up now while there is still
space. And when I come back, the first thing going on this site is exclusive photos of Japan-only merchandise!

April 17th: No updates today, but I know you're all interested in knowing the official start date of Season 2. It has finally been revealed. We first reported last week that
there was a possibility that it was delayed one week, and unfortunately that is true. It will air on May 20th at 10:30 PM. Now, the 10:30 PM time is practically confirmed,
but we won't know until one week before the air date. So, signing up for our newsletter will guarantee that you'll hear the official time first! There's still some space for
more people to sign up, so sign up now!

April 15th: How do you feel about our episode guides?
Please let us know in our newest survey! In case you didn't notice yesterday, we are going to be starting up a
weekly newsletter. When Season 2 hits in a few weeks, the newsletter will be a great source of info sent right to you every Sunday, which is after the most recent IGPX
episode! Space is limited, so sign up soon to guarantee that you get the first issue starting on Sunday, April 30th! Use the link above to sign up.

April 14th: Today, the review for
Episode 5: Come Together was posted. Come back tomorrow for the newest survey, involving Episode Guides. Have a Good Friday!

April 12th:
Team Skylark and Team Edge Raid pages were updated. Team White Snow will be updated when we get a more in-depth look at the team during Season 2.
On Saturday. We will be posting another survey. The next survey will focus on the Episode Guides. We have also decided to run this survey and continue the first survey.
if you haven't taken the first survey yet, please do so. This Friday, Episode 5's review should be posted.

April 11th: Continuing our week of huge updates,
we added tons of screenshots to all of our episode guides. Reviews and guides for episodes 5-8, which are on the just
released Vol. 2 DVD, will come next week. Team Skylark and Team Edge Raid pages will be updated tomorrow.

April 10th: Today,
Team Black Egg and Team Sledge Mama pages were significantly updated. Tomorrow, or Wednesday, Team Skylark and Team Edge Raid will be
updated. And
IGPX Vol. 2 DVD will be released tomorrow. A review of the DVD will follow, next week.

April 9th: Huge updates were made. Not all of our planned updates are up, but are coming. The teams are now listed on a separate page.
Team Satomi, and Team
Velshtein pages have been significantly updated, with brand new photos, and a bunch more stats. By Tuesday, Team Black Egg and Team Sledge Mama pages will be
updated. By Wednesday, Team Skylark and Team Edge Raid will be updated. Sometime in May, Team White Snow will be updated. However,
Team White Snow's stats
and official names are posted. Next week will be some new episode reviews; possibly one this Friday. The Episode Guide also has tons of new screenshots waiting to be
posted on Friday. This week and this month will be filled with updates, so stay tuned!

April 6th: Two things regarding DVD releases have been confirmed today. One is that all future DVDs will not have a Toonami Edition to supplement the regular uncut
versions. The only way to see IGPX from now on is the way it was meant to be-without any cuts. The second thing is that although an official release date for Volume 4
has not been announced, it is confirmed to be released after July 2006. We are estimating August 2006. And finally, great news for those looking to purchase the Volume 1
DVD. Best Buy is offering the DVDs at an extremely low price in stores only. The Special Edition (with T-shirt) costs only $15, the Regular Edition $10, and the Toonami
Edition $7. Considering the minor price differences, and that the retail price for the Special Edition is usually $40, I would recommend the Special Edition. Either way, you
can't go wrong. Future production of these DVDs may not occur, so this is a limited time offer.

April 5th: I'm not sure why I waited so long, but there's now a dedicated e-mail address for IGPX! We may start a mailbag and rumors section in the near future, but for
now if you have any questions or comments, go ahead and use that. If you just want to tell us what you think of this site, please take our April 2006 IGPX Survey. Thanks!
April 2006 IGPX Survey

April 1st: Two major updates were made. First, the IGPX Survey April 2006 has been posted. It shouldn't take more than two minutes, and would be greatly appreciated.
The link is here and at the top of this page. Second is that six new wallpaper was posted. That's right, six. There was about five weeks between new ones, so it was
worth the wait. The rumored partial nudity in Season 2 was also revealed in one of the wallpaper, if that's all there is... Anyway, that brings the total wallpaper to 30.
out the new wallpaper here!
May 2006

May 29th: The third podcast was posted today, along with the episode 15 guide. Be sure to check them out, and have a great Memorial Day!

May 27th: Sorry, I forgot to post the new wallpaper yesterday. Watch IGPX tonight!

May 25th: We've been looking for the North American IGPX logo for a long time. I think this logo is better than the Japanese version, but the Japanese version is the one
you'll see in the episodes on DVD. We also finally put up the IGPX video game page.

May 23rd: After yesterday's podcast, some people may be under the impression that I haven't seen all of the first season or that I am only seeing the episodes on DVDs. I've
been watching IGPX since the day it started, and I was only referring to the possibility that people may not know the names of the characters if they haven't seen Season 1.
So now, and for the record, I have not missed an episode of IGPX and don't plan to.

May 22nd: A new week,
a new podcast. And sorry for not posting the episode 14 guide yesterday. I think from now on, it's easier to just post it on Monday. We'll see.

May 19th: A new wallpaper has been posted, and remember to watch the first episode of the second and final season of IGPX tomorrow night! Please e-mail us your
impressions of the episode after it has aired, and we'll feature them in the next podcast on Monday!

May 17th: In one of our biggest updates, we have posted the links to hundreds of screenshots for
each episode of Season 1. We also added summaries and screenshots
for Episodes
9, 10 and 13. Episode 14's page should be up on Sunday. Lastly, we added one special wallpaper to our wallpaper site. Check it all out!

May 15th: Our first IGPX podcast was posted today. Find out more by
listening to it, or checking out the podcasts homepage. And let us know what you think of the
podcasts by
taking the survey!

May 12th: Well, sorry about the lack of updates. This week was hectic, and it's not over. So yeah, still no updates. But I will announce a big change to our website. The
Weekly Newsletter has been canceled. Believe me, it wasn't easy to get rid of it, but instead of that comes our newest addition-podcasts! Starting this Monday, May 15th,
we will be recording podcasts that you can download to your ipod, or favortie media player, and hear all about IGPX each week! Visit our
podcasts homepage for more

May 4th: It is now being said that Vol. 4 DVD will not finish the first season, because it will only have four episodes. Issue 2 of our newsletter will explain more. Basically,
we won't find out until the day it's released how many episode it contains.

