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Episode 8 Action Reports

This year's IGPX All-Star Festival has just finished and has been
considered one of the best in IGPX history. However, nobody could
have imagined that just around the corner there would be a couple
spending time together secretly by themselves. The couple is
Fantine Valjean of Team Skylark, better known as "The Princess of
IGPX" and Takeshi of Team Satomi, who has been recently showing
the world remarkable strength in the IG-1. After the festival finished,
according to the cameraman of IG-XX Magazine who took the
condemning photo of the two in a VIP room that wasn't being used
for the day's events, Fantine and Takeshi were together for about
an hour, as the fireworks at the end of the festival were going off.
According to official reports, both teams admit that the two know
each other outside of races but neither team will confirm or deny
whether their relationship extends beyond acquaintances. Both
teams also said that their encounter in the VIP room was
completely coincidental. Perhaps they are just friends, or maybe
there is something more going on.

The last race of the qualifying races for the IG-1 (before the
semi-finals races) is Team Skylark vs. Team Satomi. Fans will likely
see whether or not there is anything between them based on how
the race turns out.
Report #01: Fantine Valjean and Takeshi Jin As Lovers??
-Takeshi showing his "Best Performance", even off of the course!

The last qualifying match of the 2048 IGPX series is here! What is
worthy of noting is that for Team Satomi to catch up to team Sledge
Mama, who had already been decided to be in a semi-final match,
they needed to win this race. Let's not forget that all of the
members of Sledge Mama finished the race in their previous race
against Team Satomi earlier this season, unlike Team Satomi. But,
audiences who purely wanted to enjoy the 'racing' aspects of the
IGPX races may not have been be able to concentrate fully on that
with the recent scoop on Fantine and Takeshi's relationship that is
brewing. The focus shifted more towards that at first. Even so, the
person to crush any of those worries was none other than The
Princess of IGPX, Fantine Valjean.

In the first part of the second lap (near the Spiral), Fantine had a
plan for Takeshi; both are Forwards for their respective teams.
Fantine unleashed several punches, taking off Takeshi's mech's left
arm. This attack seemed to take many by surprise. After that,
Takeshi was tossed around by Fantine's Inner Edge, and many
people would have probably assumed a landslide victory for Team
Skylark at that rate. But then we enter the second half of the second
lap. When Liz and Elisa, both Defenders, retired the race by
crashing each other, Fantine missed her chance to properly time
her change into speed mode, wtih Takeshi close by. Amy swooped
around them, changing into speed mode. Without being touched
after that, Amy was able to cross the finish line. The battle that was
continuing from the first half of the race to the end of the race
between Takeshi and Fantine overloaded the power capacity and
caused the mechs to overheat. While not fully operable, both pilots
arrived at the finish line at the same time. Jessica, Midfielder for
Skylark, finished in 4th place. It was later determined that Fantine
crossed the finish line before Takeshi and was awarded 2nd place.
Putting up a good fight, Team Satomi finished with two pilots in 1st
and 3rd, and move one step closer to winning the IG-1 this year.
Report #02: Team Satomi Move Up to the #2 Spot in the IG-1!!
-The grand battle ending rumors about the couple