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The first playoff race to determine who would go to the finals of the
IG-1 in 2049 was Team Sledge Mama versus Team White Snow.

The coupling of these two teams is unique, as it features the team
who advanced to the IG-1 this year (White Snow) and the team with
the oldest average team members (Sledge Mama). The odds were
in favor of the veteran team to win.

But, looking at how the race began, the kinds of moves that Team
White Snow was performing would not make you think that they are
still just newcomers to the IG-1, and it must have kept fans
watching at a loss for words. Entering the second lap, as Team
White Snow lost their cover in battle, Team Sledge Mama took the
first move. They kept advancing first from that point until the end of
the race. But, they could never deal a decisive blow to a member of
Team White Snow. Sledge Mama not only could not severely
damage White Snow, White Snow seemed to be preserving their
strength. This was interesting, considering that White Snow may
have been said to be a team that is inclined towards racing more
with defense than offense. That surely must have crossed the mind
of one of the members of Sledge Mama. And that was likely
Yamma, who, in the middle of the third lap, crossed paths with
Zanak and poured down his Inner Edge attack on him like rain.
Zanak switched to speed mode suddenly, just before the course
segued into Revolution Tunnel. Confidences must have changed at
this moment.

From the Revolution Tunnel onto the home stretch! And the race
would be decided based on the mere seconds' differences
between the pilots and their changing into speed mode. In the end,
it was Team White Snow who earned a ticket to play in the finals
this year! This is the second year in a row for a rookie team in the
IG-1 to advance to the finals, like Team Satomi did last year.

In other news relating to this loss, it was said that Yamma would
hold some sort of press conference regarding the rumor of his
retirement, and that has attracted a lot of attention.
Episode 23 Action Reports
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-For the second year in a row, a rookie team gets a chance in the finals!