Welcome to the Extras page!

This is a small section of the IGPX website that links to pages that wouldn't fit on the main bar at the top of the site. Those pages are for just a few
extra media files I found across the Internet. Any extra information or files that I can't put anywhere else will be put here. These are free to see,
but realize that these are property of Production I.G.

Note that the link to the IGPX Awards site shows the final nominations. You can listen to the corresponding podcasts (#22 and #23) to hear the
winners. Check out the Podcasts link in the bar above to listen to those.
New Year's Picture 2005
Production I.G. Monthly Card
November 2005
Production I.G. Monthly Card
March 2006
Production I.G. Monthly Card January 2006
IGPX Mini-Backgrounds for Production I.G. site
Additional Various Pages
Miscellaneous Files
Extra Media