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Episode 14 Action Reports

Just as the 2049 season of the IGPX is upon us, this year's opening
ceremony was held today at the Ricky Perch Memorial Hall, where
all IGPX teams where invited to celebrate the start of a new season!

On stage, Takeshi of Team Satomi commented on being victorious
in the 2048 season, saying, "Guess we're better than I thought," and
he's in a position where this year, that title of "champion" will be
chased by all the other teams. Nothing was mentioned about rivals
Cunningham and Yamma, but according to people closely related to
them, they are both looking forward to when they can duke it out on
the course. With everything seeming to be going well with Team
Satomi, let's hope they don't jinx their 2nd year. Whether their
victory last season was just due to beginner's luck or if it was their
actual power remains to be seen. We'll be awaiting the results from
this season!

On the other side of the coin, we newcomers Team White Snow.
They were the like Team Satomi last year, rising up from the IG-2 to
take a slot in the IG-1 League, and we can't wait for their
performance this year! When Team White Snow decisively won the
IG-3 League two years prior, they went into the IG-2 League fresh,
and they still pulled out a victory in just one year in the IG-2 to jump
up to the IG-1. The leader of the team, Zanak, said in his comment
on stage, "We're going to take the IG-1 to school." People closely
related to the IG-2 and IG-3 Leagues have also said that they are
hoping that Team White Snow can reveal Team Satomi's supposed
subpar qualities from last season in order for them to win in the IG-1.

With this new team coming from the lower ranks of the IG-2 to
compete with the veterans of the IG-1, this is a season that we will
all be keeping our eyes on!
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