May 3rd: Yeah, I kinda forgot to post the link to the DVD page on Monday. The official release date (of Vol. 4) is there. Also, good news. Bandai has announced that IGPX,
the PS2 game, will be coming out in North America! After E3 2006, we will likely have screenshots and other info here! Because of how busy we are during E3 time at the
regular site, the update may not occur until the Monday after, but it will happen. The page will be up later.

May 1st: Our first issue was successful! Space is now extremely limited so sign up for our newsletter before you miss out! Also some exciting news today! The Vol. 4
DVD release date has been revealed. Once again, our guess was right on, and
you can find out the release date by clicking here. The last thing is that the newest survey
is up. Please take it-we need to know what you think of the Team Bio pages. Thanks!
June 2006

June 22nd: So today is one day before I leave for Japan. As I said, the featured wallpaper is up for two weeks. It will be changed on July 7th, but that might be the only
update that day. There will be a lot of catching up, as I won't be making any updates the next two weeks. I know a lot of you come everyday, and I am very happy that
there are people as dedicated as you. So please enjoy IGPX, and have a great next two weeks! Remember, keep sending me e-mail and
take the new survey!

June 20th: As expected,
the new podcast was posted today. Stay tuned to us on Thursday for the featured wallpaper and a farewell message for two weeks!

June 18th: The
episode 18 guide was posted today. Along with that is the Vol. 3 DVD review. Check them out! What's that? No more updates this week? Don't forget
about the podcast on Tuesday-send in any e-mail messages you like!

June 17th: The
review for Episode 10: Showdown was posted today. I plan on putting up the DVD review (Vol. 3) tomorrow, along with the episode 18 guide. That airs
tonight, so don't miss it. I forgot to say in the podcast two things. One is that tonight's episode is called Puzzle Rings, and the other is the weekly discussion. This week, the
discussion will be on Team Velshtein. Watch IGPX tonight!

June 16th: The new wallpaper is up, and the link to all
the IGPX merchandise we hope to buy is here. We'll be keeping it up on the main page! I'll be going to Japan in a
week, so only a few more updates will be made between now and next Thursday! Be sure to watch IGPX tomorrow night, which will be the last episode I see for some

June 14th: The
review for Episode 9: Holiday was posted today. Expect the review for Episode 10 by Friday, and the Vol. 3 DVD review by Sunday.

June 13th: Okay, it's pretty late on Tuesday, but it's still Tuesday, and
the new podcast is up! And the Vol. 3 DVD page has been updated with what episode has the
audio commentary. Stay tuned this week for episode 9 and 10 reviews and also something special. We are auctioning off official IGPX merchandise from Japan in July.
When I go on my Japan trip from June 23rd to July 6th (no updates during that time), I will be coming back with merchandise that you can bid on. I'll post links to the
merchandise pages so you can see for yourself what to look forward to. More info next month!

June 11th: The
episode 17 guide was posted today. I had a feeling it would be a great episode, and it was. Stay tuned on Tuesday for our podcast, and be sure to pick up
Vol. 3 DVD on Tuesday as well!

June 9th: The weekly wallpaper was posted today. And if you are interested in the box shot of Vol. 4 DVD,
it is here as well. A few details about that DVD were also
posted. Tomorrow's episode will likely be memorable, so don't miss it!

June 7th: So, I actually got around to
posting the newest podcast. And just as I posted it, I have breaking news. IGPX: Season 1 Complete Collection (Toonami Version)
has been announced for release on August 22nd. Listen to the podcast next Tuesday for more info.

June 6th: Okay, bad news. Something came up today and I won't be able to do the podcast. It was out of my control, and I apologize. This week's podcast has now been
rescheduled for this Thursday, but it will be extra long this week for being late. If you (and I) are really lucky, it may be posted tomorrow. I doubt it, but you may as well
check back tomorrow just in case. Sorry! Remember that next Tuesday,
Vol. 3 DVD is released, and we'll finally find out if it has four episodes or five.

June 4th: A lot was updated today. First off, we posted the
episode 16 guide, which actually was on Sunday this time. The second update was the Team White Snow bio
page is completely up. The final update is our newest survey, which is on the episode guides. Click the links to got to those pages. We decided to do our three podcasts in
June, which are the final three before my two week break to Japan, on Tuesdays. So unfortunately, our fourth podcast will not be posted tomorrow, but on Tuesday. Be
sure to
e-mail us for anything IGPX related, and we'll put it in the podcast. Thanks and enjoy everything IGPX!

June 2nd: The usual: new featured wallpaper. And Cartoon Network has posted a clip from tomorrow's episode of IGPX. If you want nothing to be spoiled, then simply
watch IGPX tomorrow night! I should have a different survey posted soon!
July 2006

July 29th: The most recent episode was amazing. Here's the episode guide, and stay tuned on Tuesday for my impressions, along with the rest of a great podcast.

July 28th: Just a new wallpaper for tonight's episode. Don't miss it!

July 27th: Okay, tomorrow's episode is called "Function, Not Fashion". I said an incorrect title on the podcast yesterday. Sorry for the confusion.

July 26th: Yeah, sorry about the podcast being a day late. But, uh,
here it is. Hopefully there will be some more updates this week, but I don't see too much going on
except for this Friday.

July 22nd: So technically IGPX aired today, but yeah. So the
episode 21 guide was posted. The episode guide was also updated with the name of the episode two weeks
form now. And that's about it for today. Oh, and the release date for the IGPX video game is September 12th. It's looking to be pretty good, so if you own PS2, be sure to
keep an eye out for that.

July 21st: Finally, IGPX is back tonight! The final six episodes are upon us, and I anticipate all six to be great. Be sure not to miss it tonight at midnight. And if you're
interested, there's a new featured wallpaper.

July 20th: No updates today, but I do have bad news. The upcoming Vol. 4 DVD doesn't have any audio commentary. It gets worse. Vol. 5 DVD doesn't have commentary
or an interview. It hasn't been confirmed, but Vol. 6 is expected to have no extras. This really bites. Fortunately, though, Vol. 6 is expected to have six episodes instead of
four, so that might be sufficient. I'm still mad about this news. Oh, I guess there is one update.
The DVD Information page has been updated to reflect this new

July 19th: All of the podcasts are back to normal size, meaning they won't take five times longer like I said yesterday. Now about that RSS feed... Oh and the release date
for Vol. 5 DVD has been revealed. It is October 10th, like I guessed

July 18th:
The newest podcast was posted today, along with a standard feature: ID3 Tags. I am new at the whole podcasting thing, but I finally figured out how to get
ID3 Tags. The files are also now at standard MP3 size, and I'll be working all week to correct each podcast individually. Now all I need is an RSS feed. If you have no idea
what I'm talking about, wait until next podcast and I'll explain. Please keep in mind that because they are standard size, it will take much longer to download than before.

