Vol. 3 Features

Episodes 9-12
Audio Commentary: Episode 10
Interview: Mark Hamill-the voice of Yamma.
IGPX Mini-Series: Episode 3

Release Date: June 13th, 2006
Volume 3 DVD
Episode Content: 8 out of 10*
Features and Extras: 8 out of 10
Overall Score: 8 out of 10

*Read the Episode Guides for Episode 9-12 for individual reviews and scores.

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DVD Features and Extras Review

Coming along with the third set of episodes is the third DVD. As usual, four episodes are included, along with the commentary for one
episode (Episode 10), interview with one of the cast members (Mark Hamill) and the original Pilot Episode 3. Starting with the audio
commentary from Episode 10-It is about the same style and quality as the previous commentaries. The one thing I didn't think that I got
enough of is how each part was made. The last two commentaries (from previous DVDs) delved into how the show was made, whereas this
one tends to converse about other things. Still, it's interview, with the famous Mark Hamill. Although Mark sometimes tended to have a
few pauses, he actually knew what he was talking about, and to hear any conversation from this man is always an interesting one. This
interview is also longer than previous ones, and has more depth. And finally, the original Pilot Episode is included, which is always a thrill
to see. One unfortunate thing is that this DVD does not have another interview with staff members on the production end. I would kind
of like to hear something from the sound effects management, or maybe Ninja Tune. Or how about something from Production I.G.? I
know it would be in Japanese, but it would be better than nothing. So with a few thing missing, you may be wondering how this DVD
managed to score higher in the extras than the last two. This DVD is polished. Bandai listened to us, and finally put in the music credits.
That means every song heard in each episode finally has music credits at the end of each episode. A few other minor things were tweaked,
like more clarity in the color of the subtitles. This DVD loads a little slower than the other two, but it's literally about two seconds slower,
and really doesn't bother me as much, considering the first two DVDs were so darn fast. Overall, the DVDs keep getting better and I
can't wait until Vol. 4!
Volume 3 Information
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