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IGPX was established in 2023. Before its inauguration, robots that
were developed with wheels and various legs was part of a plan to
conceive "the riskiest races" featuring such robots. With that as a
beginning idea that grew in popularity, many organizations were
born who wanted to participate in races. Each organization had
different rules for how they would run the races. Because they all
had different rules, robots had special characteristics suited to
those races, and the world watched as a new kind of thrill was
being unveiled. On the other hand were people who feared a
decline in these kind of robot races due to funds and viewership
split between all of the various organizations. From those people
came an idea to make a kind of race where only the fastest battles
on land took place. Without lessening the attractiveness of this idea
came a plan for races to be enjoyed by anyone, coining the phrase
"the safest races", despite the concept once leaning toward
dangerous races. With that as the aim, the IGPX was founded.

The IGPX was started, and to celebrate the beginning of it, the first
race was held in 2023. At that time, The Rocket drove a machine
that emulated the natural human movements of arms and legs, and
while he only did this on the "Oval Course" once to test it out, this
android-like machine ended up becoming registered as the types of
machines that current pilots utilize. Courses which were adding
variegated layouts gradually changed into a single type of layout
today. A quarter of a century later, the IGPX has upheld its standard
of holding "the safest races" set out at its inauguration. Even now,
there are people who more or less coin the phrase, "Races of
Immortals", based off of the full name of the IGPX, the Immortal
Grand Prix.

Now, let's introduce two pilots from IGPX that nobody can forget!

The first is Ricky Perch. He is sometimes talked about as the parent
who brought the IGPX into existence, as he is the one who helped
popularize the IGPX shortly after it was founded. There are a
number of people who consider the 2027 race between Ricky Perch
and Arrow Edison (also known as Con Edison), which would decide
the champion for that year, the IGPX's most historical bout, with a
fierce ending. However, Ricky Perch died in a sudden accident
shortly after that race in a practice run. After that, the RIcky Circuit
was founded because RIcky's sole win in his career was on that
track, and even now IGPX tracks use the Ricky Circuit as a basis for

The second is Rocket George, also known as The Rocket or Rocket
G. He was only involved in the IG-1 for four years (from 2031-2035),
but he always made it to the final race in every season, and won
two of those four races. His clean yet aggressive movements
enthused a great number of fans and put The Rocket into an
immovable position. His races being considered the fastest and
coolest became a driving force of the league. But, in his 5th year,
he suddenly retired. Nobody knows what happened to him after he
parted ways with the IGPX.
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