Season 2 Information
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Season 2 DVD
Season 2 Features

Episodes 14-26
Audio Commentary: Episodes 17, 20, 24, 25 and 26
Interview: Michelle Rodriguez-the voice of Liz Ricarro, Lance Henriksen-the voice of Andrei
Rublev and English ADR Director Interview
IGPX Mini-Series: No content
Other Extras: Toonami On-Air Review of IGPX Video Game, Season 2 Toonami Promos,
Comic-Con International IGPX Panel, Textless Japanese Opening, Textless Japanese Ending
and Toonami Openings and Closings (specific to each episode).

Release Date: March 20th, 2007
DVD Features and Extras Review

Coming off of the success of the first Toonami Version Box Set (for Season One), this Box Set has even more extras than the first one,
and that's saying something. Starting off, there are 5 audio commentaries, which are all brand-new and exclusive for the Toonami
Version Box Set. The previous Box Set had four commentaries, though one was reused from the Uncut Version Vol. 2 DVD. It's nice to
see a few more audio commentaries, here. Jason DeMarco is joined by Sean Akins for the commentaries for Episodes 17, 25 and 26. Maki
isn't in any of these audio commentaries, though her voice was always secondary to the IGPX producers in the previous commentaries.
That was partially due to the fact that her voice was more quiet on the previous ones, but still. This Box Set also reuses some things from
the Uncut Versions, like all three interviews. They're still worthwhile additions. The only disappointment is that the interview with Mark
Hamill is not here, while the interview with Michelle Rodriguex is. If they were going to leave out one interview, it should have been hers,
and his should be in her place. Still, those combined with the ADR Director's interview is good. The PS2 IGPX Video Game was also
reviewed by Toonami, and fortunately, that was included here. It's nothing much, but still interesting to know a little bit about it.
Probably the best extra on this set is the IGPX Comic-Con International Panel. It's nearly a half an hour long, and is of decent quality.
This was taped before the series came out, and the screened the first episode of the series for the audience. It's a little interesting to see
what these guys were saying before the show aired, and then listen to how they talk to it in these audio commentaries. The only
disappointment might be that there's nothing about the mini-series here, but it's unquestionable that fans have had their chance to get
some sort of mini-series content, be it the 5 episodes in the first five Uncut DVDs, or the full 'Movie Cut' available in the previous Box
Set and Volume 6 Uncut DVD. And the other extra would be the Textless Japanese Opening and Textless Japanese Ending, though I don't
know what merit Toonami fans will gain from that, other than to compare. With that said, you already know of the expected Toonami
Openings and Endings, and the Toonami Promos for the Season (minus the promo announcing the move from Toonami to Friday nights
for the last six episodes). The reason it gets a 10 out of 10 is because of the key extras, and the sheer amount. I thought there was a lot in
Season One, but this one really sets the mark for the kind of extras we expect and love in these kind of sets. I'll forever complain about
there being a lack of extras about the Japanese side, but maybe that's what my studying of Japanese will allow me to do-go there and
discover those on my own. This set is certainly worth purchasing for the extras, and the Toonami mixes.

NOTE: While this probably only affects me (since nobody seems to have a Surround Sound system), the 5.1 audio in this set does not
work properly on 5.1 audio system setups. I've already tried complaining and Bandai isn't doing anything about it. This degrades the great
work that the Toonami guys have done, and is a big disappointment. This is just a note, as the other 99% of people buying this set can
still appreciate the mix in 2.0 audio. Just keep in mind if you ever buy a 5.1 setup and expect to hear these three DVDs (and these audio
mixes for these 13 episodes) in true 5.1 audio that you won't. It's a bummer, and only makes the original Japanese/English 5.1 audio mix
on the Uncut DVDs all the better, now.