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Due to sudden, unexpected construction and maintenance on
Course Route 02, the second and third matches of the season will
see schedule changes. The first race that will be held after this
construction, which will be the first race in the IG-1 in 20 days, is
Team Satomi vs. Team White Snow. Lucky Point Corporation (the
officially recognized bookmaker of the IGPX) is predicting that
Team White Snow's chances of winning the race are nearly double
that of Team Satomi's. This prediction is based on Team Satomi's
one year of experience racing in the IG-1 and from what could be
taken from their first race-that there was a gap in their fighting style
between where they were on that day and what it would take to
make them feel like a championship title winning team.

We mentioned Team Satomi's mechs were damaged in a previous
report, but during those 20 days, they were able to repair them
fully. It appears also that the issue of their OS software failing
during the last race has been resolved. But Stewart McKay,
long-time reporter on everything Team Satomi, says, "I have come
to admire Team Satomi's pilots' individuality, in regards to their
team formation, but this has also become a negative point for
them." McKay also pointed out that the team feels "crippled" from
within. Perhaps what Team Satomi needs now is not new ideas for
their mechs or new battling techniques but a psychological

On the other hand, we have Team White Snow battling for the first
time in the IG-1. They are a bit ominous this year, as it is their first
year in the IG-1 and nobody has ever seen what they are capable of
at this stage. What kinds of strategies is team leader, Zanak
Strauss, planning on a field that they have never raced on before?
And there is an ever-piquing interest in newcomer Max Elrich and
what she will show on the field. There's also word that Team White
Snow are big fans of Team Satomi. If that's true, then analyzing
Team Satomi should be their specialty. Will the victory go to last
year's beginners or this year's beginners? We can't wait for this
match to play out!
Episode 16 Action Reports
Report #01: Team Satomi vs. Team White Snow
-A team with a downturn in popularity races a relatively unknown team.