The second season of IGPX starts with our favorite Team, Team Satomi, out on the track
preparing for another great year in the IG-1 League. This is to help their 'tuning' of the
mechs, especially because they have a new operating system. They even attempt a new
formation for the opening race. This is only the beginning of the changes to come in this next
season, and this episode highlights a few of those changes in the mechs alone.
But this episode brings out a few more things, which help to paint a bigger picture of the world
of IGPX. Mainly speaking, Team White Snow is one team to watch out for this season. Not
only are these new faces interesting to learn about, everything they do is catching the
attention of many. Even in the opening ceremony, Zanak (the forward of Team White Snow)
makes a big statement by grabbing Benjamin Bright’s microphone away from him. We can see
that Miss Satomi isn’t shaken by this move. But maybe Team Satomi is.
At the party, we see Liz shaking as she is holding her drink. It is very subtle; some may not
even notice at first that Liz is doing this. Then Judy (also from Team White Snow) site next to
Liz and talks to her starting with a quote from Confucius. She tries to make Liz feel that they
are on the same level. That may backfire later on…
Takeshi is certainly getting some attention for being the forward of a winning team. It’s funny
because he really does feel confidence. Not to take Benjamin Bright’s words, but Takeshi does
have it in him. Last year, at this time, he didn’t even want to attend the party. Now he is very
active with it. Perhaps a lot of it is from the fact that Fantine is with him. Fantine may in fact
give him the encouragement he needs to keep going. But more will be revealed later in the
As the lights dim in the party, to show off some aquariums, Zanak eyes Takeshi, as well as
Takeshi himself. Zanak then approaches Takeshi. I think we can all get a bad vibe from him,
but it’s interesting how everyone around him acts. Sola is growling, and Liz is staring in
concern. He then presumes to pull something out of his pocket, and it might be bad. He then
reveals it to be a Takeshi Jin card, and asks for an autograph. Zanak sounds very giddy, and
maybe too excited about this opportunity, as even Takeshi notices.
Liz proceeded to jump out of her chair, but is caught almost standing up. As she sits back
down, Judy remarks that she’s a little tense. Takeshi continues by signing the card, and Zanak
then introduces Max (final member of Team White Snow). Max is a little slow to come forward,
seemingly unapproachable. She doesn’t even say anything. We can now tell that there’s
something going on with her. And with that as an introduction to Team White Snow, there’s
really something going on.
They don’t intimidate Takeshi, not even Team Sledge Mama who also makes a surprise
appearance. Yamma and River talk about why they’re going to win. The reunion is ‘touchy’, as
Yamma says. But there may be something between Takeshi and somebody else-Cunningham.
Cunningham and Takeshi both feel amped to be heading into the next season, but for different
reasons. That’s what makes them so unique. They are two different people with the same goal-
to win the IG-1 Championship. And the quick sword fight they have indicates they are both
ready to take each other on.
Liz may not be, though. As she isn’t on her game in the training simulation, she begins to
think that the win they secured last year was a fluke. We know that Takeshi is accepting the
win, even continuing his time off from playing Watch World. His sister has something for him,
though. It’s a brain teaser. Takeshi claims he doesn’t have time for it, but almost as soon as
she leaves he tries to solve it. It shows that he has the spirit in him, but can’t figure it out.
Miss Satomi still isn’t shaken by anything, as she informs the news crew that the team will do
fine this year. But the pilots know better. At least Liz and Amy notice that Takeshi may not be
on his game today as much as they thought he would be. One thing that doesn’t go away is Liz’
s nervousness, which may have been why her initial reaction to Takeshi was yelling at him.
Sometimes these emotions come out to hide others.
As the race begins, we see Team White Snow doing something peculiar, but many of us are
focused on the race itself. Even Jesse agrees that all we have to do is sit back and relax. But
will Takeshi be able to do it?
As lap 2 begins, Team Edge Raid sets up a trap for Team Satomi, as they execute the
formation. Takeshi falls for it, and as Liz tries to save him, she falls for the longer track,
which isn’t the same track that the rest of the players take. Amy can’t seem to help him, so
Liz tries something very desperate. She jumps the track and forces Team Edge Raid to cut the
line that is holding Takeshi. Liz isn’t happy that Takeshi thinks that they are fine, and feel he
hasn’t learned anything, especially as he throws the problem back at her.
Liz is even surer of her doubts now. And as Takeshi’s initial attempts to further slow down
Team Edge raid fail, he even begins to believe it. Liz finds it funny how rattled he is, which
once again is an emotion being displayed that juxtaposes her true feelings. These emotions are
only the beginning of something grand, and it’s amazing how they are brought out in this
episode. Even Miss Satomi yelling at them in disbelief of the situation shows some emotions on
her part. Maybe even she has some doubts of the team now. Liz reminds Takeshi that there
has to be a way to do it. And it is very true. There is always a way around problems, you just
have to work it out. Whether or not team Satomi wins if left to the next episode. But the
gratifying thing is that we are left with a sense of doubt ourselves. That’s a good thing,
because if it was so sure, I don’t think this type of show would last. It’s the little details in
episodes like these that make this show grand. This episode isn’t perfect, but definitely goes
that extra mile that many of the episodes exemplify in this series.
Team Satomi holds the
honor of being the
champions. Can they
retain the title this season?
Team White Snow is
introduced, but are they
all that they are hyped to
Takeshi is relaxing a little
before the first race of the
new season.
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USA original air date: May 20th, 2006
Japan original air date: January 25th, 2006
Original Japanese Title:
A New Challenge

A new season has arrived, and Team Satomi is ready to defend
their championship...or are they? Are old problems back to
bring down the team, or can Takeshi, Liz and Amy overcome
their differences and focus on winning. Meanwhile, a new team
has arrived to the IG-1 League, and it has everyone talking.
Will this new team have what it takes to even compete this
season? This episodes features the first look at Team White
Snow, and a new formation used during races from Team
OVERALL SCORE: 8 out of 10
Toonami Version Differences

-An additional line spoken by one of the mechanics is
cut. The scene includes Mark making a facial
reaction, and then the mechanic apologizing to Mark.
It's only about 10 seconds or so.
Episode 14: A New Challenge
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