Vol. 2 Features

Episodes 5-8
Audio Commentary: Episode 6
Interview: Michelle Rodriguez-the voice of Liz Ricarro and the English ADR Director
IGPX Mini-Series: Episode 2

Release Date: April 11th, 2006
Volume 2 DVD
Episode Content: 8 out of 10*
Features and Extras: 7 out of 10
Overall Score: 8 out of 10

*Read the Episode Guides for Episodes 5-8 for individual reviews and scores.

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DVD Features and Extras Review

The second DVD contains a slightly better set of episodes than the first, which couldn't be helped anyway. However, this boosted the score
to an 8 out of 10. The DVD contains the expected extras: two interviews, one which is pretty bad, the other is pretty good. Michelle
Rodriguez, the voice of Liz Ricarro, hardly knows what she wants to convey in the interview, and it feels like this was the only take of her
short interview. Honestly, I would have kept her in there for at least a second take, because she just stutters over her own words. Her
intentions are good, but she's not showing us that she cares for her character. The ADR director, however, does show that he cares. He
provides an insightful look inside what dubbing is like in the USA. Both interviews are a little shorter than their repesctive previous
interviews. The second IGPX mini-series episode is here, too. For everything, there's the usual Japanese language track which, once
again, proves to be an excellent counterpart to the English dub. The only feature I was really concerned about being bad was the audio
commentary. Fortunately, most of the inappropriate undertones from the last audio commentary are gone. The producers stay focused on
the episode, while still providing some humor that comes with the job, along with some more insights into the world of IGPX. They also
explain Team Edge Raid's secret weapon, which is pretty cool. Maki, from Production I.G. has been invited back to provide more insight.
However, she says little and her voice is so quiet, it's very hard to hear what she's saying. All in all, the better audio commentary
balances out the slightly worse interview, and the four episodes happened to be slightly better than the ones from Vol. 1. You can't go
wrong adding this DVD to your IGPX collection!
Volume 2 Information
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