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Rocket George, the famous pilot who has not disappeared from the
top 10 All-Time best IGPX pilots listing (compiled via popularity
polls), has made a comeback to the racing scene.

This time around, he piloted Team Satomi's Midfielder mech. He is
the substitute for Amy Stapleton, who is recovering from injuries
from the previous race. Rocket G had been working as Team
Satomi's coach, but because there is no provision against a coach
or a team's owner from piloting a mech, this change of team order
was approved. To older fans of Rocket G, there was disappointment
that he was registered into this year of IGPX under his real name of
Andrei Rublev. But, don't be mistaken that many fans who have
been following the IGPX since its beginning did, in fact, turn up in
the audience to support him. This was especially because the
debut race with Andrei in this year's IGPX is coupled with Team
Satomi's race against Team Velshtein. This is because Team
Velshtein's leader is Sir Hamgra, who has had many ties with
Andrei in IGPX's history. This has helped pump both teams up
before this race.

In the early parts of the battling, both teams showed seemingly
equal levels of offense. All Takeshi could do was defend against
Cunnningham, whose stunning attacks in this race closely
resembled the indelible attacks seen during last year's finals
match. On the other hand, Andrei took on Jan (playing Midfield for
Team Velshtein), showering him with so many punches as to leave
Jan to feel like he had almost no room to breathe. In the latter half
of the second lap, Takeshi and Jan's mechs were both involved in
separate crashes. The Running Skeletons were called out for both

However, after the caution signs disappeared, the situation
changed dramatically. Team Satomi slipped past Team Velshtein
on their sides and behaved as if they were trying to get away from
Velshtein. Velshtein was a little late changing into speed mode, but
they were able to reclaim the distance between them and Team
Satomi at the Chicane part of the course. This is the narrow part of
Course Route 02. Team Satomi's strategy of lining their machines
up with Team Velshtein, making it nearly impossible for Velshtein
to overtake them, even during the spiral, was splendid to see.

But, as they all reached the final corner, the person in the lead was
Cunningham. There was no way for Team Satomi to win. At that
moment, Andrei gave up control of his mech and spun around
violently. He enfolded Jan and Dew and a huge crash occurred. The
checkered flag went to Cunningham, Liz and Takeshi, in that order.
Jan and Dew were declared as 'retired'. 40 seconds later, Andrei's
mech slid into the goal line, at a speed so slow that it seemed like it
may have just stopped moving at any time. The race was declared
a tie with both teams receiving equal points.
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