Episode 17: White Snow

Team White Snow has just about made their point in terms of cheating. The beginning of this
episode only exemplifies their power. Zanak activates the ‘Puppeteer’ and we see White Snow’
s mechs slightly transform and latch onto Team Satomi. Liz is the first victim as she punches
Takeshi. But it’s not her doing it-Team White Snow is now controlling their mechs. Everybody
is confused and doesn’t know what to do.
It’s not completely unexpected after what Team White Snow did last episodes, but it is
nonetheless overwhelming. But what is completely unexpected is what happens next. Just
when you thought you had Team White Snow figured out, they pull Takeshi into the air and
launch him down with extreme momentum. Max lets go of Amy right where Takeshi falls and
he crashes into Amy blowing her mech into half. My mouth dropped.
There’s been a ton of surprises throughout the series, but this episode is definitely the one
that pulls it off best. As Amy’s mech comes to a stop, Takeshi is still in shock. Team White
Snow advances toward the finish line, but Takeshi goes back to Amy and tries to talk to her,
but no answer. Andrei reminds him that the race is not over yet. Andrei can’t even figure out
why he’s staying there. It’s because we see Takeshi showing some compassion; something
Andrei may not portray.
Of course, that was genuine compassion. Judy from White Snow tries to hide it when she asks
about Amy’s condition. But my eye is on Max, who is still as quiet as ever. She even looks a
little sad about what happened, but she is still speechless. Her silence is golden, in my opinion.
It really portrays her character in a mysterious way, which leaves her open for development.
Takeshi and Liz are fighting over the loss, while the superiors are trying to figure out what to
do. Takeshi is then seen in his room as puzzled as ever, playing with his own puzzle he got
from Yuri at the beginning of the season. That puzzle represents a lot in his life, and it’s
appropriately used here. When Takeshi visits Amy’s hospital room, Jesse is worried that Liz
and Takeshi will start fighting. When Liz reacts by yelling, she finally notices and then asks if
they are okay. Well, they play it off that way.
Meanwhile, Miss Satomi is discussing forfeiting, and Jesse steps in to say that Team Satomi is
not a team that quits. She then apologizes for getting overexcited, but it allows Andrei to get
an idea. This line marks the turning point of the series, along with the fact that Amy is not
racing. “The only pilot that can replace Amy is me”. My mouth dropped…again.
Now I’m sold. Two plot twists in one episode, and the episode isn’t even halfway through! Of
course, Benjamin Bright rolls with this piece of news and it makes the rest of that part feel
very smooth. Liz can’t believe it at all. Andrei even admits to not being a great coach, but he
thinks he’s a great pilot. I guess, at this point, that’s all that matters.
Andrei isn’t very ‘suited’ for the job, at least physically. He’s got a long way to go to get back
in shape. The scene with Takeshi and Fantine at a pool reveal how they can’t believe he’s the
legendary Rocket G. Benjamin is covering the story like he remembers the days of The
Rocket well. Sir Hamgra had his own comments against Andrei, and so did Andrei. His
personality shines in this episode.
And that translates back to his somewhat quiet side when he talks to Takeshi about his past.
He mentions his wife and daughter leaving him, and how Jesse reminded him of his daughter.
Of course, it was just a “sob story”, but Andrei seemed to at least say something that sounded
The race with Velshtein is about to begin, and in one episode we go from one race to another-
without feeling rushed. Takeshi still remembers The Rocket’s words about going beyond one’s
own limitations. This is also a reference to when Andrei mentioned The Rocket back in
Episode 11, before anyone knew that he was The Rocket. A conversation takes place during
the race between Takeshi and Andrei. Jesse interjects how she thinks that Andrei may not be
in his best shape.
Andrei agrees. What’s interesting is that his humility shines here, too. He’s willing to race,
even though he hasn’t in over 10 years, in order for the team not to forfeit. That takes some
guts, to say the least. He even exudes confidence in knowing that he is good and can win. And
looking at this episode, it is very well-rounded. We have plot twists, character development,
and just about everything else that makes this show so good. It’s possibly the best episode in
Season 2, and certainly one of the best episodes of the series.
Team White Snow is
looking for a win, and
their teamwork might be
Team Satomi's downfall.
The race heats up when
Team White Snow
attempts some attacks.
Liz and Takeshi are still at
each other.
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USA original air date: June 10th, 2006
Japan original air date: February 15th, 2006
Original Japanese Title:
White Snow

Team White Snow is determined to win this race against Team
Satomi. The race is still far from over, and if Team Satomi can't
figure this team out, it may mean a loss. Team White Snow isn't
done with their tricks. White Snow has already pulled a lot of tricks
out, so any more may cause Team Satomi to lose. Will Team
Satomi be strong enough to overcome the remaining unpredicted
challenges of this race? This episode features a few plot twists that
cannot be revealed in the summary without spoiling the episode.
OVERALL SCORE: 9 out of 10
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