July 17th: Someone pointed out that there was an IGPX artbook, and I thought he was wrong. It turns out I was wrong. What I thought was something else actually is an
IGPX artbook. The problem is that it is one of the two things I was not able to obtain for the auction. So, it may be one of those things that you may have to obtain in the
way future. I apologize again for not being able to get it. And please continue taking the
survey on the merchandise auction.

July 16th: Toonami Jetstream launched a few days ago, but without IGPX. Maybe in the future it will be on. Meanwhile, the fifth DVD's release date should be official
soon. And the episode guide is updated with the names of the next two episodes. Finally, we have our
survey on the merchandise auction. Please take it so we can make
our one and only IGPX auction great!

July 14th: Here's the new wallpaper. And Survey #7 will be about the upcoming auction. We now have an official date for the start of our auction-August 18th. It will be a
10-day auction. The survey will go up on Monday for a month. Please take the survey, especially if you are interested in participating in the auction. It will help with
logistics and stuff. And just one more week until IGPX returns!

July 12th: I forgot to mention that I also posted the previous two episode's pages for screenshots, and summaries, as usual. If you went searching around, you should have
already found the
episode 19 and episode 20 pages up. Today, I also found something cool. Game Trailers has two new IGPX videos. Right now, you can scroll down
under newest media and find them, but you can also search for the videos, probably.

July 11th: The
newest podcast was posted today. I also made some major updates to the DVD site so check it out. The Season 1 Toonami DVD page was also posted.

July 10th: Some big and bad news to report, so listen up. IGPX is not on Toonami anymore. It has been moved to Fridays at Midnight, starting July 21st. Now for clarity
purposes, it is after the Friday Nights on Cartoon Network. So, since it is midnight, it is technically Saturday morning, if you get what I am saying. Either way, this is bad
news for fans, as you'll be staying up later to catch new episodes. That also means there is no new episode this week. I'll be discussing this tomorrow on the podcast, and
I'll probably be lazy and take my time updating the previous two episodes' pages.

July 7th: I'm finally back! My experience in Japan was awesome, as expected. I am back, as expected. Unexpectedly, a few problems occurred yesterday, and I am still
recovering from it. Also unexpectedly, I couldn't find some of the IGPX merchandise (posters). The auction details will come later, and so will other updates. Apparently
there is no IGPX this Saturday, so that gives me some time to catch up next week. All there is today is the new wallpaper. No more updates this weekend, but check back
August 2006

August 31st: Yeah, I know the podcast isn't up and IGPX just ended, and you all have stuff to say. I apologize for being late, again. I am very busy the rest of the year,
which is why I knew I wanted to move to biweekly podcasts, anyway. So I'll surprise you guys when the podcast will be posted.

August 29th: I think you've figured out by now that I haven't been able to get the podcasts up on Tuesdays. Sorry. I guess Tuesdays come by too quick for me. And the
rest of this week is very busy for me, so if I can't get it posted tomorrow, I may have to postpone it until next week. We'll see. But either way, I got
the review for
Episode 14 up. That took a lot less time than a podcast would.

August 26th: "WE WILL NEVER STOP" is now the goal of this website. The series is over, but that doesn't mean the legacy is. Be sure to stay with us for the rest of the
year, as we delve into the specifics of IGPX and make major updates (music, quotes, etc.) to make this the most complete resource for IGPX fans forever. And like the
end of the final episode, we will never stop! Thanks for all the support so far, guys! And for the regular Saturday update,
here's the final episode guide posted. And you
may have noticed that the CD didn't sell. So, I decided to keep it. More
info about the CD was posted on the merchandise page.

August 25th: The featured wallpaper is posted. Tonight's the final episode! But before you watch it, please consider the IGPX CD Auction which is ending at 10:30 PM EST.

August 23rd:
Here's the podcast. And here's the review for Episode 13. That update was ready yesterday; just forgot to post it. Oh well.

August 22nd: The podcast will be a day late yet again. Sorry! Minor changes to the DVD site was made, because of some syntax errors that were occurring. Hopefully,
they are fixed for good.

August 19th: The page for Episode 25 has been posted. It contains tons of high-res pictures, but also something different-a wider layout. Please let me know what you think
of this layout versus the other episode guides with less wide layouts. And the release date for the Season 1 Complete Box Set DVD has changed from this Tuesday (August
22nd) to September 12th. Enjoy the weekend!

August 18th: The second auction (for the CD) has begun.
Here is the link to it. eBay has made it real easy for me to put pictures in a slideshow, so you can view more
pictures on the auction page before coming to
the Merchandise page to see more detailed shots and info. The page is finished, too. And finally, the featured wallpaper was
posted. Enjoy IGPX tonight!

August 17th: The auction started today just after 9:30 PM.
Here is the link to it. And I am still working on the Merchandise page. Bear with me, it'll look great when it's
completely up. Have fun with the auction!

August 16th: I keep forgetting to tell you guys that there is an IGPX comic of nearly 200 pages being released in Japan. Too bad for all of us, I guess. But anyway,
the new
podcast was posted. The auction starts tomorrow, and the page containing all of the poctures will be posted, too.

August 15th: So, another late podcast. It will air tomorrow. Sorry, but like I said last week, my computer usage is very limited. I can't stress that enough. And this week is
becoming very stressful because I need to get everything about the merchandise auction sorted out and ready. And the other big announcement that I have moved the
merchandise date back one day. It will begin this Thursday (the 17th) at 9:30 PM. More about this on tomorrow's podcast.

August 12th: The page for
Episode 24 was posted. I am also testing out a page for Episode 25 and 26, which will be posted after their corresponding air dates. Basically,
the layouts for these pages are new, and we'll be having a survey on them, so you guys can tell us if you like it or not. But some very bad news relating to DVDs. They
have split what was supposed to be the final DVD with six episodes into two DVDs with three episode each. So now there are seven DVDs, instead of six. It is very
upsetting to have to buy an additional DVD to complete the series. The sixth DVD does have a closer release date-November 14th. More about this on Tuesday's podcast.

August 11th: The new wallpaper was posted today. It's the third-to-last episode tonight. Don't miss it!

August 9th: The
new podcast was posted today. I'll think you'll like the new openings for the podcasts. Let me know, anyway.

