The IGPX Action Reports Archive
Episode 13 Action Reports

In this year's final match, it's Team Satomi's first season in the IG-1
but they shined as champions today, beating Team Velshtein, who
were the reigning champions for the previous two years. The first
steps Team Satomi took towards victory today began in the first
corner of the second lap. Using boosters that were installed just
before this race, Team Satomi outran Team Velshtein's deathblow,
the Indaraga Mano, used the same spin attack that she used in the
race against Team Edge Raid, closing in on Jan and Dew. The team
who had the lowest odds when the season started, far and away
became the team with the highest odds, showing audiences no
inferiority when they attack. But, when Takeshi and Cunningham
begin battling up in the front of the pack, they show us new
capabilities never before seen in IG machines.

When Takeshi unleashed attacks gradually more and more, the
often-titled "Emperor" started moving at speeds unseen by a
machine before. Takeshi, who seemed to be almost pulling onto
Cunningham's machine at that point, started increasing in speed. Is
this the true strength that one might expect from the one called the
"Emperor"? Or is this the true strength of an IG machine?

While the audience remains in fascination with these maneuvers,
the race enters its final stage. Liz and Dew who entered the third lap
with intentions to move onto the end ended up retiring early after a
fierce battle, and this became the catalyst for the other mechs to
change into speed mode. Cunningham changed into speed mode in
moments, taking the lead in the race. But, just past the final corner,
Takeshi would show the world what one mech can do with a
slipstream from another mech. The main stands where the
audiences sit see two mechs approach them, neck and neck.
Takeshi got the checkered flag at only 0.03 seconds faster than

Team Satomi is not only the team who could "Stop the V", but they
are the team who just entered the IG-1 and fulfilled their destiny of
winning the IG-1. Could anyone have predicted that when the
season started? We want people to consider something from that
time. Who was it that Cunningham named as a rival? Was
Cunningham predicting this race against Takeshi at that time? No
matter how you slice it, now Team Satomi has proven to be the
unshakeable champions of the IG-1, showing the world what they
were capable of during this race. Team Satomi went from the
challengers and are now the IG-1 champion title holders; a change
of position that surely every team vies for. The next season will be
upon the world soon enough and this race may soon be forgotten.
But if that were the case, it must mean that Team Satomi had
shown us amazing and fascinating battles in the next season. The
world awaits next year's races!
Report #01: Team Satomi's First IG-1 Victory!!
-Shutting down the Indaraga Mano, Team Satomi truly stopped the V!