Video Game
Namco Bandai Games released IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix in Japan, and the North American launch was on September 12th, 2006. This game is
only for Sony PlayStation 2. Check below for screenshots and information!

-Play as Team Satomi in the IGPX to take the IG-1 League Championship.
-Over 10 different teams which means over 30 enemies.
-Customize with over 100 machine parts to make your mech the best!
-Several different courses combine with tons of variations make over 70 different track styles.
-Modes include Grand Prix Mode, Grand Prix Battles, Simulation Battles and the famed IGPX festival, which includes a 3 vs 3 Dream Match and
Battle Royales.
-2-player mode allows for two different people to race against each other.
There are several teams not featured in the TV series that are in this game. Here is a partial list of those teams: Team Violence Bot, Team
Whirlwind, Team Speed Star, Team Rolling Stone, Team Baby Face, Team Silver Crater, and Team Blue Rose.