Below are the screenshots for the two DVD editions, and the Special Edition. There's also four exclusive shots of the actual puff pack box for the
Special Edition, and the actual T-Shirt. Below the two DVD box art photos is the DVD features and basic summary information. Below the
screesnhots is the review. Check it all out!
Volume 1 Toonami Edition DVD
Volume 1 Regular Edition DVD
Volume 1 DVD features two more
editions. One is an edited edition aired
on Toonami. The other is a Special
Edition with a Team Satomi T-shirt,
special casing and stickers.

Vol. 1 Regular Edition Features

Episodes 1-4
Audio Commentary: On Episode 3
Interview: Haley Joel Osment-the voice
of Takeshi Jin.
IGPX Mini-Series: Episode 1

Release Date: February 21st, 2006
Special Edition: March 23rd, 2006
DVD (Regular Edition) Features and Extras Review

This DVD features two fairly good interviews; one with Haley Joel Osment, and the other with the Cartoon Network
producers. The second one is a bit more elaborate, but both are good interviews to watch. The bonus mini-series
episode is also a special treat to all those missing the old IGPX. The audio commentary for Episode 3 is what brings
this portion's score down a bit. It seems like they really don't know what to say, and almost don't care. And there's a
few suggestive remarks thrown in just to get a laugh, or something. It doesn't work well, and I almost regret hearing
it. They made fun of their own show. Was it funny? Moderately. Was it out of line? I think so. I hope the next
commentary is a bit more prepared, appropriate and will hopefully not ruin one of my favorite episodes down the
road. Overall, though, the DVD is pretty well made. The only other thing that may bother purists is that a few lines
were changed in Episode in, re-recorded. If that's the way it was meant to be, I'll have to deal with it. A few
were changed for the better, though. The sound mix is very good, but the inclusion of the original Japanese track
makes this worth it. The original Japanese track has a better script overall. The voice acting is as good as the English
cast, but the writing is overall better than the English version. You really can't go wrong with the Regular Edition
DVD, and you're going to be glad you waited this long if you decide to buy the Special Edition with the T-shirt.
Episode Content: 7 out of 10*
Features and Extras: 7 out of 10
Overall Score: 7 out of 10

*Read the Episode Guides for Episodes
1-4 for individual reviews and scores.

Episode Guide Links

Episode 1: Time to Shine
Episode 2: Win... Or Lose
Episode 3: Black Egg
Episode 4: The Ghost
Front Shot
Back Shot
These are actual photos of the Special Edition DVD. The T-Shirt came packed inside. It's kind of hard to
tell, but the 'puff pack' casing is literal. The top and bottom actually feel puffy. It's really cool and original.
The inside is the size of three DVD cases, with a little room to spare. The stock photo provided for us
doesn't really show the product well. There's also a few pictures of the T-Shirt. It's pretty big (Large Size),
so I wouldn't worry about it not fitting you-unless you wear small clothing.
Side Shot
Front Shot
Full Shot
Back Shot-Zoom In
Front Shot-Zoom In
Back Shot
Vol. 1 Toonami Edition (Cut)
Vol. 1 Regular Edition (Uncut)
Vol. 1 Regular Edition (Uncut) with
Puff Pack casing; t-shirt and stickers
Volume 1 Information