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The day has arrived to decide who is the best and strongest team
of the 2049 IGPX season. This year saw the quick pairing of four
teams who were tied for first place at the end of the regular season
into two semi-finals races. The two teams that advanced by
winning those matches were two-time playoffs entrants Team
Satomi and first-timers to the IGPX, Team White Snow.

Team White Snow was at the top of their game in the regular
season. In their match with Team Satomi, Amy was injured and had
to miss racing the next two races. The "Puppet Master" attack that
they used against Team Satomi in the regular season was banned
by the IGPX Arbitration Committee, citing that attacks that enter
into opposing teams' operating systems and take control away
from the pilots is considered a prohibited maneuver. But they have
seen in increase of fans who recognize that they are an unfair team,
but it is said that they are a team whom you can look forward to
having something new that they will pull out of their sleeve every
time they race. Andrei (Rocket G) of Team Satomi is said to have
stated these words before the race: "Don't write us off just yet."
These words would later stick with the team.

Team Satomi allowed White Snow to have the lead for the entirety
of the first lap and then proceeds to make the first move in the
second lap. It is from here that the audience begins to see the
extravagance of this battle. Zanak's mech copied all of Takeshi's
moves one-for-one. It was like having two songs composed by a
skilled musician played at the same time and yet feeling in-sync,
and that was almost the only way people were describing it after
the race. The moment that Takeshi would make a move, Zanak
continued to copy them in a mirror-like manner and use them
against Takeshi. And this persisted for Judy attacking Liz and Max
attacking Amy. Punches and kicks were thrown in this all-out
dogfight, and all the mirrored moves were making contact without
the slightest bit of difference from their original counterparts.
These identical attacks continued left and right.

One would think there couldn't be any more novel ideas at this
point. Then White Snow decide to focus their efforts on Takeshi. It
transformed from a 1-on-1 battle to a 3-on-1 battle. Liz and Amy
were left behind in the rear as Team White Snow surprisingly aims
for just Team Satomi's forward with almost too much vigilance in
performing their clever scheme. But this was only the prologue to
Team White Snow's ultimate plan.

Auidences were about to witness a new creation by Team White
Snow, built on the race track itself. Using parts from all three
mechs, Team White Snow stacked parts on top of each other,
forming a new mech unit. What appeared before everyone's eyes
was a mech twice as big as a normal mech that stretched the width
of the track and each of the six arms could stretch over 45 feet
away from the unit. This was a mech never before seen in the IGPX.

The official rulebook states, "Teams are prohibited from using
attacks with broken-off machine parts, (intentionally or
unintentionally). However, the parts of the giant mech called
"Snowman" were considered to be properly connected.
Furthermore, with rules stating that switching out parts during pit
stop repairs is allowed, there was no way for officials with the IGPX
to be able to suddenly declare the Snowman's assembling as
prohibited and stop the race from continuing.

Takeshi was the first pilot to try attacking the Snowman. It wasn't
able to do much to the Snowman. But this didn't stop the three
members of Team Satomi from trying to attack the Snowman from
all directions. The swiftness used here was reminiscent of the
swiftness with which Takeshi used when he fought Cunningham
(from Team Velshtein). If you watched closely, Team Satomi was
basically dodging every attack put out by Team White Snow. But
they wouldn't be able to win the race with dodging alone.

In the third lap as they approached the "Spiral", Team Satomi took
their final gamble. The three pilots stacked themselves on top of
each other, even surpassing the Snowman's height. Takeshi used
air-based attacks, while Amy used arm-based attacks and Liz used
feet-based attacks. They were able to throw the Snowman off
balance. Getting through their defenses, Takeshi changes into
Speed Mode and aimed straight for the finish line. On the other
hand, with Team White Snow thrown off balance, they were late
switching into Speed Mode.

The fastest pilot from Team White Snow, Max, passes Liz and Amy
and closes in on Takeshi, in the lead. But even the few seconds
being late changing into Speed Mode was enough to cost White
Snow the victory. Takeshi gets the checkered flag to end the 2049
IG-1 season! In this moment, Team Satomi shined most brightly,
becoming the champions of the 2049 season of the IGPX!

Last year, Team Satomi dethroned the once said to be unwavering
king of the IGPX, Team Velshtein. This year, they overcame seven
races to become champions again, making IGPX history. What team
will be able to beat the truly evolved strength of Team Satomi in
2050? We're already getting excited for next season!
Episode 26 Action Reports
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