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Round 5 of races begins with the race between Team Satomi and
Team Sledge Mama!

As the race entered the second lap, Team Sledge Mama ambushed
Team Satomi with their column formation, and unleashed attack
after attack on Takeshi. But those attacks didn't hit Takeshi who has
become a much stronger pilot since previous bouts. Even River
and Dimma using a tag-team maneuvers with the intent to conceal
their attack didn't phase Takeshi, who almost seemed to know that
they were coming. Takeshi then passed them with a magnificent
jump. Suprisingly, Team Satomi seemed to focus their attacks all
on Yamma, playing Forward, who was in the lead. They broke off
Yamma's left leg, and Team Sledge Mama's pit machine entered
into the course. Was Team Sledge Mama being overpowered by
Team Satomi? But Sledge Mama was determined to show that
there was no concern for that happening. When their pit machine
left the course, Yamma grabbed hold of Liz with his Inner Edge
attack, giving Dimma a chance to break off her left arm. And River
attacked Takeshi, and in their struggle, Yamma came from above
and smashed Takeshi's right arm off. This would likely have been
an ideal time for Team Satomi to bring out their pit machine, but the
rules of the IGPX state that pit machines can only be used at the
same time as another team using theirs. That opportunity had
already passed by. And if you think back to just before Team
Sledge Mama used their pit machines, Yamma seemed to easily
take Liz's attacks. Perhaps Yamma was aiming for this kind of
situation for Team Satomi. But something seemed different with
Team Satomi this year. Losing balance, Takeshi and Liz's machines
now lacked precision in not only their offense but their defense.
Nonetheless, they appeared to be dancing on the track. Almost as if
they had a configured computer program beforehand, Takeshi and
Liz used their broken arms as a cover to defend beautifully against
Team Sledge Mama. We would see the beauty of that shortly.

Entering into the final lap, Team Sledge Mama changed into speed
mode. To Takeshi and Liz not having the advantage of a physically
fully operational mech, one might think they may as well have
declared it a loss at that point. But in that moment, Amy who
switches into speed mode carries Takeshi and Liz in front of her
mech, in the middle of the two where their broken arms would be
touching the body of Amy's mech. 3 mechs became one. The
synergy from the slipstream allowed them to pass River and
Dimma who were in front of them. Passing Yamma just before the
finish line, Team Satomi was able to finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd. For
Team Satomi, not only did their win bump them to the top of the
rankings, to be able to have Amy come back and finish off the
regular season, we can probably expect great things as we
approach the finals! On the one hand, Yamma, who was to be
forced to retire due to the results from this one race, and he would
have surely found this loss to be big. But there's still one chance
for him to reverse his fate. While Team Satomi has finished all of
their races, the three teams ranked lower still have their own final
race for the regular season. The current 2nd place ranked team,
Team Velshtein, is aiming for a kind of reversal in their final race.
The problem is for Team Sledge Mama and Team White Snow has
nearly the same odds, as they are only separated by two points for
3rd and 4th place, with the same amounts of wins and losses.
Regardless of anything, for Team Sledge Mama, or more
specifically Yamma, the win in this final race is going to be
necessary for him to avoid being forced to retire. What Yamma
needs to do hasn't changed. Now is the time for him to win it!
Episode 21 Action Reports
Report #01: Team Satomi Vs. Team Sledge Mamma
-Yamma desperately attacks, but was the key to victory coalescence after all?
Team Name
Team to Race Next
Team Satomi
3 / 1 / 1
(All Races Complete)
Team Velshtein
3 / 0 / 1
Team Sledge Mama
Team White Snow
2 / 1 / 1
Team Skylark
Team Sledge Mama
2 / 1 / 1
Team Velshtein
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