After the last episode leading up this one, the initial payoff wasn't so great. The episode begins
pretty rough. Team Satomi was completely brought down by Team Velshtein. In one swift
move, Takeshi is obliterated. The other team members are also down as quick as Takeshi can
ask. And Team Velshtein wins like that.
Just like that, the race is over. It left the episode open for story and character development,
but I kind of wanted to see a bit more of a race. Obviously, they weren't ready to even put on a
show for us as the viewing audience. That could be a good thing, as a lot of the race techniques
are saved for the final battle.
Takeshi sits in bed as we see a flashback of his thoughts of what Cunningham said after the
race. We haven't heard this yet. Cunningham is as confident as ever, and Takeshi feels down
because he feels he never got a chance. Cunningham thinks he'll just keep on winning, if only
because he's the League MVP.
Yuri wonders what Takeshi is doing and has a chat with him. Apparently, her friends are
Cunningham fans. Takeshi reveals what we've been wondering about Cunningham: why he is
friendly sometimes and other time not. Of course, he has no real answer when his sister asks
if they are friends. He's not even sure. He is The Ghost, after all.
Miss Satomi is still a little concerned about River, and decides to offer him a spot in the
race-as defender. He is confused why she would even ask that-he only wants to be a forward.
Miss Satomi states that she honestly thinks that River can't win. He asks how she can prove
that she is qualified for being the Team's leader. Of course she can, she has the opportunity.
That's all River wants-an opportunity to prove himself. Perhaps River has forgotten that even
playing on defense could open Miss Satomi eyes. He's too arrogant to realize this, of course.
Miss Satomi needs a little support with the machines, so instead of buying parts, she finds Ichi,
an old friend of hers. His engineering skills are just what she needs. Ichi discusses his
experience with Satomi's grandfather while sitting near her grandfather's grave. This is all
positive, which is comforting for Miss Satomi.
Ichi heads into a work area suitable for building the necessary parts. Two young, current
workers talk about how this guy should be in a museum instead of working here. One says he
used to think that, until he realized how great Ichi is-he takes his work seriously. This worker
realizes the value of the older generation, and it's nice to know that Ichi is helping others,
even at his age.
Meanwhile, River is asking everyone if he get to race next time. He confronts both Takeshi
and Andrei. Takeshi understands his place on the team, and says that Satomi is the one to talk
to, and if she said so, he would gladly give up forward for River. Andrei says it a little
differently. He says that River has to wait; his time will come. He realizes River's potential,
but he also informs River that patience is a virtue.
River takes a quick run outside, and stops to take his breath. He only stops for a second and
then looks up and continues. He has the drive to win, but not the morals surrounding a
winner. He is desperate to break the lineup for the team, and even tries to help the team, or
so he says. Takeshi finds River using a computer terminal in the machine hangar. This looks
very suspicious to Takeshi, and Takeshi and River get confrontational.
River, being pushy as he is, literally pushes Takeshi into the security system, which locks
them in for the night. River wants Takeshi to crack, and Takeshi is getting tired of River
talking trash about him. River explains how Team Velshtein was serious about winning, and
attacked Team Satomi more violently then they ever have to teams in the past. This also
shows how Cunningham feels about winning against Takeshi. It's obvious the Team Velshtein
is equipped to take them down. River informs Takeshi that the IGPX is serious, and Takeshi
doesn't take it that way.
As late night falls, Mark Ramsey is curious about why Takeshi wanted to become a pilot. This
is the first time Takeshi talks about his favorite racer, the Rocket. He explains how cool he
was, and how he just dropped out of the League and disappeared. Then River indirectly reveals
why he is racing. His father never did well when he was in the IGPX, and River doesn't want to
end up that way. His aspirations are admirable and so are his reasons behind it. Takeshi feels
the same way. This shows that Takeshi has a little respect for where people come from. River
even said before this revelation that Takeshi should really consider what his life would be like
in River's shoes. At least Takeshi has some understanding.
The next morning, Andrei finds River, Mark and Takeshi locked in. Andrei also brings along
Jesse and a surprise to both Jesse and Mark-Ichi. Ichi reveals that he custom-made a part for
the team. Mark claims that it wouldn't fit unless he resized the frames. Then, the huge door
opens, and new frames are brought in.
Miss Satomi can be partially thanked for this. This goes to show what happens when you
simply ask for assistance. She then informs a sponsor that their next race will be one not be
missed. River has to know something at this point, and the end of the episode is drawing near.
However, it was quite an impressive ending. River is seen battling Takeshi in a simulator, and
River wins.
River looks up at us, satisfied with what he just discovered. We can start sensing his plans to
really fight Takeshi, but how? This is left open for the next episode. After all of this, the
episode leads into what will be an exciting battle against the next team. But River has been
simply watching until now. Will he finally take some action next week. We'll have to wait and
find out.
At first, I didn't like this episode so much. I just expected a bit more of the Team Velshtein
race. But as the focus shifts to the team, a lot happens. Some big advances in character and
plot development occurs. More importantly, the style I love about this series comes back. The
style is all of the subtleties of the story.
The simplest of things can mean so much. The bright lights lighting up during Takeshi and
Cunningham's conversation, the family paying respects to a lost family member, and even the
camera which focuses on the back of Ichi's coat. The back of the coat reads 'Ichi' in Japanese.
These little details help make up for the unexpected short ending of the last race, and keeps
one hopeful for even more of this style in episodes to come.
River feels indifferent
about the outcome of this
race with Team Velshtein.
Takeshi's sister, Yuri,
talks about IGPX, and
Cunningham after the
Miss Satomi listens to
Ichi's words about her
Additional Pictures
USA original air date: November 26th, 2005
Japan original air date: November 2nd, 2005
Original Japanese Title:
Come Together

After the Team Velshtein race, Team Satomi takes a day to relax
and try to understand each other. Unfortunately, River's patience is
wearing thin. He wants to be forward, and he is not getting the
chance. And his first target is Takeshi. Can Takeshi and River get
along, or will this be the last line for River? Meanwhile, Miss
Satomi is trying to figure out ways to cut back costs. Can an old
friend lend a hand or two for this problem? This episode features
the first appearance of Ichi, a retired engineer.
OVERALL SCORE: 8 out of 10
Toonami Version Differences

-Just a few seconds is cut out during the conversation
that River, Mark and Takeshi have when stuck in the
Episode 5: Come Together
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