Episode 25: Hostile Contradiction
USA original air date: August 19th, 2006

Team White Snow has the idea of confronting Takeshi before
the big race. Like Takeshi doesn't have enough to deal with-it's
the finals! Will this encounter hinder Takeshi in the next race?
Meanwhile, the finals are upon both Team Satomi and Team
White Snow. Team White Snow isn't known for playing fair, at
least from our perspective. Will Team Satomi be able to pick
up on this and stop Team White Snow from winning? This
episode features the first computer program initialized by Luca,
and the first race seen at sunset.
OVERALL SCORE: 7 out of 10
Zanak has invaded Team
Satomi's training room.
The race between Team
Satomi and Team White
Snow is on. The finals
couldn't be any better!
Every attack that Team
Satomi makes is mirrored
by Team White Snow.
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This episode starts off right where the last one left off-Zanak fighting Takeshi. Problem is that
Zanak isn’t alone. He has Judy with him to help. What exactly they plan to do is unknown, and
it’s kind of a weird situation. Why? Well, if they hurt Takeshi so that he can’t race, he’ll
probably report it and then nobody will race. If they simply bring down his morale…well that’s
another story. The best part about it is that it is a sweet fight. The problem with that is that it
simply makes the fight look pointless. As Zanak and Judy come in close to Takeshi for what
seems to be a final blow, Takeshi makes a move, not seen by the camera.
Takeshi seems to have won, but then Max comes behind with a Kendo sword at his neck.
Tough loss, I guess. Of course, Takeshi sees that they cheat. Zanak continues with more
taunting, and we see Takeshi’s reaction as to how lame this guy is talking. Team White Snow
leaves the dojo. Takeshi is then seen back in his room; a familiar spot for our lead character.
Takeshi talks to his Rocket G poster. It’s interesting to see Takeshi looking at the Rocket and
regarding him as so, even though we all know full well that he’s Andrei. Why the creators
keep Takeshi talking like that is beyond me.
Meanwhile, Amy is at home talking to Luca. Not much is said, as they both want some sleep.
Then Liz is seen a bit restless. She really wants to win. The next morning, Andrei gives a small
speech, reminding them not to lose to White Snow. They all kind of figured that, and sigh.
Andrei says, “These punks ain’t gonna fight fair”, and at that moment, Takeshi is reminded of
what happened last night. Now Takeshi realizes what that means. Andrei prepares the usual
‘Team Satomi’ cheer. Miss Satomi jumps in and says she wants to do it. It adds a little flavor
to the episode.
Benjamin Bright (no surprise) introduces the race. I guess the surprise is that Benjamin does
a little rhyme as his introduction, once again, adding some flavor. Note that this originality
doesn’t end here-in fact, this episode is full of it. There’s a bit of unanimity in that they all
believe they deserve to win. Liz proposes to just have fun. Well, that’s why they’re here-IGPX
is fun. It’s nice to see some unity, as we don’t exactly see that way back at the beginning.
Benjamin then reveals Max to be a computer genius, and the moment Mark had way back in
Episode 14 of déjà vu (he thought he saw Max before) comes back to him. Mark suddenly
remembers everything about her-she tried to hack into government software, but she
disappeared before they could arrest her. While Andrei says that something never sat right
with him regarding Team White Snow, what doesn’t sit right with me is why this all comes out
in this episode, and not a different episode. It kind of seems like a cheap shot for the creators-
reveal it all right now as they race so that they can be mad about it, and can’t do anything.
The race continues, and the one thing I didn’t want was reused animation. Well, from Episode
3 is Benjamin Bright’s animation. This doesn’t help with the originality aspect I was talking
about earlier. Well, they’re still on the first lap, just heading up the big slope. Right before the
commercial break, Luca reveals they are trying to hack into their mechs again.
Luca has a plan to stop them, though, and this is where the originality shines. Luca asks Amy
to ask Takeshi (remember, Luca can’t directly talk to anyone but Amy and other animals) to
close his eyes. He does so. We then see what Takeshi sees, which is a black screen. I can’t
even type this sentence without smiling. The next part is so funny (at least I think) that you’ll
suspend your disbelief for a few minutes. A blue triangle appears on the browser, and a little
red cube rolls in from the right side. A line then comes from the triangle toward the red cube.
Then the cube goes on top of the triangle, starts spinning, and then a big burst of color comes
on, and the screen moves in very close to these big eyes. What is it? It’s Takeshi's character
from Watch World.
“Holy crap”. I lost it with that line. That’s exactly what I would have said, as Luca pops out of
his head with an antenna, which is actually Luca’s tail. Great stuff! Basically, Luca uses this
interface as something Takeshi can practically use. Of course, Mini-Bear is Max, and she’s
there waiting for a fight. Mini-Bear then grows enormous, representing the virus getting
deeper. Takeshi heads for the nose after making Mini-Bear dizzy, and destroys it. Takeshi
opens his eyes, and nothing’s changed-it only took a few seconds.
The move catches White Snow off guard. But they’ve got something planned. As Takeshi
moves toward Zanak for a blow, Zanak blocks it using the exact same punch. It seems that
they are copying exactly what Team Satomi does. A lot of it goes from there, until finally Team
White Snow manages to get around Takeshi, and all three go at him. As Liz and Amy
approach, Max still tries to destroy Takeshi. She ends up getting blown away by Liz and Amy.
Team White Snow is ready to unleash their ultimate weapon. Their mechs then form all
together into what is called the Snowman. Basically, it looks like any final boss would in a
video game. It’s a bit ridiculous, but we finally see some amazing 3D animation for this
episode. The sunset makes a perfect setting for this monster of a mech. The episode ends.
Well, I can’t say the episode was all good-despite all the originality, we get little to no
character development. Plus, there are a few things that are a bit ridiculous, like now
discovering Max’s abilities, and the Snowman itself. The good thing is that we can look to the
next episode for some serious action. Plus, we’ll also expect some character development, since
it’s the last episode. So for a setup, this episode does its job. But as a stand-alone episode, it
does leave a bit to be desired.
Japan original air date: Unaired
Original Japanese Title:
Hostile Contradiction
Toonami Version Differences

-A small bit of dialog between Luca and Amy that
takes place in Amy's mech before the race begins
is cut out. It is a continuation of their dialogue
that is still present in the Toonami Version.
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