August 7th: Okay, guys. Fair warning that I probably won't get the podcast posted tomorrow. Sorry, but I am having computer problems that won't be fixed soon. I had to
reload the website, too. Let me know if there's anything wrong (broken links, no images, etc.) I also ordered the Vol. 4 DVD, that comes out tomorrow, through the mail,
and probably won't get it until late this week. Sorry!

August 5th: The page for
Episode 23: Fate was posted today. And I kind of forgot about the fact that the next DVD is coming out in just a few days. It may not be
covered on the podcast since I have ordered it through the mail and don't expect it by then. We'll see what happens.

August 4th: The wallpaper features Team Skylark because that is our topic for next week's podcast. Be sure not to miss IGPX tonight! Somehow, I think I will forget about
it. Man, I still hate watching it at midnight on Fridays. Oh well.

August 3rd: An unexpected, and pleasant surprise update for the IGPX Video Game site. Thanks to GameTrailers, we are hosting two videos from the video game. They are
of very high quality, and I am very proud to introduce the future of videos on this site, hosted by GameTrailers with our first two videos for the IGPX subsite. It's my way
of thanking you guys by offering these videos here first.
Check them out!

August 1st: And just like that,
the new podcast is posted.
September 2006

September 30th: Some sort of bad news-Vol. 5 has been delayed by one week. That's it on news. And I forgot to post music credits for the most recent podcast. The
music comes from Artist Server. They are like my version of Ninja Tune when it comes to the podcasts (Ninja Tune is the label for IGPX series). So
check out their site,
but be warned of explicit content in some of the song titles/lyrics. The actual credits of songs and artists will be posted very soon.

September 29th: The typical, Friday update of the new wallpaper. I don't know why, but I am still itching to get that IGPX comic from Japan. I want to see what exactly
it's about, so I'll try to get it and give you guys the lowdown.

September 28th: Some breaking news. Last night, I finally figured out where IGPX City is located-The Grand Canyon. I found this out while flipping through the artbook I
got from Japan and seeing the words "Grand Canyon" in Japanese Katakana. I was very excited to finally figure this out for sure, as I thought I never would. Stay tuned for
even more revelations about the series. Oh, and another thing-thanks to those who are hanging in for certain updates (music, extended versions of episode guides, DVD
reviews/episode reviews). My visions for the complete version of this site are far from over. I also plan on adding a miscellaneous section for rules, and other stuff. So
keep listening to the podcasts, writing in and everything. And thanks for actually coming here and caring about my love of IGPX (as well as your own)!

September 26th: Some server problems prevented the podcast from being posted last night. But there it is.

September 25th:
THE NEW PODCAST! And what sucks is that there was so many problems trying to get this made. A whole six minutes was cut off and a lot of it sound
fuzzy because of the way I was using my microphone. I hadn't done a podcast in so long, I basically forgot how to do it properly. Hopefully, the background music makes
it sound better.

September 24th: So, Episode 15 was completed with the review I posted. Oh what's that about a new podcast? It should be coming soon...

September 22nd: So a few more updates. First off, and this is way late on my part, but it is...affiliation! No, I knew you were thinking I was going to say the new podcast.
But use the search box to search Play Asia for imported stuff and some of the best prices I've seen. This is how I bought the IGPX Go For It CD, which I will add to the
merchandise page when I receive it. I added two new screenshots to
Episode 25. Somehow, I missed them before. And finally, the new wallpaper was posted.

September 15th: The new wallpaper is up. The podcast is almost done. But this one is pretty long (you guys deserve it after the long wait) so it's going through a few things
(including some additions). Once again, keep checking back, as it could be posted any day.

September 11th: The seventh DVD has been announced with a release date of December 5th. Since the second season DVD box set was not announced for release in
December, it will be released sometime in 2007.

September 8th: Even more bad news-the laptop I am using needs to be charged, and the charger is broken. It may take weeks for a replacement which means no updates.
I'll see what happens, but I apologize for this major inconvenience. In news, both the IGPX video game and the Complete First Season box set are scheduled for release on
Tuesday. Be sure not to miss that! And I will try very hard to get the next podcast up as soon as I get back on this site! And the music section was going to receive an
update tomorrow, if not for this laptop problem. So once again, I am very sorry, but when I get back, expect lots of updates. And there is a featured wallpaper for a while.

September 1st: Just a heads-up that the featured wallpaper every Friday will continue until all 30 wallpaper have been displayed (about 13 weeks to go). Then, that feature
will end. Maybe something else cool will go there...
October 2006

October 29th: A slightly big stride was made in the music section. I updated the main index page so that recommended albums available for purchase are displayed. There
are six albums that I currently recommend for purchase (my favorite and the only one I own being Portakbain Fever). Eventually, after all DVDs are released (that would be
next year), I will have all music credits and then will be able to display all albums that contain any amount of IGPX music, even if it's just one track. By then, hopefully this
website will be basically complete, as the goal of the site is to be a complete resource for IGPX!

October 28th: So, I noticed that I hadn't posted the review for
Vol. 4 and Season 1 Complete Box Set DVDs. So there are the links for them. Enjoy!

October 27th: The new wallpaper is up, and the
team info page for Team Satomi has been updated with the ages of Yuri and Jesse (both age 14). I was having a really
bad week, but some very uplifting news has been announced. Production I.G. has announced a new anime titled "Reideen" (likely pronounced 'raid' and 'an'). This is going
to be directed by Mitsuru Hongo, who directed much of the IGPX series. It will be released next year in Japan, and hopefully a US release to follow shortly. Who knows? I
may enjoy it immensely like IGPX and decide to form another subsite for that series. It looks to be promising. Since it isn't IGPX related, I won't say much more about it
for now. We'll see what happens with that series in the US.

October 25th: The
music credits are up for Episodes 7 and 8. Also, I finally updated the merchandise page with the cover shots for the IGPX Opening CD (Go For
It!). The information for tracks is also listed.

October 21st: The
music credits are up for Episodes 5 and 6. Check them out!

October 20th: IGPX Vol. 5 appears to be in retailers now. Enjoy the featured wallpaper.

October 19th: Thanks for all those who have sent in questions. Just in case anyone is being reserved about sending something in because of fear of legal issues (copyright),
I want to reiterate briefly what copyright means for everyone. When you send in anything to us, it becomes copyright of NReviews. Many look at that statement, and feel
that it is profound, or makes it look like we are stealing. That's not the case. That simply means, we have the choice of releasing the information you send us in any manner.
E-mail used in the mailbag portion of the podcasts adheres to these guidelines, for example. According to our privacy policy, NO e-mail addresses are ever given out or
sold. So sending me a question that will later be forwarded to Jason does not mean I am sending him or anyone your e-mail address.
Read more about this matter in the
Privacy Policy/Copyright Information page. I'm glad I lumped those pages together, now.

