Music Information

Here you will find all of the music that was used in both the Toonami and Uncut versions of each episode (excluding tracks that are only available
through Ninja Tune as publisher music). The lists for each episode were compiled through numerous sources. One of the biggest sources were the
end credits of the Toonami versions of each episode (for the Uncut versions, song credits began to appear beginning with episode 9, and those
credits are also used to help with creating the site). Songs are then processed individually, to ensure that each credit represents an actual song used
in the episode, and not a misprint. I also identified songs that were not listed in the credits and listed them. Please note that songs are listed in the
order in which they are heard in the episode. For each song credit, I give one album on which it can be found, even if it is found on multiple albums.
Finally, below that is a very brief description of the part of the episode where the song can be heard. Note that reading these descriptions may give
away key plot points of the episode. The episode guides are written with the mindset that you have already seen the episode and are looking for
music that you heard in that episode. They are not meant to spoil portions of the episode, but only to assist in helping you find the song you are
looking for more quickly.

Below this are links to webpages containing recommended albums for purchase. As there is no soundtrack specifically for the show, these links may
help you in finding albums that contain several IGPX songs. You can find links to for album information and how to go about
purchasing these albums (many used copies and some new for under $10 including shipping). On each individual webpage for the music, you'll also
find links to MP3 versions of the each song. If an MP3 version is not for sale, it will instead be a link to the album that it is from. You'll see Enjoy!

While I consider this the most complete listing of music found in the IGPX series on the Internet, there may be some errors and omissions. Of
course, there are already some tracks which we don't have a credit for. Submissions that will be accepted are those tracks that I have specifically
listed as
(Open for submission). Also, if there is an *asterisk, then that track is unconfirmed and open for correction. I personally confirm all
submissions before the webpages are updated; please allow some time between any correction or addition that you submit and when it appears on
the page.
Want to see which albums have the most songs from IGPX? All the albums are listed on the pages below.
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Welcome to the Music Information page. Use the links below to find complete listings for each episode. Additional information
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