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Was Team Satomi in a slump or in a 2nd-year curse? Or was last
year just a fluke for Team Satomi? Last year's IGPX champions
finished their third race this season with only one win under their
belt. Satomi's 4th race was them against Team Skylark, who is also
not doing so well this season.

Skylark was looking for a win in their first battle, which was
originally against Team Sledge Mamma. They were hoping to keep
a pattern of winning up after that. However, due to unforeseen
circumstances, that race was delayed. Their first race ended up
being against Team Velshtein instead, and Team Skylark
experienced a crushing defeat. Carrying the bad image they had
from their first match, they also allowed Team Edge Raid to win in
their second match, a team that was considered the underdogs this
year. Losing to the lowest ranked team, it seems that there are
already fans who are worried that they will drop to the IG-2 at the
end of this season. But, the self-titled fan group called "Skylark
Freaks" are not giving up yet. The reason is because if Skylark
could get 10 points in today's race against Team Satomi, they
would be able to continue in the IG-1 without crossing the line that
would send them down to the IG-2.

The race began with man-to-man defense from Team Satomi. That
was comprised of causing the other team to attack them, luring
them into exhaustion. One might consider it as a passive strategy
where patience is a virtue. But Andrei (playing as Midfielder) didn't
miss his offensive chance to strike either. In the middle of Elissa's
attacks, Andrei was able to counter her and strike her left arm.
Although that single attack wouldn't normally damage her, because
Andrei focused on the same area every time he attacked, the
amount of damage was higher because the construction of the arm
became weaker from every previous punch. The strength of the
punches seemed inversely proportionate to the difference in age
between Andrei and Elissa. After that, Elissa dealt a blow to the
body of Andrei's mech, sending him very far back behind Elissa.
Using the opportunity that that attack afforded her, Elissa caught up
to Liz, who was being pushed around by Jessica's hammering
attacks, took Liz's mech from the rear, grabbing her legs, and
initiated a giant swing attack. Liz's core junction frame was broken
by the attack. On the brink of reaching the third lap, much to Liz's
chagrin, she was forced to retire.

Fantine took the lead when Jessica wedged herself between
Takeshi and Fantine, who seemed to be sounding each other out so
far in this race. Fantine thought she was going to escape into the
lead and win the race, but with only two kilometers left before the
finish line, Fantine started fighting off Takeshi who came in from
the rear. A rough fistfight broke out from the last corner of the
spiral. Both Takeshi and Fantine never thought to loosen up the
strength of their attacks. But Takeshi got a lucky break. He grabbed
Fantine's right arm. He focused his attacks on Fantine's left leg. He
imitated the strategy that Andrei used earlier in the race on Elissa.
Repeating violent attacks over and over, Takeshi was able to cause
the leg to break off. Fantine who couldn't even smoothly change
into speed mode, dropped in position while friction from the track
slowed down her mech. Team Satomi took over 1st and 2nd places.
With 3rd, 4th and 5th place finishes, Team Skylark received exactly
10 points.

Barely receiving the 10 points needed to remain above the line
where they would fall into the IG-2, Team Skylark has no more
room for negligence. In order to get above Team Edge Raid,
currently also near the bottom, they will need to win at least one of
the next two races at the very least.
Episode 19 Action Reports
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