October 17th: EXCLUSIVE: I will be conducting a Q and A session with Jason DeMarco, writer, producer, and music supervisor for the IGPX series. This is a major
opportunity, and I don't want anyone to miss out. So,
check out the newest podcast for more information including a word from Jason on a few topics. And start sending
in suggestions for questions to

October 13th: A new wallpaper and
a small music update from an e-mail submission. Thanks, and the next podcast should be up soon.

October 12th: The music page got two more episodes up (3 and 4) and have been
sorted into a separate page. But after reading through the list of music from Episode 4,
I am very confused on what some of the tracks are. I am open to some submissions, if you guys think you know what some of these tracks are, but
read the main page
for details for which tracks I will accept submissions.

October 9th: Two big updates today. Not only do you get
the review for Episode 16, but you also get the music page-partially up, at least. Check them out!

October 7th: Sorry, I forgot to post the new wallpaper yesterday. I put the newest podcast's
music credits on the podcast page. Be sure to visit Artist Server if you find
any songs you would like to suggest be put in the BGM for a future podcast. I should be posting the review for Episode 16 very soon. And the next podcast is expected to
air next Friday (the 13th). Finally, I promise the music section is coming very soon.
November 2006

November 25th: Small music update-for Episode 4. Remember, if you know any songs I am missing, send me an e-mail please. Episodes 9-13 credits should be coming

November 24th: Lots of little things. First the new wallpaper. Then there's
a new trailer available for Reideen. Still deciding if I'm going to follow the series or not. No
US date yet, though, so all my focus is still going here. And another new merchandise was announced in Japan. It is 3D animation book, unlike the 2D animation artbook
that I already own. That is coming out at the end of December. On the product page was an IGPX hat, jacket and the T-shirt we got with the Special Edition Vol. 1 set.
Now I'm exciting and depressed. Apparently, if you reserve it you get entered into a contest, and one person gets the jacket, two people get the hat, and five people get two
separate posters (one for the show, and one for the DVD). The jacket was for Cartoon Network staff, but a hint at the translation suggests that the hat might be for sale in
America soon. Kind of confusing, I'll try to explain in a podcast.

November 18th: The final featured wallpaper! That means that I will reset the history of all wallpapers and start new! So next week's wallpaper could be anything, and I'll
run through all 30 for 30 more weeks.

November 16th: Bad news: All the outside links for episode screenshots are no longer available. The site that was hosting the screenshots (Livedoor) canceled the blogger's
account for whatever reason. It is extremely unlikely to see these shots reappear. Remember, these screenshots' links were posted for your convenience. They were never
hosted by NReviews. Sometime down the road (and I mean way down the road), I plan to take screenshots myself, as I obviously have preferences for the pics I take,
rather than the random pics that this site provided. Sorry, guys!

November 15th: I recorded
the newest podcast 2 days ago, but purposefully left out the date of the podcast because I didn't know when I would post it. Yeah. Wii.

November 12th: Some bad news: IGPX Vol. 6 DVD which was supposed to be released this Tuesday has been pulled from retailers' list. Best Buy and have
reported that the title is currently not available. It is very upsetting to keep having to report delays and problems with these DVDs. This may or may not push back Vol. 7's
release date. Stay tuned!

November 11th: Here's the newest wallpaper-and if you're interested, there's some
videos of the Wii. The only connection to IGPX is this video. Recognize the
background music?

November 6th: Some more unfortunate news-IGPX Season 2 DVD Box Set won't be coming until at least March. That is, unless they announce it out of the blue like
Season 1. But, bottom line, don't expect it this year. But some other good news is that I have sent Jason DeMarco the list of questions. Next podcast (hopefully coming
soon) will detail all the questions I asked him.

November 5th: 366 days ago I watched the first episode of IGPX via a Nintendo Power DVD. And exactly one year ago, I watched the second episode along with the first
on premiere night. By then, I was hooked. And that started me watching the only series I have ever truly 'gotten into'. I'd like to think that over this show has changed me in
someway. Looking back on what the last 366 days have brought (and the last eight months for this site), I'd say I definitely feel good about having followed this show all
the way through. May IGPX live on!

November 3rd: Stressful week that is almost over. At least the new wallpaper is up.
Here you will find all past news and updates that were previously featured on the main homepage.
December 2006

December 31st: Just some 'invisible' updates today. You probably won't notice. Happy New Year! Hope to see you in 2007!

December 29th: Yeah, I got busy. Very busy. So, maybe some episode reviews early next week. Sorry, but there is a new wallpaper.

December 26th: All the music credits are up, up to Episode 13. That would mean I did the entire page,
Episodes 9-13. Until I get the Season 2 Toonami Complete DVD Box
Set (release in March 2007), I can't do any of the other pages.

December 24th: I had to update the merchandise page with the 3D animation artbook being released in a couple days in Japan. So you can scroll down to the bottom of the
page to see it. Enjoy!

December 23rd: Go figure the only day I don't update is the day the wallpaper is supposed to go up. Oh well. Much more importantly,
the final part of the exclusive
interview with Jason DeMarco is the 19th podcast. And the release date for the Season 2 Toonami Version Box Set is March 20th, 2007. This site will be just over a year
old, then. And you may have noticed a 'silent' update of the DVD pages; all of them except the Season 2 page are up-I just have to review the episodes, and then Vol. 5, 6
and 7's extras. That and the music stuff will all come next week. Merry Christmas!

December 21st: Continuing this awesome week before Christmas with the
review for Episode 17. Read all about it.

December 20th: Quite a consistent week for updates. Today is
Part 2 of the exclusive Jason DeMarco interview, in the newest podcast: #18. Hopefully, the final part
will be posted this week. I also want to work on the music credits page before the end of the year. And there's a ton of reviews I need to write for the Episode Guide. Lots
to do, and lots to look forward to!

December 19th: I actually did nothing to the Podcasts page, but all the broken links are now working somehow. It's really weird. But all the previous podcasts are up, so
check them out!

December 18th: I finally got the final DVD in the mail, and the extra is obviously not a 'secret' mini-series episode 6. It is instead a Textless Opening and Ending. Typical for
anime DVD extras, but still pretty lame. Oh well, the episodes are great.

