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Episode 15 Action Reports

This season's opening race was between last year's champions,
Team Satomi, and the 5th ranked team, Team Edge Raid. Last
year's race with these two teams was the first time that the IGPX
saw a race with two teams utilizing animal navigation, so it was a
match where everyone focused on that aspect of it. However, for
Team Satomi in this year's match, "trouble" is the only word to
describe their race. First is when they entered the second lap.
When Takeshi tried to follow after Team Edge Raid, who was
leading at that point, Takeshi got caught in their wires, which
restrained him from moving about freely. Liz, who was boldly
attacking to rescue Takeshi, was forced onto a secondary track by
Bjorn's tackle. Liz was able to follow this course well enough to be
able to catch up to the rest of the racers in only about one minute's
time and jump from the top of that track back onto the main track.
Meanwhile, Takeshi was simply pulled all the way there by Team
Edge Raid. Even after that, they were hampered by Team Edge
Raid's wires, and Team Satomi never gained the lead during the
entirety of the second lap.

In lap 3, Liz, who was in the lead, attacks Team Edge Raid's Bella
and passes her. But, Bella's aim was for Takeshi from the
beginning. From the rear, she unleashes her new Inner Edge attack
with rings right at Takeshi, takes hold of a few parts of his mech and
once again Takeshi's free movements are taken away. It nearly
looked like a cowboy lassoing in a calf. When Takeshi still couldn't
escape, he forcibly raised his speed. Right when he did that, Bella
released him right before the Up-Down part of the course. When
Takeshi touched the ground again, his mech suddenly stopped
working. After he somehow gained control back and is saved by
Amy, they push aside Bella and Bjorn and Takeshi changes into
speed mode, followed shortly after by Amy. With Liz catching up
from the rear, Team Satomi finishes 1st, 2nd and 3rd at the goal line.

The result of the race was a sweeping victory by Team Satomi. But
considering that the ones who walked off the course were the
red-colored mechs and not the yellow-colored mechs, who couldn't
even move, it wouldn't be strange to have thought that Team Edge
Raid won the race. From this season, Team Satomi has said that
they have perfectly tuned bodies for their mechs and a new
operating system for this season, but just looking at the results of
this race, they seem to be at a handicap this year.
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