It seems that Team Satomi has taken a lot of time off, so it would make sense that they would
be ready for this race. Things can be very unpredictable, however, especially at the high speeds
that the races demand. This is the one of few episodes where we see absolutely not preparation
between Andrei and the team. That leaves the episode open for a lot of things.
This episode does two things right. One of them is the jokes. This is probably the funniest
episode I've seen so far. Now, I wouldn't call it laugh-out-loud funny, but the timing in the
humor is well placed, and the script allows for some interesting comments. We find at the
beginning of the episode that Luca has taken a liking to Liz's body as a bed. She freaks out,
claiming she hates cats. Takeshi tells her that Luca's just part of the team. Good point. Then,
as he tries to pick Luca up, Luca just walks away. Amy think Luca doesn't like boys.
This being anime, it would make sense to have someone's head get really huge and start
yelling, like Liz. Or maybe for some random facial gesture from someone. However, IGPX
doesn't seem to utilize the craziness found in most anime. That is what makes this show great.
It keeps the humor realistic. It's funny to see crazy faces and bulging out eyes, and stuff.
However, I find it more admirable that this show doesn't really utilize any of that stuff and
still pulls off a few laughs.
The other thing that this episode does right is the race against Team Edge Raid. The races get
more intense with each episode, but this race in particular is short, but sweet. The race only
lasts about eight minutes, but considering how much one can in with eight minutes, they really
pulled off a feat with this race. This race is really well thought out. Instead of just attacking,
both teams consider their actions and then execute them.
In the case of Takeshi, he just runs ahead. We don't know what he's got planned. Team Edge
Raid unleashes their attack on all three team members, though particularly knocking back
Takeshi. His teammates are right behind him for support. Amy suggests a move that goes
against what their plans were for attacking solo. However, they learn just what teamwork can
do for them.
Amy makes it known that her machine is slowing down, and at this point the race gets intense.
We know that Team Edge Raid will catch up and take her down. In we go, to the Revolution
Tunnel, where it seems Amy's attacker awaits his move. Just as it seems that it is hopeless for
Amy, Takeshi and Liz come from behind her and pick up the Bjorn and Sola's mech. They drag
it into a pole where it collapses.
Before all of this, Takeshi reminds Liz that Andrei said that you have to think like a winner to
win. Andrei nods his head in agreement. Liz interjects saying to just simply race, and Mark
Ramsey nods to that. This not only shows that there is two ways to look at racing, but also the
ironic humor in their remarks. Yet another funny part of the episode. Now the race was still a
little short, but it does show what the creators can think of, even in the short timeframe.
At the end of the race, Liz tries to tell Takeshi about a person like him that paid for his bad
attitude. Just then, Sola comes and eats her hot dog. Liz tries to speak wisdom, only to be
foiled by seemingly random occurrences in life. For the last time, the episode shows charm
that some can see humorous. This is not the first time that Liz has had her hot dog eaten. In
fact, going into the race, she was mad at Sola for eating her hot dog at a restaurant.
She claimed that she knew why River gets all worked up. She feels that River is on the same
page as her. That they both have to work to achieve their goals. She realizes it, while River
may not. She also feel bad that Takeshi doesn't seem to do anything-that he is born with it.
This was a good time to shut her up, considering that we all have to work for things in our
lives, even if it seems that some have it easier. Sola eating her hot dog shut her up, which also
acted as a humorous moment.
Of course, the episode does so much more than the race and the humor. It advances the
conflict with River. We are inadvertently informed of his leaving at the beginning, when
Satomi says that if that's what he chose, then good luck. We don't know what that is. In case
you hadn't figured it out, River is leaving the team. Last episode's ending says a lot now. He
thinks he can beat Takeshi, just in simulation though. River tries furiously to beat Takeshi
everyday in Iaido. Takeshi always wins.
But today is different. River is leaving, and this may be his last chance to beat Takeshi before
he will try to beat Takeshi in a real race. Once again, River loses. "Bang", he says with a
gun-shaped finger pointed at Takeshi. River thinks that he will win against Takeshi someday.
Takeshi admires his determination. It's a good thing that he does.
This episode ends with a bang. Literally; River talks to Takeshi after the race, and after
Takeshi, Liz and Amy find out about River leaving. River tells Takeshi that he didn't leave
because of their match that day. That's what Takeshi may have thought. After all, during that
match, Takeshi didn't know that River was leaving, while River did. River says he left because
he finally wants a chance to take Takeshi on for real. The determination that Takeshi admires
has now backfired on him, and Team Satomi. River has a vengeance, even if it's friendly.
Takeshi has to figure out why River wants to race him. River never heard what Liz said,
though-about how she thinks Takeshi is born with it. Well if Liz is right about her and River
being alike, River may think the same thing.
One can't blame River for his decision, even though it may have been a bit rash. Andrei even
informs River before Andrei finds out about what River is doing that River will find more
trouble once he gets to the top. River doesn't quite get why he's saying that, but at least he
keeps that in mind. Takeshi would know about being at the top, simply because he is. It's not
easy, but River has to find out for himself. Like Liz says near the end of the episode, River
can take care of himself.
Some people who watch this episode may not be ready to accept what this episode tells us. No
matter what you hear, people don't get somewhere overnight. It takes work and perseverance.
More importantly, though, it takes solid teamwork ideals and trust that you can accomplish
things more easily with your team. But what is most important is that you have to believe in
what can be accomplished. This episode does a great job realizing these fundamentals of life,
and this episode leaves me with a bang.
Sola of Team Edge Raid
gets her own commercial,
Bjorn takes pride in his
dog, Sola.
Team Edge Raid maintains
a somewhat confusing
formation for Team
Additional Pictures
USA original air date: December 3rd, 2005
Japan original air date: November 9th, 2005
Original Japanese Title:
Cat vs Dog

After a much needed break from racing, Team Satomi finds out that
their next competitor is Team Edge Raid, who also uses a
cybernetic pet for racing. The team has been in the IG-1 League for
five years, and is not about to let up on Team Satomi. Will the cat
prevail over the dog? Or will her bite get the most of Team Satomi?
This episode features the first race against Team Edge Raid, and a
commercial for Team Edge Raid's dog, Sola. This episode also
features the first look at the Revolution Tunnel on the race track.
OVERALL SCORE: 8 out of 10
Toonami Version Differences

*There are no cuts for time in this episode, but please
read the notes below regarding some changes in
animation used.

-The opening of the dog commercial features
additional seeing the commercial, we see IGPX City
and the original animation placed on the big TV
screen. The animation of the city with this TV screen
was likely recycled from a different episode.

-As is noted in the audio commentary, the animation
used as Liz and Takeshi talk toward the end is also
changed-instead of looking at the mechs in the
garage, we see a shot of the IGPX city at night.
Again, this was likely recycled animation from a
different episode.
Episode 6: Cat vs Dog
Additional Information