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Episode 10 Action Reports

Which team will go all the way to the apex of the IGPX? Today is
the race to see who of Team Satomi and Team Sledge Mama will
gain the privilege of fighting Team Velshtein in the finals.

Looking at the team formations that were announced just now,
Team Sledge Mama's leader, Yamma, was moved to Midfielder and
River, who has only just been transferred into Team Sledge Mama,
has taken his place as Forward. Changing the pilots positions will
improve Team Sledge Mama's performance, but changing the
position of Yamma, who could be considered an ace pilot, from
Forward to Midfielder is a move that perhaps recognizes the
strength of River. Regarding this point, IGPX commentator,
Benjamin Bright, had three different things to say:
1. "River's strong points should be well known by his former
2. "Takeshi being in the same position as River as a Forward simply
means that River, who has not had a chance to race in the IG-1 yet,
has saved up all of his power and his resolve to fight and beat
Takeshi is complete."
3. Being in the position of Midfielder, looking out over the race as a
whole, Yamma will ultimately take control over the outcome of the
No matter how you slice it, the change of positions is likely to have
a big change on the race.

According to the officially recognized bookmaker of the IGPX
(Lucky Point Corporation), shortly after the announcement of the
team's formations, the betting odds fluctuated dramatically. As for
the current projected outcomes, Team Sledge Mama is 60% more
likely to win than Team Satomi. As for which pilot will take first
place, Takeshi is at the lowest with 42% odds. Yamma has 47%,
while first-timer River has a 61% chance. It's also unclear how
many people will be in the audience. The current atmosphere of
many fans seems to be this: "Although we can feel a Sledge Mama
win, we want to see Takeshi get the checkered flag first." Surely,
they must be torn right down the middle.

But this is the race to decide who continues and who stops. We
hope this is a race that will make us want to stave off every blink to
catch every bit of the action that awaits!
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-Both teams vying for the second slot in the finals race