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Episode 9 Action Reports

The match who will decide the victors of the IG-1 for the 2048 season (the finals) are nearly upon us. Based on the results of the 15
regular season races, the team who has jumped ahead to secure a spot in the finals is none other than Team Velshtein, as they have
done for the past 3 years. Who will be the team to secure the only remaining seat for the finals match? We'll be finding out in the next

The team who played against Team Velshtein in last year's finals, Team Sledge Mama, showed impressive strength when considering
the final results of their regular season being 3 wins, 1 loss and 1 draw. The race against Team Sledge Mama during the regular season
was the race where Team Velshtein scored their least amount of points this season. Also, although Team Sledge Mama wasn't able to
finish a race with a "complete victory" (where all three members of one team cross the finish line 1st, 2nd and 3rd) this season, not
counting "retires", Team Sledge Mama never finished a race with a member placing 5th place or lower. With those kinds of results, there
must be plenty of eager fans for Sledge Mama. More than any other team, Team Sledge Mama is truly vying for a spot in the finals this

On the flip side, we have Team Satomi with the same win/loss ratio as Team Sledge Mama, despite being their first time in the IG-1.
Team Satomi is the surprise team for having accomplished so much their first year in the IG-1. When you look at the results of each race,
we see that they had a 10 point difference when they defeated Team Skylark, and two complete victories against Team Edge Raid and
Team Black Egg. It's hard to believe it's their first year in the IG-1! But their first race of the season was against Team Sledge Mama, and
only one of their pilots made it across the finish line in that race for a draw. In their race against Team Velshtein, none of their pilots
crossed the finish line and they ended the race with no points.

With that kind of gap in the results, it's no wonder that people consider Team Satomi more or less a whimsical team where Lady Luck
will smile upon them occasionally. It's difficult to tell where and when Lady Luck will shine upon them. However, the fact that they have
been this lucky is something that nobody could have predicted before the season's start and may continue to surprise fans as the
semi-finals approach.

Some fans wonder if Team Sledge Mama carelessly showed Team Satomi too much mercy in their first match together. Now looking
back at that match, had Team Sledge Mama not allowed Team Satomi to escape with a draw, Team Satomi would not have been able to
appear in the semi-finals. In an interview with Team Sledge Mama's Yamma, he enthusiastically stated, "We'll toy around with Team
Satomi once more. But this time, we'll show them no mercy." As the tickets go on sale for this semi-final match, River Marque, who was
a substitute pilot for Team Satomi previously, has transferred to Team Sledge Mama. There's a rumor he may even appear in the
semi-final match. As we await race day, this match is shaping up to be one where nobody will be able to predict exactly what will occur.
Report #01: "No Mercy!" The Rematch Between Team Sledge Mama and Team Satomi
-Who will go on to fight the reigning champions of the IGPX in the finals?
  vs Velshtein
vs Sledge Mama
vs Skylark
vs Edge Raid
vs Black Egg
vs Satomi
  Win 1-2-5 (24P)
Win 1-2-4 (25P)
Win 1-2-3 (27P)
Win 1-2-3 (27P)
Win 1-2-3 (27P)
Sledge Mama
Loss 3-4-R (8P)
  Win 1-4-R (18P)
Win 1-3-4 (23P)
Win 1-2-4 (25P)
Tie 2-3-4 (15P)
Loss 3-5-6 (8P)
Loss 2-3-R (12P)
  Win 1-2-4 (25P)
Win 1-3-4 (23P)
Loss 2-4-R (10P)
Edge Raid
Loss 4-R-R (3P)
Loss 2-5-R (9P)
Loss 3-5-6 (8P)
  Win 1-4-R (18P)
Loss 4-5-6 (6P)
Black Egg
Loss 4-5-R (5P)
Loss 3-R-R (5P)
Loss 2-5-6 (10P)
Loss 2-3-R (12P)
  Loss 4-5-6 (6P)
Loss R-R-R (0P)
Tie 1-R-R (15P)
Win 1-3-R (20P)
Win 1-2-3 (27P)
Win 1-2-3 (27P)
2048 IG-1 Regular Season Full Results Grid
Point System:

1st = 15 points
2nd = 7 points
3rd = 5 points
4th = 3 points
5th = 2 points
6th = 1 point
R = Pilot retired mid-race
How to read the results grid: To determine how a team did on each race, first choose a team from the list on the leftmost column. Then choose a team
they fought against using the choice of teams from the top of each column. The results shown are how each member placed from the team chosen from
the leftmost column.

For example, to find out how Team Satomi did during their match against Team Skylark, look on the bottom row (Team Satomi's row of results) and then
look at the column under the "vs Skylark" heading. It reads,

"Win 1-3-R (2oP)"

This means that Team Satomi won that match, with their pilots placing 1st and 3rd and one pilot retiring mid-race. To find out how Team Skylark did in that
same match, look at the row for Team Skylark and then look at the column under the "vs Satomi" heading (rightmost column). It reads,

"Loss 2-4-R (10P)"

This means that Team Skylark lost that match, with their pilots placing 2nd, 4th and one pilot retiring mid-race.