December 17th: Here is the
Word file of the questions I sent to Jason, which is also what I read off in the previous podcast. I just realized how pointless podcast #16 is
now, but whatever. And for you complainers of me not posting the whole interview all together, my ideal way of doing this would have been live. My interjections are my
way of putting some 'live' feel to it. Plus, you guys can get over it. If it weren't for Jason (mostly) and me (somewhat; after all I am maintaining the only IGPX fan site), it
wouldn't be here in any form. No offense.

December 16th: Your patience has paid off.
Part 1 of the exclusive Jason DeMarco interview is the latest podcast, #17. If you care, there's a new wallpaper, too.

December 13th: I noticed that I actually got a few sales from the albums I hosted from Thank you guys so much for buying the CDs, and I hope that
whoever bought these are enjoying the songs! I also changed the featured album because the price is so low right now. And I promise to get the final five episodes of the
first season music credits up very soon, along with the albums that contain these songs.

December 9th: New wallpaper...yeah. That's about it for now. But, stay faithful-something good is coming soon, and you probably know what that is!

December 5th: Still looking for stores with IGPX Vol. 7. Well, it should be around somewhere. If all else fails, try online. And to those begging me to get going on the
episode reviews, I am really busy these first few weeks in December. I have 10 more episode reviews to do, but I can average one a day when I have complete free time
(as in the holiday season). So hopefully I'll catch up then.

December 2nd: New wallpaper. The Q and A session should be posted (in the next podcast) soon, maybe next week! And I got Vol. 6 yesterday. The box had a printing
error-hopefully the future productions will not have this problem. And Vol. 7 is coming next Tuesday, and at this point should not be delayed.
January 2007

January 26th: I might have time to do a podcast tomorrow. Just a heads up.

January 21st:
The box art for the Season 2 Toonami Version Complete DVD Box Set is posted. I am adding two sites soon, and they are on the right side of the two
navigation bars above. Those should be the final two sites on here. A bunch of links were also changed. I can't name all of them-just a warning that if you have specific
pages on my site bookmarked, check to make sure the links still exists. Please also let me know if there are any broken links (to pages or pictures). Thanks!

January 20th: A little break from the regular weekly wallpaper to bring you the three new wallpaper. Here's the first new one!

January 16th: I've been looking forever for these three wallpaper. That would be IGPX wallpaper featured on Production I.G's website each month. I missed out on all
three, and for some reason they don't let you download older wallpaper. But I finally dug deep into the internet to find them. Check out
the bottom of the Wallpaper site
to download.

January 13th: The
transcript for the interview with Jason DeMarco is done. After the next podcast, I think we'll be moving on. I wouldn't mind doing it again, but he did
such a great job answering, I don't think that's much more than minor details.

January 11th: The third episode review on the fifth DVD (
Episode 19). That means one more episode review before I can finally get to reviewing the DVD that contains
these episodes. I hope to get the next seven episode reviews done before the Season 2 Complete Box Set is released. So, one review a week will accomplish that. And a little
about the review-it's the longest I've done. That's good, because the one for Episode 18 was the shortest I've done.

January 8th: Another episode review (finally)
for episode 18. Check it out!

January 6th: New wallpaper (I'm not even sure why I announce that anymore) but more importantly, I have updated
the IGPX Q and A Word file to include the transcript
of Jason's words. I was going to do the entire thing tonight, but it took me one hour to do the first one third of it, and I'm not about to sit here for another two hours on a
Saturday. So, enjoy what is there, and I hope to find some time next week to finish that.

January 1st: I finally sat my butt down and made an RSS feed for the podcast. It was simple to make, but it looks simple as well. Here is
the feed for anyone interested.
Now it's time to spread the word...
February 2007

February 26th: What? I honestly am busy...then there's spring break in four weeks...By the way, I recorded a podcast two weeks ago, but I think it is so bad that I didn't
release it. That was unscripted. Hopefully, I'll put out a new podcast soon (let alone other pending and impending updates).

February 17th: Hmmm. Yeah, I'm busy. I'll see to some updates soon.

February 5th: For the first time ever, I broke the tradition of posting twice in the same day. Just wanted to say that I deleted about half a second of the newest podcast, as I
noticed I referred to the Toonami DVDs as "uncut" which defies the fact that they are Toonami versions. I cut that word out, so if you downloaded the podcast before you
saw this, you can re-download it so that word is omitted.

February 5th: Wake up, sleepyheads! While I sleep, you guys
can download the newest podcast. Have fun!

February 4th: Special thanks to a visitor who actually e-mailed me telling me that the Episode Guide was down. It has now been fixed, and should be working properly.
Also, the 'fabled' eighth survey may come soon, being about the Episode Guides, ironically enough. I need to know what additions you guys wold like, so be on the lookout
for that soon.
March 2007

March 31st: Sorry, I thought we were done with March! I am opening the voting poll for the IGPX Awards tomorrow. But you can get a jump-start on the
nominations by clicking here to see all that is nominated for Best Song, and listen to the samples so you know which song it is! Come back tomorrow!

March 30th: The nominations are final. The ballot is ready. All I have to do is post the link. Tomorrow, you whiners!

March 29th: Another episode review (
Episode 24). I'll put up the reviews for the DVDs soon, too. I'd like to get the last two episode reviews done soon, but it might not
happen for a few weeks. I'm trying to focus on
the IGPX Awards for now.

March 27th: What's that? Two episode reviews in one night (
here and here)? Well, hopefully I'll get some suggestions in for these Awards so that those will get finalized,

March 26th:
The review for Episode 21: Decision is now up. Maybe I can do a lot more this week. Keep sending in ideas for the awards so I can finalize them ASAP.

March 25th: I have updated the
awards site. I've decided the day that I will reveal the final nominations is this Wednesday. That means if you have any more suggestions,
please send them in before Tuesday night.

March 23rd: I am so happy! I finally found the name of one recurring song throughout the series-it was regarded as Sunday Seance, but omitted the fact that it was the
Loka Remix. That's it. Simple mistake, but it's an amazing song that worked so well in this series. The music pages have been updated to reflect this song.

March 23rd: I'm going to need some more suggestions before I finalize the categories. We'll see how I feel next week.

March 16th: Just a reminder that all of these nominations currently up are not finalized, so please continue sending in suggestions. Next week, I'll be adding more casual
categories to supplement the more serious ones.

March 15th: An early morning update with
the review for Episode 20 after a very long wait. Maybe this whole Awards thing will get me to get the next six episode reviews
up very soon...

March 14th: I worked very hard to get the
Awards Site up for the two of you who care about these awards and will actually contribute to them. Updates will be made all
this week and next week until the final nominations are announced!

