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We are now entering Round 5 of races of the 2049 IGPX season!
The most important thing to note regarding this is, of course, that
Team Satomi, currently in the lead with points this season, is only 4
points ahead of Team Sledge Mama, the team that they will be
facing next. Both teams have, however, had some lesser known
pieces of news that have been hidden until now, involving
comebacks and firings. We'll highlight both in this report!

The comeback is referring to Team Satomi's Amy Stapleton. In
Round 2 of the 2049 season races, in their race against Team White
Snow, she sustained injuries. A spokesperson for the team said
that there was even a point where "we thought she might be out for
three races in a row", but she was released from Central Hospital
two weeks ago. A day before the race, in a simulator test held in
the team's headquarters, although she fought The Rocket in a
one-on-one battle, she won. Team owner, Michiru Satomi, gave a
few comments, saying, "Amy's condition has been completely
healed back to where she was before. Her responsiveness in the
race is even better than before. There's no component of battling
today that would cause us concern. A head physician at Central
Hospital, Sergey Guess, also commented on her medical condition,
saying, "She's at a stage where we want her to avoid as much
rigorous exercise as possible, but faster than expected, she has
recovered and that has led her to be able to race in the next race.
Amy has shown much motivation, and is back to speed in terms of
both physical and mental health." Sounds like from Guess' words
that there are no health problems with Amy. While Amy was gone,
there was a special feeling that an old, classic veteran was back
with the two races where Rocket George could race. To older fans
of the IGPX, losing The Rocket in upcoming races is unfortunate,
but it is not unsatisfying to see the original champion team lineup
with Amy back as Midfielder.

On the other hand, there's a rumor brewing of the firing of another
pilot. With The Rocket off of Team Satomi's lineup, the throne for
the title of the longest running pilot now belongs to Team Sledge
Mama's Yamma. He first started racing in the IGPX at the age of 22
and signed a contract with Team Sledge Mama in 2041. Because he
was the team's 4th pilot in 2041, he didn't have a chance to race that
year, but the following year, he was able to race in the 3rd race for
Team Sledge Mama in the 2042 season. His skills were well
received in that race, and he went on to become a regular pilot in
2043. He went on to become the team leader in 2044, and the team
placed 2nd in that year's IG-1 league and Yamma was named MVP
for that year. But this year, Yamma is 31 years old. Even people
related to the team are voicing concern that his reign as a team
leader seems to be falling with their second race against Team
Satomi last year, a team that only just got to the IG-1 that year. The
concerns are not just for his health but for his capacity to be a team
leader. The average age of current IG-1 pilots is 19-20 years old.
But, if you look at the average age of the pilots amongst each team
themselves, all teams except Team Sledge Mama have pilots with
an average age of under 21 years old. Team Sledge Mama is the
sole team with their pilots' average age being over the average for
the entire IG-1. Looking at numbers, the team has to think about
how they are going to solve their problem of getting in younger
pilots soon. That being said, with Yamma as a long-time supporter
of the team, this problem won't be easily solved. The team's owner
has reportedly told Yamma, "They'll respond to his winning a race
this season with a contract for next season." The remaining races
are their Round 5 race with Team Satomi, and their Round 6 race
with Team Velshtein, who are both upper-level teams. We'll see
based on the results of those races if the rumor if Yamma being
removed from the team will come true or not.
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