The IGPX Action Reports Archive
Episode 5 Action Reports
Report #01: An Instant Defeat! Team Velshtein's True Strength
is Revealed!!
-The race is over with Team Satomi only finishing the 1st lap.

Team Satomi had a taste of what victory feels like with their perfect
victory over their last race with Team Black Egg. However, in their
third race of the IG-1 which was against the champions of the last
two years of the IGPX, Team Velshtein, the results were exactly the
opposite of their previous race.

It was in the blink of an eye. Both teams advanced flawlessly in the
first lap, and then as if out of a dream, in the first corner of the
second lap, team Satomi's loss was completely decided.

Just after entering the second lap, the three pilots of Team Satomi
advanced towards Team Velshtein to attack. Takeshi (Forward) was
the pilot who rushed on Cunningham (Forward) from behind. But,
immediately after he did that (or more like as he was attempting to
do that), in just a second's time, Cunningham turned to face Takeshi.
Takeshi's machine then took serious damage from Cunningham.
Amy and Liz owner, Michiru Satomi, declared that they would retire
the race. There was still the rest of the course remaining for Team
Velshtein; continuing the rest of the race was a breeze. They could
still accomplish a "winning run" of sorts, and they seemed to enjoy
that run.

Given the two teams, the result seemed like it could have been
decided early on, anyways. However, it was a race that was decided
in just the first corner of the second lap. For all pilots to retire in that
first corner is absolutely unheard of. This is truly the difference
between a team who has proven themselves as kings of the IG-1
and a team who has only just risen from the ranks of the IG-2. As of
the end of Team Satomi's second race, they were ranked 2nd in the
IG-1. Now, they have dropped down to 4th in the IG-1. If Team
Satomi keep fighting like this, it is very possible that they will drop
to the IG-2 for next year.