Episode 9: Holiday

Here's one of the few episodes with no races. Of course, this series thrives on character
development, so without races, there's a lot to work with. Takeshi is interested on using his
next free day he has to go out with Fantine. Of course, the others don't really know about it.
Liz reminds Takeshi of what's going on today at the facility. A tour is coming through. He
simply ignores it. Then Miss Satomi tells Takeshi about the tour and how it is important to
make a good impression. He simply ignores it. Nobody seems to get it, but all he is interested
in is a date with Fantine.
Then the tour arrives. Takeshi is already in the simulation machine, but the boys on the tour
don't know it. But backing up a bit, the episode starts off with Johnny Lipkin himself in a
simulation machine, but at an arcade with his friends. One of his friends doesn't seem
extremely interested, while the other two boys are making fun of Johnny for not doing so well.
Then his friend seems really interested, but Johnny is left behind to notice this while his
friends bask in the glory of the monitor that Mark Ramsey is showing them.
Takeshi notices Johnny, but his friends blow him off as not so great. This makes Johnny think
about his situation, as we see him at home the next morning. Johnny is looking through his
IGPX cards instead of getting ready for Judo practice. He feels his sister is being nosy for
pushing him to get ready, but that's because his mind is on IGPX. Then at Judo, he gets
slammed easily. A test next week is going to determine if he stays in; even his friend cares.
His friend shows him a technique, but Johnny is just not in the mood. His friend even explains
how he had to look cool in front of Takeshi the day before. Johnny isn't buying it, and one may
wonder what is bugging Johnny.
Going back to Takeshi the night before his free day (I know I'm jumping around, but bear
with me), he is preparing the date for tomorrow. His sister comes in, and steals his little gift
for Fantine. She pests him by holding it hostage, and then plops it on his head. I'm not sure
why, but I love that part of the episode. It's just like a little sister to place it right back on his
head. But Takeshi isn't at all as amused as I was.
Takeshi find out first-hand what it is like to be a celebrity, as he is waiting for Fantine. One
girl comes for an autograph, and then a whole bunch of people come. Fortunately, Fantine
comes in to rescue him from the place. They eat lunch, and then we notice Liz following them.
It's not until Fantine and Takeshi are at a glasses shop that Fantine notices Liz. She of course
wants to leave.
At the arcade, Takeshi and Fantine play their Watch World games on a big screen, and work
together to beat the stage. Then they walk over to a simulation screen and see a person
performing very well against Team Edge Raid. As they walk away, none other than Johnny is
playing, and we see his rank is AA, much better than his earlier rank of CC. And then is the
commercial. At this point I am really liking this episode. Johnny was only thinking of IGPX,
and he finally accomplished his goal of becoming the best. But where did it get him? Let's
move on.
Johnny notices Takeshi, but Takeshi doesn't want to deal with the people. They make a run
for their destination-a private restaurant on a little island away from the city. There, Takeshi
and Fantine talk with Johnny about IGPX, and the famed Ricky Circuit. It's a cool look at
what could be a possible race track for our team in the future.
Takeshi notes that Johnny's intelligence regarding IGPX would make him better suited for a
historian for IGPX and not a pilot. Johnny looks a little bit upset, but Johnny admits that he is
like that a lot. Johnny feels bad about himself. Takeshi reassures him that it can be natural
for some people to better at things than others, and that it's also natural to get things more
slowly than others, such as Johnny taking over three years to do well in the simulation.
Takeshi talks about his dream of becoming just like The Rocket, his idol. Then Johnny says
that he wants to be just like Takeshi. Takeshi simply says to do it. That's the most practical
way of answering, and I like that simple response. It says a lot without really saying a lot.
Takeshi notices that Johnny is also really into Judo, and Takeshi tells him just how to win,
which is what Johnny's friend said. The connections in this episode are staggering, and it really
made the scene cool. But once again, Takeshi is really only interested in Fantine. Johnny
notices and leaves them to be alone on the balcony.