March 12th: It's been one year here.
Listen to the podcast. More this week.

March 8th: Honestly, I'm busy (in case you couldn't tell). I've had a movie sitting here for days that I've been dying to watch and I thought I finally had time tonight to
watch it and something else came up (AAARGH!). So I'm a bit grouchy. But hey, March is finally here and that means the final DVD is coming out soon!
April 2007

April 27th: It's coming...I swear.

April 20th: The results have been tallied, and the winners are finalized! The podcasts will be coming soon. The first podcast is making some progress, but for the second
podcast, I will be recording quotes from each of the nominees for the voice acting categories. If you have a quote (more than one line) to suggest that you think best
represents the voice acting talent, please send it in. This part is going to be hard-I want to try to make the best choice of recording so that each person is equally
represented. Thanks!

April 12th: And the polls are closed! This is the fun part for me-I get to see what won. In the meantime, the first podcast is getting set up. I hope to do both the first and
second podcast that are announcing the award winners done before May, but we'll see.

April 9th: Just a few more days before the polls close. I made it to April 12th so that anyone who may have been gone over the Easter holiday have a chance to vote. I am
working on the first of two podcasts that will reveal the winners of the Awards!

April 5th: Not much to say. Updates to expect: Season 2 Music Credits, Episode 25 and Episode 26 Reviews, Volume 5, 6 and 7 DVD Reviews and the IGPX Awards
Winners (via podcast).

April 1st: I hate April Fool's Day. Every year, I say I won't fall for something, but then I do. I was going to pull the whole "Jason DeMarco secretly told me there will be a
Season 3 of IGPX", but since there's only like two people visiting the site, there was no point. Be careful what you read today. But seriously, the
IGPX Awards Ballot is
up, and it's real, guys. Start voting! I won't be checking it until April 12th, so we'll see if I have to make any tie-breakers then!
May 2007

May 30th: FINALLY!!! Podcast #22 is available for download. Find out seven of the award winners in this podcast. By the way, the audio mixes sound sweet. That alone
makes this worth listening to. This is also the longest podcast ever, probably longer than the next one. The next one will have the four voice acting winners and the Best
Episode winner.

May 25th: The podcasts are coming along. Both are in production at the same time. It takes a long time, but what's surprising to me is that these seem to be going smoother
than the music updates (that takes hours).

May 22nd: The first two episodes
(Episodes 18 and 19) of the corresponding music page is up. It took a lot longer than I thought, so I couldn't post all of the episodes
that are supposed to go on that page. Maybe later this week...

May 14th: Well, it's not the podcast, but it's something. The long-awaited
Music page for Episodes 14-17 is finally up. Expect regular updates similar to this one starting in

May 11th: Has it really been two weeks? Wow, time goes fast. Sorry for all those waiting. I don't know when I'll get around to the podcast. There's still plenty more
updates I have to do, including the music site, and I'll have to do something with the Extras site. I can probably safely say that this will all be accomplished within three
months. Have patience, and thanks for the two of you who are actually still visiting!
June 2007

June 29th: The 23rd podcast is finally up, with the announcement of the winners in the final five categories of the IGPX Awards. Who won best voice acting, and what
won Best Episode? Listen to it!

June 27th: I'm making a huge transition with my NReviews site. I am now turning the main site into a blog. Nothing will be affected on this IGPX site, except that I have
two links at the top right of this page-one goes to
my blog (the new "NReviews Home Page") and the rest of the actual website. Find out more about me with the
introduction of my personal blog.

June 26th: Continuing to cross things to accomplish with this site off of my big list, all the DVD reviews are finally available. That would be Volumes
5, 6 and 7 and the
Season 2 Toonami Box Set.

June 18th: So, I wrote a list to myself of all the things I needed to get done for this site. There's a lot of things, but I can cross one of the items off.
The review for
Episode 26 is here. Read it!

June 16th: More updates coming soon!

June 11th: This update is a little late, but I have the
episode review for Episode 25. The layout is new, and being tested for the Episode Guides. Expect all the Episode
Guides to have that kind of layout soon! I also slightly updated the
Music page with new albums to buy!
July 2007

July 27th: The updates are going pretty smoothly. Basically, the only updates that remain are the music pages. Two more weeks before the farewell!

July 25th: The
Extras page has been created. Easy day for updates, I would say...

July 23rd: A made a huge server transition, but it seemed to have went smoothly. So far, I have not found any errors with my website. Please let me know if there are any!

July 18th: I finally finished
the music page for Episodes 18-21. It really does take a few hours, since I have to verify every track and do some big searching sometimes
just to do that. Expect the final page for the final 5 episodes to take a long time.

July 12th: Just some small updates, today. Hopefully more, soon!

July 6th: I found a way to make everything fit nicely with this expanded width of the site I added today. There's a lot more info on the featured album to the right, and the
featured wallpaper is a little bigger. I love how I do all this now that nobody comes here anymore. Oh well. This site will look pretty darn good to anyone who starts
watching the series in the future.

July 2nd: So, I did the rest of the Episode Guide updates today.
Check them all out!

July 1st: So far, I have Episodes 20-26 of the newly-designed Episode Guides complete. The new design utilizes a wider space, because the demographics on my site
indicate that nearly 100% of my visitors use a resolution of 1024x768 or higher. That means it's a no brainer that I use the extra space that I have on the right side. So, right
now the only update is the Japan TV air date and the original Japanese title. Once I widen every Episode Guide, I'll be adding additional information, like trivia and various
stuff. Soon, I plan to update this page to fit this new resolution, too.
2008-2012 Updates

December 19th, 2012: I made a few minor updates a few days ago in the Episode Guides. Today, however, marks something worth noting in the updates section here
(yeah, you thought we stopped, huh...). After years of searching, I finally found official documentation of
Team Black Egg's team height and weight information. Yes, I
realize how nerdy it is. However, it was an incomplete section of my website. More than that, I had been kicking myself because it at one point in time was on the official
IGPX site, but was taken off when Team White Snow took over Team Black Egg in the IG-1. Anyways, enjoy.

August 6th, 2010: Finally, the last six or so Episode Guides have been updated. I hope to update all of them later with specific crew members. There's still plenty I can do to
update this website even further. I hope to do a major revamping of the Team Info pages someday; they're admittedly a bit cluttered the way they are presently. Thanks for
sticking with the site thus far! You guys are the best fans ever!

