Season 1 DVD
Season 1 Features

Episodes 1-13
Audio Commentary: Episodes 6, 9, 12, and 13
Interview: Haley Joel Osment-the voice of Takeshi Jin, and Toonami Producers Interview
IGPX Mini-Series: Pilot 'Movie Cut'
Other Extras: Pilot and Toonami Promos (including the IGPX Music Video based off of
Season One), and Toonami Openings and Closings (specific to each episode).

Release Date: September 12th, 2006
DVD Features and Extras Review

The Toonami Edition DVDs were canceled as soon as Vol. 1 hit. That's because somebody came up with the idea of making a Complete
Box Set for each season. Honestly, I would not have bought those Toonami Edition DVDs separately had they been sold that way. But for
fans looking to jump back into the series on DVD needn't look any further than this DVD. It contains the cut versions of each episode on
three DVDs. These are the versions that aired on Toonami. So for those looking for a review of the Toonami version of Vol. 1, it is the
exact same DVD included in this set. Basically, if you bought that way back when, you will get the exact same DVD. That means there are
no extras on that disc. But the special features start to pile up on the other discs. You get all the promos for both the pilot episodes and
this IGPX series. You also get three new audio commentaries (sorely missed from newer DVDs) on the third disc. One more audio
commentary is for Episode 6 on the second disc, but is simply a rehash from Vol. 2 DVD. It's so different from the newer audio
commentaries in that the newer ones feature only Jason DeMarco. Frankly, because the background music in the audio commentary (and
the commentary itself) is referring to the Uncut version and we're watching the Toonami version, it feels very out of place. For the most
part, the Uncut DVDs are better in terms of those tiny seconds they cut out. But a few episodes (6, 8 and 11, for example) are actually
better on this DVD because they feature the better music we expect form Toonami without sacrificing any footage. Episode 6 even alters
the actual footage by showing a pan of the Sola dog commercial on the big screen TV in IGPX City instead of being right in front of our
faces like in the Uncut version. But this DVD is very good on the extra features. There are loads of them. One that might catch your
attention is the IGPX Pilot 'Movie Cut'. It is the five pilot episodes cut into one long episode of the mini-series. We don't have to deal
with the bad Uncut versions music from the Pilot episodes when watched separately on the Uncut DVDs. However, the better music is, as
expected, at the expense of some scenes. And if I counted correctly, they actually cut out 3 minutes from a 22 minute ordeal. That's a
pretty big chunk of content. But, like the cuts in the episodes, if you've just been watching the show on TV, the uncut footage won't make
or break your feelings on the series. I would recommend buying both the Toonami version and the Uncut DVDs. That way, you have a
choice of watching which episodes you want. If you already own the Uncut DVDs, I would still suggest this DVD for the sheer amount of
new features, especially the commentaries. Plus, everyone's sure to enjoy the Toonami intros and outros.
Season 1 Information
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