Takeshi still has IGPX on his mind, and he really wants to beat River. He doesn't want to let
River beat him. Fantine says, "Then don't". Once again, that says a lot without saying much.
Johnny is heading down an escalator looking at one of his cards. I don't think Takeshi realizes
it, but he made a big impact on Johnny's life. I think everything that transpired was cool, and
Johnny really caught on to that.
Then things get intense. Just as Takeshi is about to give Fantine the gift, two guys rush in and
attack Takeshi. Fantine tries to back off but his grabbed by one. When she tries to defend
herself, a third guy only throws it back and knocks her out. The chair falls right where Liz was
sitting on the ground below, and Liz is as shocked as everyone else.
Then Liz is grabbed, and being taken away, Johnny notices and tells himself he can get the guy
with his Judo technique of going for the guy's legs. Liz rushes up to the top, and saves Takeshi
just as he is about to fall off the top. Now I really get sick of seeing so many close calls of
people about to fall off and to be saved at the last minute. However, this is the only instance
where it is actually true to real life. Instead of expecting Takeshi to hold on for about a minute
or so, which is very unrealistic, Takeshi holds on for about three seconds. I loved that part
only because it was the first time I've seen somebody about to fall, but the creators actually
made it realistic.
With the guys gone, the episode come to a close. What really makes this episode so amazing is
the perfect continuity. Everything that occurs happens at just the right time and in just the
right way. This episode stayed so true to real life, even the unexpected attack at the end. It's
really cool to watch this episode multiple times. The second time I watched it, my heart was
pounding about three minutes before I knew the attack was coming. It was so shocking that
the first time I saw this episode, the attack almost made me jump.
But everything works out, and the really neat part is that I don't feel at any time did the
creators cheat us. The episode felt so real. Every little thing that happens is part of the detail
that is put into this episode. Words can't describe it; you just have to watch the episode. And
finally, we can't forget about Johnny. A character who I though would never come back, comes
back. The creators also put him in the episode very well, without making him feel like he was
filler. In fact, this episode was not filler. It may seem filler to those who have to have races,
but this episode accomplishes so much, and the attack at the end gives the episode some
purpose. But do episodes have to have a main purpose? Does it always have to move toward
another race? This episode did move; it moved the character development. It even made
Johnny look cool. Both Liz and Fantine say at separate times that he knows how to make a
good first impression. And watching this great of an episode really made me feel as if I was on
a holiday, too.
Takeshi Jin greets guests,
who are accompanying
Johnny Lipkin, a big fan
of Takeshi.
Johnny is excited to catch
up with Takeshi Jin and
Fantine Valjean.
Fantine and Takeshi spend
a few moments alone on
top of a restaurant's
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USA original air date: January 7th, 2006
Japan original air date: November 30th, 2005
Original Japanese Title:

Takeshi and Fantine take a much needed break from racing, and go
out for the day. Little does Takeshi know about being seen in
public, and it's going to be a wild ride having a fun, but private date,
at the same time. Meanwhile, Johnny Lipkin is given the limelight
on his life, and what he does to follow Team Satomi and the IGPX.
Is Johnny's love for the IGPX interfering with his own life? This
episode features Johnny Lipkin, a bigger look at the IGPX city, and
an IGPX arcade game.
OVERALL SCORE: 9 out of 10
Toonami Version Differences

-A very small moment of pause/silence is cut to keep
the episode moving-it is right after Amy and Liz
confront Takeshi at the Team Satomi headquarters.
The moment of pause/silence occurs immediately
before Takeshi's cell phone rings.

-A couple of lines and a little bit of animation are cut
from the first conversation after Takeshi, Fantine and
Johnny sit down in the restaurant.

-Johnny mentions after how long it took him to
achieve the ranking in the arcade sim how he is "not
too good at sports, either", which is cut from the
Toonami version.

-Johnny takes a bow as he leaves Takeshi and
Fantine for the day-this small piece of animation is cut.
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