August 4th, 2010: Today, the website went through its first major design change in years. I have widened most pages to be formatted to fit 99.99% of the users who visit
my website. In 4 years of technology changes, apparently not one visitor in the last 2 years has used a screen resolution smaller than 1024x768 to access my website. The
Episode Guides had already been switched over to the 'wider' format a couple years ago, and there had been no complaints to that format. I now know why. Nobody has a
screen resolution too low that would force them to have to scroll left or right to view my website. Anyways, as with any website change, you may see some broken links
and the like. Please let me know of any. Other than 'widening' the pages, you probably won't notice any drastic changes to the content. Everything is still there, it was
probably just moved around, so don't worry. The only page that has switched link locations is the
Merchandise page, which can now be accessed through the Extras
page. And one final note-not every page will be widened; perhaps most notably excluded are the Team Info pages. I expect to do a major overhaul of these pages in the
future, anyways, so please hang tight.

July 24th, 2010: Another Episode's information updated:
Episode 24.

February 1st, 2010: Next Episode's information updated:
Episode 23.

January 31st, 2010: Finally got around to seeing one of my favorite episodes from the second season,
Episode 22 with the updated information.

December 10th, 2009: Been a while since updates. Here is
Episode 21's information. Just shows how long it's been since I've watched the show again. Hoping to get
more up soon, of course-not to mention the Episodes 15-19 cuts. Also, as I promised, I wanted to share a link for any interested IGPX fans. is a website
where users can collect "cToons" and buy, sell and trade with other users. IGPX fans may be interested in the IGPX content. Let me know how it is, if you decide to visit!

September 23rd, 2009: Got around to updating one random episode that I watched-Episode 20's information. There was only one small cut, so the episode is practically
'uncut'. Hopefully I'll go back in order and do Episodes 15-19 soon!

August 20th, 2009: Today is a big day for this site...if only because after over 18 months, I finally made an update to this practically defunct site. I now have 'Additional
Information' for Episodes 1-14 (excluding Episode 10). This adds Episodes 7-9 and 11-14 to Episodes 1-6, which were first created/updated during the last update, which
you can see below (yikes; January of 2008!) Today also happens to be the 6th anniversary of the NReviews website, so that is exciting. Well, since I got back in the mood
to make this much progress, hopefully by the end of this month (promises, promises...) I can go through Season 2 and try to pick up all the cuts made from the Toonami
version, so that I can accurately complete that part of the Episode Guides. That will conclude my planned updates for this site, but if I ever think of more, I'll be sure to
mention it here. Please let me know of any broken links and such, and thanks for being loyal visitors for all these years!

January 8th, 2008: Lots of updates, including minor Team Page updates. Mainly, I added a new section to the
Episode Guides showing every difference from the Toonami
and Uncut versions for each episode. So far, Episodes 1-6 have this information. I did not include any sound effect or plot changes, as those would add significantly to the
list and many would be subjective differences anyway. The music changes are already listed on the
Music page, and there was no need to reiterate them on the Episode
The Rest of 2007

December 27th: I hope you guys don't feel like I'm shamelessly plugging Amazon here, but I am listening to the Big Bald Broadcast's 77th podcast and they are talking about
piracy. Simply, it's illegal to download and/or watch anime on YouTube or torrents or whatever. You guys know it is. That said, I also wanted to reiterate just how
inexpensive the IGPX DVDs are. The most expensive one right now is IGPX Vol. 5, and ironically, that's the plug from me. I still think it's the best DVD available besides
the box sets. It contains 4 good episodes, and although the extras are a but lacking, you're likely to love the episodes for what they are.
Click here to consider buying it!

December 19th: Just some minor updates. I still want to do three more podcasts down the road, possibly tonight. I know I have like no visitors now, anyway, but I just
wanted there to be 26 podcasts like there are 26 episodes in the show. I'll be listening to the older podcasts for nostalgia today.
You can, too!

December 7th: Just minor updates to fix broken links on the DVD pages. Expect to see bigger updates later this month.

November 20th: This isn't particularly IGPX news, but I would like to mention this while I'm thinking of it. As you may know, the Japanese band GranRodeo got its start
with the IGPX opening. On the single released in Japan, they also had an additional song. Since then, they have become very famous in Japan-so much that they now have
their own album with 17 tracks on it, and are releasing a live DVD tomorrow. I don't particularly like their style, but if anyone is interested, check out their site at (It's in Japanese).

November 12th: A month later and I actually get around to putting up nearly all the MP3 Download pages. See the post below for some more info, and check out the
pages. Still a few kinks, but it's mostly all there.

October 11th: Some really good news for saavy buyers. If you're interested in purchasing music on, now you won't have to pay full album price. With
Amazon MP3, you can buy most albums for $7.99. That's $2 cheaper than iTunes, and the format is DRM-Free, meaning it's a straight-up mp3 file. The quality is also very
good. I'll be linking to full albums and individual songs soon.

October 1st: Just to inform you guys, IGPX DVDs are very hard to find in stores nowadays. In fact, they're getting hard to find period. That's why I encourage you to
explore the entire selection of the IGPX DVDs available at
I have linked to the appropriate search page here, so that you can see them all at once.
Alternatively, you can read all about the DVDs on
my DVDs page. There you will find links to each individual DVD. Thanks for continuing to support the IGPX subsite at

September 21st: The albums are still disorganized. In case you haven't figured out, the updates are going to be rather irregular from here on out. Darn-I still never truly
finished this website. There's still plenty more I can do with the Episode Guides alone. So we'll see what comes.

September 7th: That last update, I said I would add albums. I added a ton, but they're all disorganized right now. You can still find them on the
music all their
disorganized glory.

August 26th: Whoa, it's been a while since an update. I wanted to thank all of those people who have purchased DVDs by clicking the links I make to I make
a little bit of pocket change from those sales, so it is much appreciated. Just the other day, somebody was able to snag the
IGPX Vol. 3 DVD for only 17 cents! If you
wanted to own some DVDs, now is the time for great deals!
Check out all of the available DVDs at the DVD Info site. I haven't sold any Ninja Tune albums in a
while, but I hope to update the music page soon with all albums that have even one song that was featured on the show. Thanks for all the support, guys!

August 9th: As of today, every single episode now has music credits. Of course, I still need your help to make it 100% complete. There are a few songs here and there that
are labeled as unknown tracks and open for submission. Please review the episodes and see if you can help make this part of the site accurate. For now, check out the final
three episodes that were updated:
Episodes 24, 25 and 26.

August 7th: Two more episodes' music credits have been added:
Episode 22 and 23. Just three more episodes to do.